2018 BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Review

2018 BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Review: I’ve been lucky enough to ride a few scooters over the last year, and as a newbie to the genre I have come to appreciate what a practical form of urban transport they offer. In this review I get to ride the fabulous BMW electric scooter, the C Evolution, does the electric angle add even more practicality and fun to the urban transport mix? Stay tuned to find out…

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Zak S says:

Its a nice idea and ppl are warming to the concept.
Its still a rich mans toy.
Not really practical right now for most of us riders and too expensive.
The battery is the most expensive part.
There r a lot of terms and condition regarding charging for the battery warranty to last

tom thompson says:

just add a handbag generator in the space under the seat , ,, and you might be onto a winner ,, but 65miles is the killer ,, and the price , im sure both will change though.

Conor Nugent says:

Actually sail mode in theory would be the most efficient mode as regen isn’t 100% efficient I think it’s 75% to 85% or so. Just a lot more planing invoked when driving trying not to brake.

Ian Fitzharris says:

Fantastic. Keep the scooter reviews coming! Bikes like this need more interest from the internet, your review will hopefully shed much needed light on this sort of innovation.

Reverse mode – Mind Blown.

Dankeller69 says:

Panigale vs electric scooter acceleration test 😉

Don't even think about it says:

REVERSE button in prominent position in switch cluster! Why?

alf uckett says:

Really good review as per !!, I’d be going for one of those if as you say they could sort range and charge times !,,, I think it looks great, I’d go electric tomorrow! !!!.

Millga says:

I usually really like new and quirky stuff and i do like this but, I can’t see why you’d choose this over a xmax or similar. My Xmax300 cost well under half the price of this, has traction, abs, 45L of storage and does about 80mpg (200mile range). It will probably go on forever and have good residuals.

steve wallace says:

You wear earplugs to cut out the frequencies that cause most damage to your hearing, those are caused by wind noise not engine noise……so always wear earplugs when riding 🙂

sandydenny4ever says:

Three things mitigate against ’em; Price, lack of range, and silent pipes cease lives. Hard to steal when you park ’em up with zero charge mind. Making ’em sound like a big Harley would be a start.

SamBamBiker says:

for such an expensive scooter, BMW should have tried to innovate on security systems on this bike

Ian Collings says:

Can you please try to avoid coming across a TNT truck in almost every video? I’m sick of the sight of them by the end of a day’s work lol. Not just you mate, seems to be every vlogger I watch. Interesting little scoot there, not for me because of the range/charge time, but as you say it will come. RSMF, keep it coming!

Stephen Latchford says:

If you mentioned it already I apologise, but are these bikes free to tax? Another great review TMF

ChaohsiangChen says:

Seems that it still gets more range than Harley 48 and 72.

Jim Binger says:

Great vid. I’m intrigued to know how you integrate your phone video with your other (GoPro?) camera. Nice technique.

Baron says:

I’m seriously considering moving to the UK to sell white vans. If your videos are anything to go by, they are extremely popular! 🙂 Great video, looks like a fun thing to ride.

Dazza Benson says:

Good review as always. Range is the big issue with me, I travel from High Wycombe to London on a regular basis which is only 70 miles round trip. How good would this bike be for filtering as well? Keep up the good work…..

Nicholas Crocker says:

Just come back from San Diego, California. There, Tesla sell their electric only cars from very smart showrooms in shopping malls. The staff were very helpful and informative. The Model X is available with ‘Ludicrous’ mode. 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Faster than any motorcycle I know of!!!! Totally bonkers.

Paul Harris says:

Interesting review TMF. They’ve got to be the future with fuel £5+ per gallon, I wonder how this stacks up on running costs including servicing etc. Definitely a long term test scoot if you can get one.

MrKdr500 says:

When you’re bike goes flat before the Go Pro does you know it’s junk!

T Sav says:

Eventually BMW would need to add a charging station locator to the instrument panel similar to what EV cars have. Cheers!

Danny mullane says:

I like it

Steve Law says:

i did say big scooters were a lot of fun did i not.see if you can try a suzuki burgman 650 real gentlemans scooter

02bigkev says:

I think there will be a place for these bikes/scooters and they will improve.

Srecko Smjesko says:

You like petrol engine more than that? You are crazy hahaha

Sam Kent says:

This is truly a sad time to be a petrolhead

Matt says:

Does it still do 0-60 in 2.5 in reverse? I assume bmw lent you the bike before they had seen you slinging the zero up the road :p

Brian Steele says:

I loved seeing one of these beat all the T-max tossers off the lights the other day. Just fantastic. What licence do you need for the bike ? A2?

Scottish girl biker says:

Any chance you could do a review of the honda nc750x/s?

NoOrdinaryJoe says:

er…. Capt. Kirk did ride a motorcycle but it wasn’t one of those…sorry, I didn’t want to be THAT guy….nice review though, I do enjoy your Vlogs…

tazzzxcsd says:

love the sound track accompanying your intro on this one, very funny, I nearly spat my tea out when I heard that 🙂 well done again.

