2016 BMW C650 Sport Maxi Scooter * Ride & Review

The latest scooter offering from the mighty German behemoth BMW. 2016 C650 Sport Maxi Scooter.


JJ Youmans says:

“I can feel some heat coming into my ass”.

Mal Reynolds says:

$11k ?!?!? I bought a brand new CBR1000RR for same price! O_O
Just so ya know… it’s not a “seat heater”. It’s a “vagina warmer”.

AB Pranks says:

you are very lucky this scooter avaible in your country but in my country this scooter is not lanuched (india) sorry for my bad english

Jade Benz says:

How much is this?

cuzimaluzer777 says:

did you just say “coming into my ass”?

mighty mate says:

you’re having too much fun.

Matteo Bassini says:

why not the NC750x DCT? I think it’s better in terms of weight, and power. It has a storage unit big enough for a any helmet too.

Darrell says:

Picture of you posing next to it would be priceless.

Norm K. says:

I borrowed one from Riverside BMW when my RT was being serviced and was surprised how fast and stable these “scooters” really were! I went from Riverside through the Cajon pass to Hesperia with no trouble at all on the freeway:)

Terry Fahnestock says:

Definitely like the 650 suzuki burgman more.

evan002 says:

I’ve never owned one, but I have always thought that a big scooter would be an ideal way to commute.

Sid Hemphill says:

I really want to test the GT model but people are buying them up! You wouldn’t think for how expensive they are.

john rutkowsky says:

suzuki bergman executive is better

River.CA says:

I ride a speed triple and I would probably trade it for one of these.. That’s one clean looking scoot!

Mr J says:

3x the views of the speed triple video? Wow, I did not expect that!

blackprophesy says:

This was NOT the video I expected when I saw you’d posted a new video. Good stuff though.

When’s the Speed Triple video? My test ride has been delayed thanks to UK weather.

Anand Chatterjee says:

ktm 350??!

Ricardo DaSilva says:

I’m from Europe and my first bike was a scooter. Never again! lol
Still love your reviews.
Ride safe.

mrcaptaincrazy says:

I own a scooter and motorcycle. Scooters are great for city riding. Motorcycles are great for highways.

john rutkowsky says:

new bergman executive 650 is far superior

alberto flora says:

parabéns irmão muito top esta escote bmw

zabihullah Ahmadi says:

I bought a scooter I never had good moment with that finally gave him to my friend it was week and slow some time it want start

Benoit Morange says:

some mistakes sliped in your video :
heat button on the seat is for the rear (passenger) part … for driver you should have a button just next to the one for hands

no blind spot sensors on the 650 Sport , only for the 650GT …

David Burke says:

my yamaha majesty seat is always heated! lol

Moto Tour says:

Does bmw throw in a fag bag with each scooter?

Paul Gonchar says:

Thank you!

Ariderslife Uncut says:

i really wanna ride one.

Ricardo Alves says:

mas a velocidade final dela

slimdudeDJC says:

A “clutch?” on a scooter???

birdoneword says:

Hahaha I’m literally uploading a video on the C650 GT Highline.

Noot says:

thats a damn nice scooter

Brad Olsen says:

You are not a pussy be nice to yourself treat yourself right I will get him ice cream cone

Sandro says:

I’d rock one.

cuzimaluzer777 says:

looks like a kymco

Henry Chaisritha says:

Can the theft steal this scooter? I’m looking for anti theft bike.

ViceVersa Musik says:

I think I want to buy this scooter. BMW and YAMAHA Make the best scooters for the US, Honda Makes good Scooters as well… but they only sell there good ones everywhere BUT the US!! and I never understood why! Americans Love top notch shit and Im sure they are missing way more money than they think!

Nicoya says:

Improved clutch? I might need to look into that for my C600, the clutch on it is starting to make some ugly noises after only 6k miles.

Philippe Krautwurst says:


mrcaptaincrazy says:

Nice bike.

jake leo says:


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