BMW C-Evolution Electric Maxi-Scooter Review – Moto Mouth Moshe #39

Thanks for watching Moto Mouth Moshe Episode #39, which is a technical and functional review of BMW’s new C-Evolution electric maxi-scooter. This is the very first press edition of the BMW C-Evolution in the USA! It was tested over 3 weeks in October 2017 for the upcoming January 2018 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News magazine.

Some background on me: Over the past two decades, I’ve ridden hundreds of thousands of miles in multiple countries, tested hundreds of products, and published countless reviews in national motorcycle magazines like Motorcycle Consumer News, BMW Owner’s News, Thunder Press, Rider, and many others. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you. We’re going to examine new products, as well as revisit some previously tested gear to see how it’s held up under abuse. Motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle glasses, motorcycle helmets, action cameras, motorcycle exhaust systems, radar detectors, rain suits, motorcycle tank bags, aftermarket seats, motorcycle windshields, aux lights, and much more. We’ll also cover other motorcycle topics like technical instructions, modifications, and safety tips.

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Great review ! What Might be the standby time of power am I able to ride 5 miles to work leave the bike parked for 12 hours and return to my bike with no loss of battery power ? Thank you

tabla1 says:

Great review

Chesty McStudmuffin says:

yes, it cost you $1.33 to charge, but it doesn’t take 9 hours to fill my tank. lolz

i don’t think we’ll be seeing these completing an IBA ride, given the limited range and charge times. 🙂

while the cost per year is lower, what’s the price premium to buy one? like most electric/hybrid vehicles, you’ll never recoup the fuel savings vs. the cost to purchase.

finally, $14K for a SCOOTER? uhhh, PASS.

ntucker5000 says:

Hey Moshe – Great video! Are there provisions for hard bags? Touring on an E-Scooter?

KevScriv says:

Thanks for this Moshe, very interesting. Found this on the Airheads FB page, ignore the haters they still think overhead camshafts are the devil’s work! First inevitable question; though; what’s the projected battery life and likely replacement cost?

PE Sky and Zeus says:


Michael Simpson says:

Great video.  See you are getting the girls used to posing with motorcycles.  🙂

Do you know what MSRP is going to be?

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