Lodge Cav says:

Earplugs for me are only used for wind noise, I cannot hear my Bonneville’s engine at all at 70mph, it’s drowned out by the wind. Filtering in traffic with no sound will be a bit more difficult, what would RJ do? lol. Good review, thank you.

Henry A says:

An interesting development but still a l-o-n-g way to go before electric motorcycles/scooters can be considered practical and *affordable* transport. These machines seemed to be intended primarily for urban use yet many people in cities live in apartments. How will they recharge an e-bike?

hudsonrilke says:

Beam me up Scitty, he’d have to be careful his wig doesnt blow off. Liking these electric bikes. Scooter makes a lot of sense

Alberto Knox says:

Good review. I share your enthusiasm. I’ve ridden several electric bikes and I am on my second electric car.

For whatever it’s worth, sail mode is actually the most efficient mode. I wish it were available on electric cars. While regeneration is cool and is truly efficient in stop and go traffic it is easy, almost unavoidable, to regen on the open road when you are not trying to slow down. Regen at best only returns about 30% of the energy it consumes to the battery. On the open road at a steady throttle constant small variations in toad surface, incline, and wind have the bike often exceeding the speed of the throttle setting and a small amount of regeneration occurs. With the typical 20-25% regen efficiency that means 75-80% of that energy is wasted, and you weren’t even trying to slow down. These small moments of regen don’t waste that much energy each time but it does add up.

The very most efficient way to drive or ride is to never use the brake and coast to aq stop when you must. While this is not practical or safe keeping that fact in mind can help you remember to slow well ahead of stopping by gradually reducing speed. My 53 mile range Chevrolet got an indicated 70 miles of range today by driving carefully. It’s fun to try to get m,ax range but it does require a high degree of attention.

The bike I rode with the highest potential for efficiency was the Brammo (no longer in business). It had a traditional motorcycle gearbox and even a clutch. This could provide either very high efficiency or mind bending acceleration. To sail I could just pull in the clutch.

And range… there is NO motorcycle today that gets 500 miles range. Mine get about 150 miles before the light comes on but that is likely just me. As DC quick charging becomes widely available (it is already in the UK) and bikes get quick charging ports installed (available on Zero motorcycles today) you can stop and simply grab a handful of electrons while on the ride. It’s really no harder than gassing a bike and considerably less hazardous. DC chargers are Much faster than AC chargers and the new European standard ones will be faster still.

As always, I really enjoy this channel. Thanks for posting things about bikes other than the usual bike magazine headline machines.

Ben R says:

Great review mate! Very interesting machine. I’ve never ridden an electric bike, or a scooter at that. I wonder how it would look sitting next to a 1967 BMW /2 Ha Ha. Safe travels mate! Look forward to your next review!

Oxna Papa says:

I remain sceptical about the merits of electric vehicles in the current stage of their development. If someone was to have suggested, prior to their conception, that it would take 4.5 hours to fill your conventional vehicle up with fuel in order to be more eco friendly it would have been viewed by many as a ridiculous concept. In effect, one would have to take a half-day break to “re-fill the tank”! Quite apart from that, the capital outlay, even with the Goverment grant, is prohibitively expensive, in comparative terms. That’s not to mention the limited choice of “filling stations”. I knew someone with the hybrid Golf GTE who sung its praises only to sell within a year or so – still very much a work in progress concept!

Jack Peterson says:

Nice scooter are you going to buy one??

Keith Ralfs says:

lt would be nice if you fixed your sound/mike on all your recent videos

Lorne Scott-Wilson says:

Nice bike. Good one BMW. I would like to move onto an electric bike next, depending on price, once my RT has gone past its sell-by date. What would be cool would be to take out the RT engine and gearbox and put an electric motor and batteries into that space (maybe even incorporate the existing rear swing arm, shaft, final drive and rear suspension). I hope there would be universal motors & batteries available to fit into whatever vehicle you have in the future.

MackP says:

I may have got this completely wrong, but isn’t “sail” mode potentially the most efficient one? To my understanding it cuts the power completely when the throttle is off and you spend no electricity. Right?

So you wind her up and then only occasionally tap the throttle to keep the speed and every downhill stretch is basically a “free ride”. Which means you don’t even need regenerative braking, just use the throttle sparingly.

Marcangelus1 says:

I think when these high tech milk floats have a three hundred mile range and instant recharge they’ll be accepted and fully and taken up.

Hepcat Harley says:

Current Laws state it’s ok to speed on this, if you get caught you get a charge. Wasn’t Lithium friends with Biggus Dickus?

MrTrek164 says:

I’d buy a zero much better range and value

Hartley383 says:

Another great review. You commented on how much easier it is with no gears and clutch when commuting, also a great feature of Hondas DCT system. We’re certainly set to see more and more electric bikes on the road, for urban work they make so much sense.
May i suggest a security feature to the manufactures. It detects when some little scrote nicks the bike it channels its full battery power through the saddle.

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