MotoUSA Scooter Shootout: 2011 Aprilia Scarabeo

Watch MotoUSA put this classic euro scoot through its paces. Then read the full review in the 2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout article found at


sammysark says:

really moto usa? really scooters?

CASIUS242000 says:

where’s the piaggio gp 800?

Daver Son says:

OK Back on here after putting 5000km on my Scabby 500. I love it. The only thing it could do with is slightly more padding on the seat. On this scooter I give many motorcyclists who aren’t expecting it, an education in scootering. This thing is not a sports bike, but unless you know what you are doing you wont get away. It handles very well, has dynamite brakes, and pretty good power for a 500 single. These reviews are short term biased nonsense and are not to be believed. I would challenge any of these morons to a point to point race and I would win everything except drag races because I am big and heavy. Get your hands on one, make sure the tyre pressures are right and go for it. You will be pleasantly surprised.
BTW, I fucking hate reviewers who are this useless and have no idea what they are talking about.

Jowee Thomspon says:

As of 2011, more than half the population in the US lives in cities, not suburbs or rural areas. Scooters are more practical than traditional motorcycles.

ginta augustin says:

Storage mediocre?! I fit 24 stubbies of beer in the underseat compartment you dumbass

ChrisWeise Enterprise says:


steady2wheels says:

wow brakes that bad on a modern bike? Maybe they weren’t bedded in yet? Brakes have got to be one of the most important thing about a bike… no one wants to die that way

Richard Plata says:

scooters rules

Renato Oliva says:

My dear “testriders”. People got this Scarabeo for daily driver.Go to the shop, cruising in the city, park in the smallest place…etc…
The other scooters what you guys showed…..they nice but those are not scooters.With this , you can go to the mall, buy things, all you need is to open the seat, or take a topcase with you.
Try that with the T-Max.This is an old-school scooter, not a touring bike, not a superbike.
I have at home a 400 ccm Scara, .Next to the GSX1400.
Perfect universal machine.
Dear Joseph Augustin: LEARN TO BRAKE…
If you can’t swim, do not point to the water.Scara have great brakes, learn to use them…..
Scooter means….practical machine with a reasonable price…And spare parts are aviable as well in a good price……try that with the other “bikes”
And Justin……get down from the tall horse…….

julingy says:

good videos. for anyone who knows anything, scooters can be just as much fun if not more fun than motorcycles around town… plus 100+ mpg always helps

patrick coleman says:

Its a scooter for christ sake, not a super bike and the dude that ran through the crosswalk learn to ride you dick head if you can’t judge braking distances give it away before you kill yourself.

joe muncey says:

well yaa gotta rember it is CvT belt driven with a variator which is why its sluggish

dv8tion242 says:

@sammysark what part of (motor)cycle are you misunderstanding? a shed load of people use scooters.

From Wikipedia: There are around 200 million motorcycles (including mopeds, motor scooters and other powered two and three-wheelers) in use worldwide,[6]

Garrison64 says:

@sammysark It’s not always about track time and corner carving. There’s also a practical side to cycling. Scooters are practical, fuel efficient, and easy to ride around town. It’s definitely a growing market.

Silvio Fontana says:

if you want to go fast, consider buying a sports bike – scooters are scooters.

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