BMW Scooter C650GT First Rip

First ride on the new BMW 2013 scooter C650GT…. Town & Country. Who knew scooters were such a blast to ride? The sixteen inch wheels are very stable and the bike is fantastic in the corners. It’s a little slow off the line, but great once its rolling.


49634900 says:

I tried last week the BMW 600s and was disappointed by it. It is extremely loud, has no power in the lower range of speed. I tried just afterwards the TMAX 530 and it was in many points better. Acceleration in lower speeds was much better, handling was more sportive and overall lighter. For me its clear that my next scooter will be TMAX although BMW has the better manufacture.

whimpey109 says:

The red light might have saved your life!!

Michael Bishop says:

14 minutes of reckless lane splitting and wind noise ! SUCK

Ravencurse says:

You’ve got to be kidding me!? Love the bike, hate the video. There’s more time spent waiting for traffic lights to change than there is actual riding! Should have picked a better road … or take a minute and edit the video.

александр семенов says:

прикольный скутер,в россии он стоит 578,300 рублей и это очень не дешево

김용인 says:

정말 가지고 싶은 스쿠터.. 그러나 돈이 없다 흑흑.. 누가 나한테 딱 2천만원만 줬으면 ㅠㅠ

Lysander Spooner says:

Nice ride around Alameda County

Jack J. Smith says:

nice stop light…

Cal Moto says:

How does hitting the ground at 100 seem?

nakolo7 says:

I with you there. Ridiculous! Making us watch a video of him waiting at a light? I don’t give a rip what he thinks of the dumb scooter if he doesn’t give a rip about his audience.

Cal Moto says:

You forgot to mention all the wind noise….terrible.

buzzvick says:


Davide Teolis says:

Your video is in the BMW Maxi Scooter Forum BMWC.IT. Thank you.

Carl Huffman says:

Nice bike. Idiot rider.

Ruzil Babayev says:

osturax svetaforlari sayirsann got oqlu got xiyar ele bil ferli neyse cekibde 

JOseph Pertz says:

The rider has no respect for the cars on the road. If he continues to operate his scooter like this on a regular basis it is not a question of if but when he will have a accident. Hope for his sake his first spill will be minor and he learns some respect for himself and other vehicles before he gets seriously hurt.

Kisciu Wariat says:

Maybe First Trip, not “RIP” (rest in peace) 🙂

Cal Moto says:

How’s your Burgman treating you?

John Falkenstine says:

Another wind noise test

Marcel Cheloo says:

Fuck the red light


I have one of these ordered, but the guy driving in this video scares me half to death–in fact drivers like this one will help pay for my new toy!!! Motorcycle accidents are not pretty…

Cal Moto says:

110 mph.

Christian Forbes says:

I’ve got zero issues with how this guy rides. This is how we do things in California, and the rest of the world for that matter. Lane sharing is legal and safe. This is a fine example of what real world traffic and riding is like in northern California. If you’re looking for a fantasy Video of beach scenes and lovely trees and camera ready sunsets go somewhere else for that. I have a C600 Sport and I love it. It rides like a big bike but offers the convenience of a scooter.

Remo williams says:

신호 계속 걸리네

Ravencurse says:

Well said.

Ryan ,redrider736 says:

BRRRRAAAPPPPP Red light …… BRRRRAAAAPPP Red light ……….

Colton Beebe says:

you thought the wind was loud wait until you hear the cries of these noisy bitches complaining below… “wahhhh you ride to fast!! wahhh your splitting lanes legally in california!!! wahhh there are too many stop lights”

Sempi10 says:

Is this guy dead yet? Just curious.

Radu F says:

Nice scooter very good driver but way to fast nice ….

Cal Moto says:

I’m just happy that I can make you do shit you don’t want to.

Cal Moto says:

Our pleasure…thanks for using it.

Hassan Abdala says:

That is one noisy scooter

Daniel Pearson says:

My wife is thinking about the C650GT or the F800GT.  Looks like this is no slow moped.  You need to shut down your mic or try something to cut wind noise, it is so annoying.  I do not like lane splitting as so dangerous.  I do live tin CA and I used have to go to CA often for work and had a  asshole lane splitting and chained my nearly pickup as he passed.  I almost opened the door on him.  

mgpg61 says:

i’ll bet he wears out his brake pads, then he dies. what an asshole driver.

Addy Adderson says:

I hear these scooters offer the option of an alligator clip by the handlebars where you can keep a note from your mom.

Cal Moto says:

You do, and you’ll clean it up.

Skip McCraw says:


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