BMW C 650 GT Scooter

See for the review and our ongoing blog series on this interesting new scooter! I wanted to get a quick walk-around done before Hurricane Sandy hit!


Camoguy101 says:

by 650, does that mean 650cc?

webBikeWorld says:

Ah, if you read the full review and blog on webBikeWorld, you would know the answer!

Camoguy101 says:

Found it 😉
question: why is it called c 650 if those aren’t the cc’s? the seat looks a little small too

webBikeWorld says:

Thanks! More coming soon, hopefully by this weekend.

dbauernf says:

Like! Want! Posting to advrider forum.

webBikeWorld says:

Sorry, deleted this comment from TR5T by mistake: “The maintenance cost are said to be very high, and that’s from a meeting of BMW,TRIUMPH, DUCATI dealer. AS a long time BMW owner I believe this was true as BMW seems to assume everyone who buys their products are wealthy. Besides this thing has a Kymco motor. And they have just introduced their own 700.”

ikawpipa says:

i have 2 questions:
1. does it have Kick start?
2. can you mount side bags on it , just like the F650GS?
thanks in advance

Uncle Skull says:

Nice Bike!

Camoguy101 says:

Found it 😉
question: why is it called c 650 if those aren’t the cc’s?

CroatianStar Brazzer says:

yamaha t-max 530

Joshua Manglona says:


webBikeWorld says:

My reply: I’ve owned mine for a year and don’t think the maintenance costs are high at all; in fact, so far there has been zero maintenance, other than changing the oil and filter, which is easy to do. The maintenance schedule is rather easy on the BMW scooters; see the BMW scooter blog on webBikeWorld for the actual schedule. We have about 130 members of the webBikeWorld BMW scooter community on Google+ so you may want to join and getting feedback from real owners.

webBikeWorld says:

Thanks, I’ll check out the site!

Davide Teolis says:

Your video is in the forum of BMW maxi scooter at Thank you

webBikeWorld says:

Marketing department got carried away I guess. Same reason the C 600 Sport is called a 600…

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