BMW C1 review; Weird or Wonderful? Ahead of it’s time? DeMuro style review!

Yes, a Doug DeMuro like review of an unique “motorcycle” the BMW C1.

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Baron Von Grumble:
44 Teeth:
Doug DeMuro


Jeffrey Gryson says:

Belgium saw 2 allready and want one

Edelplastic says:

A Scooter never is made for the Highway…… it´s for the City

Gilad Ben zaken says:

There is some in isrsel

Adriaan Cilliers says:

Have seen a few in Johannesburg, South Africa

manajoro says:

Here at Costa Rica I see two…

Benzimo_ says:

The motorcycle version of Doug DeMuro

John van Meer says:

Ha David!

mooi ding die C1. Ik vraag me alleen af of je nou echt wel droog blijft als het regent (en dat doet het vaak hier 😉 ). Of moet je dan alsnog iets aan dat je droog moet houden? Of zijn er andere zeilen oid voor aan de zijkant?

Frank Neirynck says:

Hey, I am from Belgium and own a C1 200, yellow. It is great fun and practical, but you have to get use to drive it and the parkingstand is fragile, indeed !

Lew Rossi says:

There is one for sale in Toronto Canada

Heng Li says:

very like

Max says:

We got them in New Zealand! Have to wear a helmet but they are still around 🙂 One on Trademe (Ebay of NZ) for $4k NZD.

Kevin Archibald says:

I saw these a lot in London in the early 2000s. London was pretty perfect place for these- no one ever went 120km/hr. I drove a vespa and was pretty interested at the time.

Håkon Isaksen says:

My drivig teacher for taking moped and A1 license use it all the time i Norway

Lil Gift says:

I saw a lot of those in San Francisco

Markos Mavris says:

Hello kids!
I own a C1, the 125cc version and for all it’s weirdness I have come to love it and depend on it for my daily commute and in-city chores.
The engine is a Rotax and the bike was made in Italy by Benelli for BMW and it IS safe. I should know. I took a dive at 80km while testing my friend’s C1 and came off with just scratches.
Granted, it’s not your usual scooter. It is top heavy as you pointed out and it requires a bit getting used to specially on the turns. But when it rains, you don’t get wet and with the heated seat back, you don’t get cold.
As far as repairs go, at 37.000 km, I have only done regular maintenance work (brakes, oil changes, rear shocks, filters etc.) and only one major repair to the electrical system and only because I made the mistake of pressure washing the poor thing. Parts are a bit hard to come by but I avoid downtime by keeping it maintained.
About that 33km/lt, well…. not so my friend. Mine gets about 270km per 9lt tank, (30km/lt at best) since the day I got it but it’s not so bad when you consider my weight of 130kg plus the bike’s weight of 186kg (with all the juices).
Over all, I would say it does what I bought it to do plus it’s a great conversation piece too!

Axel says:

probably the best commuter bike/scooter ever build.

asri azmi says:

Would love to bring this weirdo into Malaysia

Bladsmith says:

Wow, all the comments are from people who own these things. I saw one while buying my first motorcycle and wanted to know more…

DerDave says:

I spotted some in Germany 😉

Javier Trujillo says:

I have 2 , I live in Mexico city

Kenny Lee says:

It was not bad idea, but the design remind me the Pizza delivery…

acac acac says:

I got one at Portugal since 2004 it’s my daily commute to work

Timo Scoot says:

The reason they tried to sell them in the car dealerships was because they wanted them to be included in the fleet average fuel economy calculations.

The EU required a tax on car manufacturers that did not meet the minimum average fuel economy for their fleet of cars.
When BMW heard they could not use the C1 to offset the gas guzzler M range vehicles, they lost interest in the C1.

Fernandiscotube says:

I’m a happy owner of BMW C1 125 cc in Sevilla, Spain!! Thank you for make this video!

Lukki Luftdruck says:

I love this piece of shit, driving it for 8 Years now. 60.000 Km.
It did save me from getting hurt while slipping on oil on the road and i was flying crash over the sidewalk like in a nutshell. Without the protection i would shurly get hurt.
I like this bike a lot, sad that Bmw didnt go on producing it and making it better through the Years.
If you dont know how to check and repair the bike like i do, its too expencive- bmw repairs are expencive.
If you are able to do the inspections yourself- its a bit of work-
Its a god bike. 🙂

A H N A F says:

Daddy doug

MS Partyboot Deutschland GmbH says:

I spottet one in Rome in 01/2018. it was silver an parking inbetween countless Honda scooters near the Station termini.

Alexander H says:

Vienna/Austria 🙂 great review!

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