BMW C650GT & C650 Sport Review Motorcycle Road Test

The BMW C650GT & C650 Sport: two-wheeled transport has never been so refined, luxurious and expensive. Read our full review here:


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colonelclaw says:

260kg for a scooter? Yikes!

Sid Hemphill says:

I really want to make the jump from Maxi Scooter to Cruiser (since I learned to ride on a Cruiser), but these BMWs are making that decision harder. The heated seat and grips plus storage are a big selling point for me.

Forza300Man says:

Good review but your voice trails off towards the end of every sentence so it’s hard to make out what you’re saying.

benjahnz says:

Mumble mumble mumble

Carmelo Santini says:

I like your video but your voice needed a bit of compression and editing where it dropped out or was lost to track. If you’d like some help improving your videos I would be willing to assist. I’m looking at this vs the F800GT as a daily… With the 800 I feel like the lack of tech you see on the RS feels like a compromise whereas this is the king of scooters

leon323 says:

that is a gorgeous looking scooter but it’s too much for what it is and that’s a scooter.

john rutkowsky says:


Bobby Backmarker says:

A guy rides with us bought one as he is somewhat advanced in years and not short a few quid. Perfect for him at least..

Fire Blade890 says:

you mean cutting through St Albans?

jasoncatt says:

Good review, but dude, you really need to learn some intonation and inflection skills. Your narrative couldn’t be more flat.

George :] says:

Great video.

emmcey says:

damn it tai lopez, your everywhere

john rutkowsky says:

suzuki bergman executive is better

Stephen Bustin says:

I had a 650GT which I liked, especially commuting to London, but swapped it after 18 months for a F800GT. The reason was that the engine started cutting out at low revs, which meant having to stop, pull the left hand break lever and restart. This was rather dangerous, and I was nearly rear-ended twice, once by a lorry. To make things worse, I got stranded in the Netherlands, and the dealer there was unable to replace a faulty engine management chip, which caused this problem. Luckily BMW’s warranty stepped in and was great, as they flew me home, provided me with a rental car and then brought the scooter back as well. Much happier with gears now and the F800GT is a great bike. Scooters are great but the need to stop whilst restarting the engine could be lethal.

Thinking out of the box. says:

It’s a sports tourer motorbike called a scooter. 10k is alot but not compared to a Harley and the “scooter” wins hands down with comfort/speed/reliability.

MFizzle777 says:

They’re the same price as the Tmax 530 however you get way more for your money! When I’m on mine the Tmax boys never can keep up with me in open roads or in London and even some guys on sports bikes! :-). If you could review the two of them thought that would be cool. Good work.


These things always look fun and practical, but 10K!? Crazy.

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