BMW C600 Sport vs Yamaha T-Max 530 | Extreme test

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Clash of the titans.
Maybe there are more powerfull and even bigger scooters on the market but at the moment non of them is faster than the Yamaha T-Max 530 and its bavarian challanger, the BMW C 600 Sport. After the international press-test-drive we were convinced that BMW developed the best solution but in our test we have been suprised — it was a tight race between the T-Max and the C 600.


ViníciusBh says:


fabry titti says:

Beautiful, two idiot who use the bike without any comparison

trishnarai1234567 12345678 says:

tmax scooter nepal need can you supply

hrmouchshotrage63 says:

bah oui ca fait du tem tem en short t-shirt ! pff ridicule

MicBergsma says:

Haha funny! I still love my 07 Burgman 400 since I got it brand new, if I want a bigger engine I might go for Burgman 650

Regis Potasio says:


Дмитрий Вихарев says:

Всё хорошо. Но разгон с места ГДЕ?

Geoff P-D says:

What a completely annoying video

macaron3141592653 says:

His face at 0:44

Paolo Caglio says:

Looser American riding with elbow straight

youcef bboy says:

but when be Fight with them DO A Video !! <3 im on algeria i can't fight i have Tmax 530 white with Akrapovice !

Di Alves says:

4:00 desculpa? Brazil rs?

Sergiu Olga says:

mi bike is more exp$

oldjaggy says:

Great music

Krakatoa says:

what the fuck is this video is all about ?

TheGolden Hour says:

Was the KYMCO or the Yamaha better and for which criteria? I appreciate this was an Austrian production and not German but a clearer outcome with supporting data would have been useful. Einverstanden?

fingercrack says:

Rossi vs Marquez..

Dani Ajah says:

I like bmw

pureforce56 says:

Those goobers are funny

Lynx Star Automotive says:

Road Rash with scooters

JOthatsall says:

(extremly boring)

Tony Tng says:

honestly they look the same to me

harleycharley says:

When you stupid asses started kicking at each while riding, that was all the crap I am going to watch….You are about as stupid as anyone can be….

ครอบครัว GTS & BUS Thailand says:


andres vicentela says:

Extreme test??? 2 extremos idiotas y estúpidos!

Neil Petersen says:

No protection for the T Max rider. What a clown

trishnarai1234567 12345678 says:

wou i like

Michael Michuki says:

Haha awesome video guys 🙂 very entertaining in getting the tmax

Wolf Edmunds says:

Yamaha guy and BMW guy are…gay.

Vinsu Karma says:

Demasiada testosterona y poco cerebro, por eso las páginas de sucesos siempre estan plagadas de pringados muertos en moto y por eso prefiero coger el autobús, por mucho que me gusten las motos.

Patrick Carlin says:

Fa il fenomeno quello che guida il TMax…maniche corte…pantaloncino corto…..che idiota…

marcducati says:

Ridicule comme essai….

Medo Natsheh says:

Road Rash

Ravneet Singh says:


bellache ryan says:
Djalal architect says:

youcef, kach tmax mliha à vendre?

tvojootec says:


General Zodd says:

How to waste time…click this video

Julian Bravo says:

thank u for wasting 4 minutes of my time

Mark Smith says:

Well, that was about as useful as Anne Frank’s drum kit.

wan han lu says:


BURGOS says:

Equipements ????????? No ?

wan han lu says:

try showing 0 to 60 (GPS Speed). B

alex yokohama says:

yamaha 😛

Chris Naguit says:

AB as in ABnormal

E-bro says:


Sam stams says:

good vids

Rupert Suave says:

Yamaha T-Max 530

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