2016 BMW C 650 GT Overview

Quick update on the new 2016 BMW C 650 GT, more details and info here: http://www.webbikeworld.com/2016-bmw-c-650-gt-review/


Gary C says:

Let me give you my take on this. I just turned 59, and live a relatively sedate life. I live in the Pacific NorthWET of the U.S. and my commute to and from work involves a ferry ride each way. At a cost of $230+ every two weeks for an automobile, or $110 every two weeks for a bike, obviously a motorcycle or MaxiScooter is on my list.

But, here’s the thing. I’m a first time buyer/rider. I’m not going to be buying a sport bike, you get careful and wary in your old age, and I don’t plan on buying an ADV, Dual Sport or Naked bike, either. We older folks enjoy our comforts. But, I’m not dead, yet, so I want some enjoyment out of my rides. For me, that means a Sport Touring bike.

For the cost of a new C650GT, which I agree is a very capable bike, I can purchase a relatively low mileage BMW K1200GT or a K1300GT. Full faired bikes, saddle bags, adjustable windshield, everyone I’ve looked at has ABS, Cruise Control, ESA, heated grips and heated seats. The K1300s also usually have ASC. Most of the bikes listed are under 30,000 miles, and anyone who knows BMW knows they’re just getting broken in at that mileage.
Or, I can spend still less money than the C650GT, and get an even newer FJR1300A. Heck, I might even be able to find a FJR1300ES for less money, if I’m lucky. The FJR may not have all the bells and whistles of the C650GT or the K1200/1300GTs, but you don’t pay nearly as much for a used bike, either.

I would rather buy a full faired Sport Tourer that I can load up the saddle bags for a weekend away from home, and still have a comfortable daily commuter for the ride to work and back. For a new rider who is looking to get a good amount of utilization out of their bike, I don’t think the C650GT is the way to go, when you look at dollar to dollar value over a used Sport Tourer. But, that’s my opinion.

MCTeck says:

My Only Problem With All Motorcycles and Scooters.. Is that a Simple “Tip” Over costs Too Much $$$. The Manufactures need to Incorporate Body Protection.. But then they couldn’t sell Replacement parts At a Hyper Inflated Cost ….I Love Scooters… They have their Place In An Urban Environment. Need at least 17″ wheels .

rblenian says:

I just purchased a 2013 c650gt with less than 50km on it but havent got to ride it yet as it is still winter here. I’m hoping all these problems you keep mentioning with “version 1” aren’t going to make me regret this purchase as I believe the 2013 is version 1 !

john rutkowsky says:

suzuki bergman executive is the best

dbauernf says:

Video is great, love the BMW scoots, also, playback of the video at 1.25x speed is paced more to my liking 🙂

Life of Ya Monn says:

i have 2015 model how come it does not have the gt stitching on the seat and on the speedo does not say gt on it like the other ones do?

Ed Cappadona says:

Hi, I’ve owned two Suzuki Bergmans , great scooters the last one I had was a 2113 . Just purchased a 2116 BMW c650 GT seems a little faster and sits a little bit higher. to soon to say which is better, I think both are quality machines

mentalplayground says:

BMW650 GT or Burgman650 ?

Ed Cappadona says:

BMW has a longer warranty

1FriendFishing says:

Pleasant review. I wonder if scooters of the 500cc+ capacity are generally smoother to ride than motorcycles (1000cc mcycles). Smoother as is less vibration on the control bars and quieter? Generally.

Porkchop1967 says:

Your attention to the BMW c650gt is the only thorough English video series I can find. Thank you!

jemo951 says:

I really, really love scooters more than any of the big bikes I’ve owned. Currently, own a ’09 Silverwing. I sure like the features of these BMW’s but the reliability and maintenance costs worries me. Can you make a video or speak more to this?

den says:

calm voice and precise information nice vid

ΔĦΜΔĐ N says:

how does it kost u?

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