Aprilia SR 150 VS Vespa SXL 150 | Comparison Test | Autocar India

The Aprilia SR 150 and Vespa SXL 150 may share an engine, but what makes them different? Priyadarshan Bawikar finds out what’s bubbling beneath the surface of these little Euro scooters.

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Maru 18 says:

What’s the price of vespa

salman mahetar says:

When will HERO,HONDA and YAMAHA upgrade to 150cc?

Nimish Gogawale says:

Aprilia all the way…..

Jeebu John says:

Woh cool 🙂

Yash P. says:

The riding pleasure on the Aprilia SR 150 is awesome.

Dhiren Satapathy says:

first 🙂

Ashutosh Soni says:

sr 150 is so cheap looking plastiky toy kind of scooter while vespa is premium exclusive

We Have Everything says:

plz make a review of Bajaj v12

Allin 1 says:

most awaited comparison

Bikram Roy says:

vespa any day….


TVS should launch JUPITER 150 then we would know where this scooters stand

WILL J says:

what is the price of two?

Nobody Cares says:

do ray zr

Joyson Chakranarayan says:

Good comparison man, what’s the location of shoot!

Harshit Poojary says:

lavasa is awesome place for moto vlog

rahamat ali says:

it’s a power machine. specially made for Indian roads.

A Anandakrishnan says:

Please do a detailed review on the Renegade siblings. Now that the refined bikes are on the roads!!

tausif pathan says:

Well reviewed bt u missed mileage part!!
Heard SR150 gives average of only 40 kmpl??

Zephaniah B says:

I never understood the appeal for vespa’s design. It looks like a fit slim chetak made with a posh metal

Vijeth Vijaykumar says:

Made for “boy racers”? Lol

hritik tamboli says:

i also have aprilia sr 150 from kharghar
navi mumbai

yogesh wayadande says:

where is this video shooted?
where is this place?

J Chris Tmg says:

Vespa = Class and fancy
Aprilia = Style and sporty

Both are the winners.

the rock says:

Vespa wins

Ashutosh Soni says:

i have the same vespa

Raghul Baskaran says:

I’d go with Aprilia..

shimjith k.t says:

Hi.. does Aprilia sr 150 suits fortall persons.. ?? i heard the leg space is less..plz reply. i am impressed with other specification

Nischal Joshi says:

Wat a scooty i love it

Balaji Chandrasekaran says:

Rarely saw an Aprillia on roads even months after its Launch

Prajwal Bornare says:

make vdeo in in comparison wid fascino

Prakhar Chaturvedi says:

Why were u referring to the scooters as bikes??

Newar Jatin says:

However Vespa is Vespa

Harshit Poojary says:

aprilia is something new and unique from activa

Akshay Malwe says:

Aprillia is more appealing to the young riders who just wanna squeeze around the traffic………..Vespa has its own space

Raj Vaswani says:

Compare endeavour and fortuner instead!

Siddhant Patil says:

remote fuel lid? wow!! i didn’t knew scooter had these features too!

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