BMW C Evolution electric scooter: How it works and full review

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure’s Deputy editor rode the new electric scooter. Here you can see how the system works, and click the link above to read the full review.


ferkemall says:

£13000 + you can buy a secondhand Nissan leaf with low milage for that + change !

samuel Nazario says:

que dia vem para o brasil?

gs032009 says:

What was that rubbish about’ the mediterranean average’? 72 y after 1945…
Mediterranean? The first original scooter, Vespa and Lambretta, were invented in the Mediterranean; the Mediterranean also gaves us the latin and greek alphabets…I suppose she wasn’t paying attention at school…

Remi vDijk says:

only 100km radius and 15.000 euro?? no way bmw 

Anrods RC166 says:

the camera man keeps on farting….

Teo Nesterov says:

Her chewing gum is a bit inappropriate.

Alexis Hadjisoteriou says:

£13,500 basic price? NO THANKS!
I’ll stick to my “combustion” Silver Wing Scooter for a little while longer…

trailrunner says:

A bit pricey yes, a bit short range yes. But this is future, as long as the electric source come from green electricity (no fossils..) And next time, skip the chewing gum.

ferkemall says:

This is going to cost £6000 its german buy one it has snob value like i have more money than sense fkme someone just said it costs £13000 + how stupid are people in germany ?

liam mc cann says:

big money not cheap may save on petrol after years china cheaper

Rick Plays! says:

what’s up with the creepy guy in his yellow jacket…#DatSmileDoe

giacotubo says:

nice but too much expensive for 100km authonomy ride only.

Danial khan says:

is this 100% electric ?

Wyattchoi A says:

My god just let them ride already!

reyrob says:

I rode one of these last year and the torque is really brutal. Acceleration is very fast!

scott grimsdall says:

Who’s the dustman?

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