BMW C650 GT test ride and some thoughts

Took the BMW C659 GT out for a test ride and shared my thoughts on it in this video. Enjoy 🙂

Baby Come Back – Kill Paris
Filtering Song – Captain Rambunctious


Althea Aris says:

I enjoued

pengasus says:

Unfortunately, motorbike manufacturers can’t increase the height of the windscreens after a certain point. Windscreens should not exceed the eye line of the rider. So they give the windscreen the most aerodynamic curve for the average height rider which is 1.65-1.75m Hence the air buffeting. It is so stupid because the logic behind is that the dirt, mud, bugs etc on the windscreen can’t be cleaned like a car with wipers so if the rider tries to clean it during the ride, it’d possibly cause an accident. It’s dumb but that’s the reason behind low height factory standard windscreens. 40km speed limit is also dumb but laws are made by the elderly for the dumbest of the population…

robert robhog says:

Great test ride I had a large scooter for about a year and I loved every minute of it, obviously today they are much better , iv always had large bikes but I am thinking of having a large scooter as a commuting and touring bike, for some reason here in the uk they are very underestimated.

KimJongWins says:

So badly want this bike but 10k seems a bit much. How would you compare this to a burgman 650?

jojizzle78 says:

I’ve own 2 of these..My latest is a 2016. Anyone considering one of these needs to get a malossi variator. You will never regret it.. I have beaten 600s..I have one video racing a R6..He couldn’t catch me.

Bob Fately says:

You complain about the wind buffeting but you have the windscreen at the lowest level – I have owned four of these bikes (85K miles over the years) and can se that in your video the screen is down.

Daily M says:


Felipe Bueno says:

Can you do a comparative with BURGMAN 650?

Mark J says:

This review was really helpful. I commute along that route too and from central London to Brize 75 miles. I’ve been doing it 16 days a month for years and the London traffic and Oxford bypass can be frustratingly slow moving. I have looked at all the options and have considered getting the benefit of something like this.

What would be your opinion for choosing a maxi scooter in general for this type of commute? I don’t actually have a bike licence yet but not intimidated to learn quickly. My top concerns are:

• The practicality of riding a 150 mile round trip
• I can’t put the bike in a garage. So concerned about security and vehicle maintenance (Maybe be able to leave it in a free Q Park garage in London when not needed that week)

Would be great to get some feedback to see if it’s a realistic idea worth the expense to save a few hours queuing.

Memo Randum says:

Very cool and benefitial video for me.Let me ask a question.Why that couldnt be your single bike after all those compliments?


Can you please compare this secooter to the BMW 650 GT

Froilán Olesti says:

Love your “Filtering Song”. Think I’ll sing it while “filtering”…

tom thorn says:

I am curious. If there is someone that owns one of those, what is it you like about this as apposed to a regular motorcycle? I have never drove one.

MrLemu77 says:

Hello, how tall are you? I am interested in this bike but concernerd about the wind. Thanks !

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