BMW C650 GT Maxi Scooter. Pure Luxury.

This is the BMW C650 GT Highline Maxi Scooter.
I only had a short ride just to see what it was like as I have never riden a scooter before and it seems pretty nice.
Just bear in mind this is not a review its just a video about the Scooter.
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Anthony Guest says:

far too expensive and the servicing is a small mortgage.i ride the honda silverwing superb scooter but sadly not the refinements of the BMW. bring the price down by 3 grand and I might buy it.

TheMaximBond says:

nice scooter, gay voice

mrcaptaincrazy says:

Very nice bike

mentalplayground says:

I want that one!

Alan Mountford says:

I also think its an amazing scoot, in fact its more of a small tourer motorcycle just what I was looking for. so after an hour’s test ride last week I ordered a new one, only 3weeks to wait. And I’m only 65 !!!!!

Hedge hog says:

BMW have done amazing things with this scoot,but it is still a fat arsed bathtub i might consider riding when i am 80.Oh.And rich.

Diego Campagna says:

England? Im from Argentina.

NorthernNige says:

Great Vid matey, same area as me. Been around all those roads on my 650 Burgman. Looking at the BMW myself for my next purchase.

Simon Moore says:

This bike is very popular lots of office use this and the Bergman to commute, it make a fab 2nd bike

AaTaRee says:

Thanks for the lovely review. I have a 2006 Honda Silverwing with 100 KM on it. Considering this for my next one.

I like big scooters like this for several reasons.

1. Goes fast enough with acceleration for any traffic situation.
2. Protects the legs if you have to lay the bike down in an accident. (had to twice, legs were 100% fine after each wreck)
3. Can fit two helmets or 4-5 grocery bags / laptops for commuting.
4. Has great wind protection on cold days.

Fire Blade890 says:

double R. not R R

Jim Jourdan says:

Just bought it, very happy. Birdoneword, awesome vid, you had me cracking up quite a few times. Peace out bro

Jade Benz says:

does it runs on gas or electric?

Diego Campagna says:

you are welcome! I have a friend in Guernsey.I have a Vespa Lx 150 but I want your bike.

Max Wilkes says:

Just subed your fucking jokes, you ever been though Stourbridge?

john rutkowsky says:

suzuki bergman executive is pure luxury

Tiago Ruivo says:

its not automatic. its a CVT…

Joel Woolley says:

first comment. I like your videos dude. just subscribed! I live in Norwich and ride a speed four 🙂

Goodman 4525 says:

You can’t feel the gearbox because it doesn’t have gears you numpty !

[SMJ]StretchMyJerky says:

birdoneword, can i just say something. Scooters don’t have gears xD he has two wheels linked by a belt where the two wheel alternate between ratios. Its called a CVT (Continuously variable transmission) 😉 So the fact that you can’t feel any gear changes is because it has no gears! xD They’re just alternating ratios! 😉

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

Think engine made by Kymco. Kawasaki J125 and J300 scooters use Kymco engines sVe on R&D

KnewWorld says:

BOING…I’ll stick with my Suzuki BOINGMAN 400! BMW; Nice bike though.

Mihai Viju says:

You can’t feel the gear change because it does not change gears, is a CVT gearbox.

Kevin Beacham says:

The daddy of scooters, nice review – looked fun

kcuk101 says:

That price though…yikes.

S.a baki says:

it looks like the daughter of bmwr1200rt

Forza300Man says:

Motorcycle guys always chuckle at the scooter, then have a total blast riding it.

wattsmichaele says:

Nice review. I bought one last month. I live in Louisiana and have had all manners of bikes in past. I use it for touring and it’s great. Kind of a mini Goldwing that costs less and smaller. Get you some of that!

Lerxstification says:

Cool review, you had me chuckling. I bet you are a hoot at the pub.

AB Pranks says:

you are very lucky . this scooter is not avaible in my country . and sorry for my bad english

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