BMW C 650 GT Scooter Details

See for the review and C 650 GT Blog with more information on this interesting new scooter.


mentalplayground says:

BMW C650GT or Burgman 650?

webBikeWorld says:

Thanks, be sure to check the BMW Scooter blog on webBikeWorld, lots of info and tips from owners. I’m installing a set of LED driving lights and should have that posted within a day or so, plus I have the BMW top box and two SHAD top boxes to mount for comparison!

Alexander Drutz says:

Hi all,
In advance sorry for my english 🙂 I would like to know your advice.
I bought almost new C 650GT scooter and saw in it a few problems and would like to understand if these problems just in my scooter or all scooters of the brand BMW. 1. CVT pulls scooter and trembles at the start and if you drive slowly when I slowly touched gas. 2. When turning at slow speed scooter wraps the steering wheel in the direction of rotation. Using both hands, you can cope with it but the one hand it is very difficult.
3. Unlike other maxi scooters Tmax for example, BMW had horrible nasty sound. As if there is not only the engine of KYMCO and everything else too.
Have you met such a problem with your scooter?
Thank you in advance for your reply!

Shannon Parker says:

Thank you for this! Btw, any differences between the 2013 and 2014 650Gt that you know of? I just ordered mine today! 2014 black c 650Gt

Dr Zakir Naik says:

wonder which is best buy burgman or bmw ?

dv8tion242 says:

Looks goo for a BMW, but the Piaggio MP3 is still cooler.

Kevin Carpenter says:

FYI – The audio and video are out of sync

MrPolymers says:

I own a Burgman 650 Executive. In fact, we have 80 members in my scooter club. The vast majority own Burgmans. We only have one member with a Silverwing. The dealers will also tell you they sell many times more Burgmans then Silverwings. I’d say this BMW has some nice features, but I’ve been on one at the Cleveland motorcycle show and was not overly impressed with it.

Eric Roeder says:

Would love to see a comparison test against the Honda Silver Wing 600 and the Suzuki Burgman 650!

dbauernf says:

Amazing scoot. Really looking forward to upcoming vids!

maximum802002 says:

Audio out of sync

Shannon Parker says:

More than the colors… the step through area is now black plastic instead of body colored, the instrument panel trim is black now,and the fuel filler cover has been revised to not break if open while the seat if lifted.  I want a job.  LOL..

dbauernf says:

That’s great. I gotta read up on the web site a bit more. I always do! 🙂

Dennis A says:

Have the 2014 GT and love it. More motorcycle than scooter, that’s for sure.

Ranxer Rox says:

Awesome presentation for an awesome scooter. Its already sold out here in Hawaii, I’m planning on replacing my Honda Silverwing with this badboy.

webBikeWorld says:

Doesn’t handle the same though!

webBikeWorld says:

Be sure to visit webBikeWorld, we have a BMW scooter blog and many articles on the scooter and accessories.

webBikeWorld says:

Thanks, let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see.

dbauernf says:

0-60 time and 0-top speed (if possible) would attract A LOT of views.. 😉

yogi 101 says:

it looks like a T max

webBikeWorld says:

As was posted in the C 650 GT blog, we have a G-Tech SS accelerometer and will be running 0-30, 0-60, 1/4 mile and stopping tests as soon as the scooter is fully broken in. Not sure about checking top speed though, it’s claimed as 109 MPH!

ukchris64 says:

This looks a very good maxiscooter, how do you think it compares to the Suzuki burgman?

Harry Hall says:

top speed ??????????

Ehab Hassan Mohamed says:

Thank You …

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