Aprilia SR150 detailed owner review part1

Sorry for the mistakes I did. Top speed is 120kmph not 150 ! and vibrations occur between 80-90 kmph , I said 80-80 in video ! was in a hurry ! hope you enjoy the video.


MrDreamer121 says:

“These dicks” 4:11 hahahaha. Nice review though.

Mayank Chaudhary says:

Quite an informative Review. you covered almost all the points about the Aprilla SR 150. keep up the good work 🙂

Anurag Virk says:

Hi, is there any full face helmet available to fit underseat of this scooter and any riding jacket(cheap but with shoulder and elbow supports) and gloves you recommend??

Amit Panchmukh says:

how much mileage is it giving because on high speed it is guving me around 25kmph

Anurag Virk says:

hii.. wt all accessories u got with sr 150 and u hv nt put no plate on it ?


Its 120kmph at 07:23 … !

Rajas Sheth says:

Both lights light up together..
Try balancing the light switch betn High beam and low beam!

Aniruddha Rakshit says:

I have RayZ 2013 1st slot model and I am not much satisfied… daily I travel 62km and the seating is not that comfortable… will it be good to go with aprilia sr150 or sr 150 sportz for daily 60+ km traveling… ?

Ashok Chakravarthy says:

The suspension is stiffer side for better cornering.

Susan stha says:

My disk brake on my SR150 makes little whistling sound while pulling of the brake slowly on the road.. Is it a serious issue?

Gawtham Sibi says:

Can tall women who drive other scooters well drive this one too with ease? Plus, what about pillion ride for people who sit one side in aprilia sr 150 (after adding pillion footrest) ??

Rajan Gurung says:

front suspension being stiff how good is it for off road ride..?


How much kms did the first full petrol tank run because my Aprilia sr150 ran 150kms in one tank

razor r says:

what is the 0 to 100 time

Sampath Vasam says:

What is the first mileage you got for Lt on the first day? My bike got only 25

Mr Harambe says:

4:11 These dicks!!! xD

Susan stha says:

So how do you rate Sr150 out of 10?

Rapid PC Gaming says:

Service sucks that the draw back

Bharath Kanayath says:

From wheree can i buy in mumbai
Who provides service

Amit Panchmukh says:

so on normal use how much is it giving


Sir, I can’t decide between a Vespa 125 and an aprilia sr 150… which is better in city performance?? And what you prefer?

Demongod's POV says:

nice review…. very very useful! I am considering this as an easy alternative for my R15.

tlewisin says:

nice review thanks

T5Everything says:

Can the suspension be tunned for a smoother ride…
You lose control at high speed due to small bumps on highways..
Plz do revert..

Peaceful man says:

So this scooter will be useful only when the drive is talented(like you)? Ok can an average rider reach 100 kmph easily??

What is the maximum speed for this scooter mentioned by the company?

Pravin Patil says:

I was sooo excited for this scoot but when I took test drive my excitement completely died down and I realised that this scoot is not for me. The suspension was terrible like riding a 90s bicycle and also a lot of impractical things. Guess a family scoot like jupiter fits my needs
perfectly. Also those rude overconfident fellows of the showroom said a side stand cannot be fitted, such idiots I tell ya.

Ankit Bhatt says:

4:11 😀 Di*ks

shyam kv says:

hi Bro 1st of all thanks for the detail review and my question, Is this bike is better in off-road when compare with other scooters like activa,jupiter,deo..and I had seen a complaint in other video that handle axle got loose in 4000km itself where other scooters happen in 60,000km..and finally shall I go for this new bike company or no how good is the engine?…

Joseph Alex says:

Regarding polishing, use dashboard polish from Motomax for all the matt finished areas. Use 3M Premium liquid wax for the glossy areas.

Aaditya Verma says:

mileage of Sr 150?

ashin pradeep says:

how is Aprilla

Desert Lynx says:

I once had to take it off road (though never planned) but it did behave very well though. Yes, it is stiff but boy it handled well over unpaved roads.

And on good roads it’s a blast anyway.

Do you have any issues with cold starts?

Mahesh Mudiraj says:

SR 150 is best Bt the price is too high friends it’s about 1lakh in emi the ex-showroom price 67k in hyd

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