Aprilia SR 150 : First Impressions : PowerDrift

The Aprilia SR 150 is the newest scooter from the famed Italian manufacturer. With impressive power figures and an affordable price tag, the Aprilia SR 150 surely packs a punch! Here is a quick First Impression report.

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KILLER says:

should I sell my jupiter and buy this????

limin dev says:

I am sooo in love with this scooter but only after I saw your review, thank you powerdrift team thank you so much

Jaye Raj says:

Damn!! it has higher top speed than the latest Fz 150… lol

Nandan Kumar says:

can you please publish longer review now that the bike is available in the market. how is it in city roads

Nishant Jarad says:

I have buyed this vehicle and it is awesome, it just boosts your adrenaline by its torque, one draw back is its average, I get 31kmph avg. on road(highway).

suresh aakunoor says:

Can the suspension be tunned for a smoother ride…
You lose control at high speed due to small bumps on highways..
Plz do revert..

Sharon Solomon says:

Too much energy from the reviewer for a toy..

Pranit Sanas says:



can u pls make a review of access 125 new model

rohit hadke says:

bro can u find exact on road price of April is sr150….plz…exact on-road price in bhopal

Debojyoti Jana says:

Do a review of this mate! I’m waiting for it! is it OK to buy it or should I go with the Gixxer 150?

Shayon Chakraborty says:

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, appreciate it…

Arunn Kaareer says:

I have a back problem, will Aprilia sr150 make it worst in city driving where roads r full of uneven surface & potholes ?? this is what that’s stopping me to buy the scooter. pls help

Baljeet singh says:

which to go for aprillia sr150 or access 125??
i have only city use
good suspension and handling is a priority
please help +powedrift

Vinod Vinod says:

hi, if v r in 100kmph, how much time require to stop, 0 kmph

Khurshid ali says:

seat is very short

Devino Peter says:

i am feeilng a heating issue on the left foot peg while a long ride.. its a bit iritating..and when the rider keeps his foot down while in cities they also can feel that heet.. while starting a ride we can feel that air coming but after the long ride that becomes air with fire.. is this problem there for every scooters?

Navi Mumbai Bikers says:

what is the mileage in city and highway

Phani Kumar says:

i drove it for few km..its quick, easy to handle but hard suspension.. not comfy..rear break does not respond well & two pillion does not have sufficient seat area

…by the way, kitna deti hai?

Raghul Baskaran says:

Does L sized helmet fix in the storage of it?

Aamer Momin says:

Does it gives the same or less mileage than other scooters ?

Nishant Jarad says:

I want to ask Sagar sir, that how much can I lean on corners on the this vehicle within safe limits????

Shayon Chakraborty says:

Please let me know if it has any gear or not like old scooters as I would be buying it for my dad…


what about maintenance, spare parts availability, resale vale of this scotter

Srikar Reddy says:

I  got one yesterday and all I can say is this is a one hell of a machine

Ashley George says:

Awaiting the comprehensive review

The Red Wolf says:

How Is the Seat It appears Small To me Compared to Other Scooters.Can A Big Guy Sit behind??


Hi…..i really like your video…u can tell me which colour is best for me…..white or black….pplease reply me….:)

Kamal Kannan says:

does it suits for touring?

Sai Sumanth says:

should i buy aprilia sr 150 ?

Aaditya Verma says:

mileage of sr150 in city?

Gulshan Shaikh says:

what is the mileage of this scooter in city?

rahul batra says:

my cousin bought this scoooty .he didnt even looked the specs ..he was like its aprilia dude

karthikesh chintu says:

comparing it with the TVS Jupiter? Which one would u suggest is the best?

Subhrajit Bora says:

hell of a review. love it brother.

Amit Panchmukh says:

hey aprilia is to good I am using it but can you tell me when is CBR 300 r is going to launch in India because I want to buy it

Jamila Khan says:

I like it aprilia

Anup Ghaley says:

Do u think Aprilia sr150 we can ride in place like Bhutan???

aneez rafi says:

Hwa bt the mileage? Am getting only 35?


where to put the number plate on the front?

Ninad Naik says:

when we will get to see comprehensive review??

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