2017 Honda X-ADV Scooter Preview

Here’s an oddball two-wheeler that no one had asked for yet many are liking, Honda’s X-ADV scooter. Using the 745cc parallel-Twin with a dual-clutch transmission from the NC700/750 series, the X combines scooter ease of use with splashes of adventure-bike ruggedness.


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SunzOffski says:

I couldn’t find a price for this bike. I don’t know what it’s like in the rest of Europe, but in the UK, this would be number one target for thieves.

franzb69 says:

remember the ruckus used to be a scrambling type of a scooter.

n2o4me says:

Incredible . I love it !!! Please Honda bring this to Canada .

Sunfrancks says:

Seems like the ugly child of the NC750X and Integra…

Your Nevergunnaknow says:

Honda, make a ruckus with a larger engine. That’s all I ask of you.


747cc ? may be nice bastard

Keith Andres says:

A great first motorcycle!

mydogatemypurse says:

Will it be released in the USA?

cuzimaluzer777 says:

Evans, why do I want this so badly? lol. I can’t figure it out but that thing makes my worm wiggle

WarDogTheAwesome says:

They should have added pegs if they wanted off road, no one will feel comftrable on this wierd ass thing unless they can stand on it when off road.

hujimix says:

Nice, peeps won’t call me nerd anymore when I ride a scooter

cn 250 says:

525 lbs. my 07 honda helix is 275 lbs. put that pig on a diet.

Louie Lamoore says:

What happened to Honda’s revealing their new Goldwing and Neowing bikes? Both were no shows this year at the EICMA correct?

Judge Roy Bean says:

That’s kinda stretching the term “scooter” isn’t it?

Moto Productions says:

Thats actually cool

ViceVersa Musik says:

Is this going to be for sale in the USA or No??

iridemotorbikes says:

Saw this in person…. Awesome scooter!!

Al GESBREK says:

to be fair it should sell for the same as the nc750. …no more at that price I would buy one my reasons long wheel base, good power ,low seat height, low center of gravity

Gary C says:

I find this an interesting concept. Earlier, Motorcycle.com called the NM-4 a Scooter, when it was clearly designed as a motorcycle. This bike looks, and apparently feels like a motorcycle instead of a scooter. Honda has always been a leader in development, and I think that DCT, or something similar, is going to be coming in a big way to the Motorcycle market in the near future. I think that is a very good thing. So many people do not know how to drive a manual transmission, and don’t want to take the time to learn (although it doesn’t take any time at all, really, and is easy to do). Now, I’m pretty sure that this would not be considered a serious ‘off road’ bike, like the Africa Twin, the BMW GS bikes, or the Tenere, among others. But, for those who want to do trail riding, or backroad riding, I think this is a great concept. If Honda offers this with some sort of luggage options, it could sell very well.
In that regard, if Honda offered a 500cc class, upright naked with DCT, I also suspect that would be a big seller, and would bring more and more people into the sport. Could you imagine a CBR300R, with a parallel twin and DCT? They wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock!

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