2016 BMW C650GT Scooter Details

See http://www.webbikeworld.com/2016-bmw-c-650-gt-review/comparison.htm for more information, this is part 2 of a series on the updated BMW scooter.


Gary C says:

I wish BMW would move away from CV transmission, and adopt a DCT transmission. That would give people the option to use the Automatic mode, but unlike Suzuki’s Bergman, the ‘Sport’ mode would actually mean something. Then, with paddle shifters, you could really have fun with your scooter. I also think that would move the bike into a completely new category, not really a motorcycle, not really a scooter.
In fact, I would like to see that across a wider range of motorcycles from BMW, as well as other manufacturers. Honda has the opportunity to appeal to a wide range of potential new riders with DCT, but, at least to me, they don’t seem to be aiming at that market. People who have never learned to drive manual transmission are often frustrated with trying to master it, I saw one young lady in my MSF class who was unable to grasp the concept starting out, and had an accident because of it. DCT opens motorcycling up to those people. Scooters, even Maxi Scooters do, too, but not in the same way. There is too many people looking down on Scooters AND DCT as ‘not a real motorcyclist’, and that drives people away from riding, which is a shame.

Adam Button says:

you’re putting the helmets in wrong, front of storage bay, upside down!

Drifter says:

so overpriced but why ? I mean 9k £ for that realy twin engin

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