Aprilia SR 150 Race : Is it really faster? : PowerDrift

The Aprilia SR 150 Race comes with an improved gear ratio and a MotoGP livery that is bound to get your attention. Is it quicker than the standard version though? Time to find out!

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bharath kumar says:

bro what is the helmet that u own……

Aneesh TSI Raman says:

You just saved my 2.3k.bucks.. Thanks for the detailed comparo.

saarthak chadha says:

Does it reach 120kmph ??

Tailor Dewang says:

Hey PowerDrift,
which one is better Suzuki Access 125(2017) or Honda Aviator(2017)?

Rev Limiter says:

PD army, you guys forgot one machine, just try a VBOX run on SUZUKI Swish 125, you will be realy surprised!! must check.

Evolution : Machine to Man says:

PD Army attack….


is it bs3 or bs4

Andy Singh says:

I think this is faster than my classic 350

Ravikumar Gupta says:

My first Youtube comment. Request you to make a comparison video on all electric mopeds available in market. I feel thats the future. Scooters major utilisation is for short commute which I think could be suffice by an electric scooter. May be asking more, a video on electric cars as well. @Sagar, @ Powerdrift.

Sarbojit Sarkar says:

need the fzs250 first impressions video soon.! looking forward to it a lil bit of overt excitement.!

Kevin Nair says:

what exhaust is aprilia giving??????showroom guys didnt tell

Sagar Thakre says:

does the front disk make noise when braked hard

Sajid Rahim says:

Dear,their previous model has a bumpy shocks in front.Is there any change with it?and are they provide ladies foot rest?

chick tens says:

I think reaching 100 is similar for both

Saria Quamer says:

which helmet u r using in the video ???

Soumya Ranjan Swain says:

Please try to figure how much Millage it returns in city.. And also suspension becomes smoother than previous Edition or not… If not then inform the company about check out this important issue…

getbent says:

Lol this thing is as slow as molasses in january

swastik raut says:

I have purchased is recently .so SR150 is not good .

swastik raut says:

So sr 150 is not gud …

Arunkumar M V says:

i love ur helmet can u please say the price and model of ur black helmet

Çağdaş impellitteri says:

SR 150 faster than SR 150 RACE on 0-100 acceleration Why the fuck i choose race model then? thats really weird.

Pruthvi Gohil says:

what is 0 to 60 for access 125?

vivek malu says:

That much quicker? – it wins by 0.22 seconds.
Little bit slower? – it lost by 0.78 seconds.


Hermon Basil says:

its just a fkng scooter! ….if u wnna race just get a bike ….am i gonna get roasted ? probably

Lexis46 says:

I like your channel. But I have yet to see a video in which you didn’t say the words “that much” at least three times.


what about the race kit the new race edition is offering????


Does aprilia sr 150 race has the same head lights as the normal sr 150 with only one light glowing at a time ???

Achen Amer says:

Hi PD would like to know more about the exhaust note as it has a new muffler. Would love a video on that too compaired along side the 2016 model. Cheers!

Kaushik Ghadi says:

sheldi …u r the best

Omkar Jacob says:

did someone played CS GO ?

sudhakar manip says:

Hi ur video presentation is damn good esp bgm and editing.
A small request, can u make videos on triumph bikes
Am just damn eager to see those machines in ur point of view and presentation.
Kindly do consider

Abhishek Roy says:

Honest review, but 26 seconds to 100 is just sad. I don’t see the point of using the word ‘race’ unless they’re implying a different meaning, lol

Varun Mulloli says:

Much needed video!

ShAhi LUV says:

PowerDrift what’s the different between Gearless & Autogear bikes?

The Red Wolf says:

How Is the Seat It appears Small To me Compared to Other Scooters.Can A Big Guy Sit behind??

Sandeep Gogoi says:

Your helmet name is what???

American Badass says:

hey do something about dirt bikes

Veekshak K Y says:

PD guys please tell me the 400mts time …

Bihari Autobots says:

HUNGRY about bikes ?? subscribe bihari autobots

Akshay Madhavi says:

20 – 25 km/ltr

Bihari Autobots says:


Varun Reddy says:

Video clarity fuckes

Hrishikesh Patil says:

There’s still the race kit, right??


what about the suspensions? are they still stiff??

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