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Hello guys, Welcome to CredR’s Review of the Aprilia SR 150.
The SR150 was launched with much fanfare among Bike enthusiasts and critics likewise and in this episode, we will check out how does it fare.

Detailed Review: http://www.credr.com/news/expert_review/aprilia-sr150-expert-review-in-depth-analysis/

What’s cool:

Firstly, the looks. Clearly, there is nothing like the SR 150 on sale in India. Aprilia terms it as a crossover between motorcycle & scooter
The SR 150 is one of the best scooters when it comes to performance. The 150cc motor is a breeze to push in the city or on the highway.

Larger rims and better ground clearance allows you to ride over broken patches without any second thoughts
And last – the price. At just Rs. 65,000 (ex-showroom), you get to say that you own an Aprilia. Now this pricing is introductory, so we’ll have to wait and watch how the story unfolds.

To know more about Aprilia SR Top Speed, Onroad Price and more – checkout this video review.

What’s not so cool:

Nothing extra, no added feature. You get the scooter and that’s it. You get to own an Aprilia badge and everything else, the gimmicks were dropped for a lower price tag
A lot of plastics used all around, and not all of it is of top notch quality. Now as per segment standards, this isn’t too bad. But considering this is an Aprilia, we were wanting a bit better.
Stiff suspension relates to a not so compliant ride quality to keep the masses happy. So if the roads turn bad, you are going to feel it. Lastly, the few number of dealerships & after sales support cannot keep up with competition.


aditya butiya says:

bhai…vespa sxl 150 achi he ke April

Arun C says:

Bought it, That stiff suspension shh, My bad .

Nizam Shaikh says:


Bhupendra Shukla says:

caption is wrong, fastest scooter in India is still srv850 from aprilia.

Ritik Gogoi says:

can i join dirt race with sr150

Tony Tng says:

the headlight is fucking hideous

Sanjeev Kalonia says:

likes like pept

bala vizvesh says:

confused with which one to choose

bala vizvesh says:

you should have spoken about the colour which looks best with aprilia

Mahalingam A says:

Nice video. The weather and background complimented the looks of the scooter. Great Review and an Awesome Camera ! Please keep up the Great Work ! Subscribed Already Now 🙂

Ajay Pradhan says:

sir i want know that aprilia sr 150 is good in off-road and the build quality….?

Nitin Shinde says:

what abt milage

Prince Tiwade says:

hey., i like bike. i shall be buy bike Aprilia SR150 on 3rd nov 2016

firenze649 says:

Good job on the review. It was informative and edited pretty well. Subscribed.

Ankit Gupta says:

Amazing video guys! Are you people from Thane? I recognised Hiranandani Estate, Hotel Capitol etc hence a doubt.

palani k says:

is it comfortable for taller riders

ans says:

super review….

Iman B says:

Overall, SR 150 is not that impressive as the reviews say, though this review is much closer to reality.

Cons: Poor/stiff suspensions, irritating noise of the engine, pricing(around 83K on-road Bangalore, without any accessory) and little initial lag to accelerate.
Pros: Good speed, and fun to ride for speedsters.

If refinements are done by Aprilia then it can be a better product.

Sakina Bano says:

Comparing by looks fuel efficiency And acceleration yamaha ray ZR is the competitor of any available scooter in the market

Praneeth Bantwal says:

good review

Jash Patel says:

One of the best reviews till now, honest and covered everything! One correction it does haave USB charging as an accessory though team CredR! You ppl have real potential to get to the likes of Autocar and Power drift!

Krishna Prasath says:

i’m planning top get this scooter in the near future….yes as u said, its the service and after sales support worries me….in chennai I think there is only one piaggio dealer!!

chilakapati manoj says:

its nt a scooter its a bike

abhilash vasudevan says:

is this BS IV compliant?

T5Everything says:

I have heard that the speedometer is inaccurate, can u do a drag race between vespa 150,access 125 and Aprilia to check the speed and pickup difference..

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