City Bike Shootout! BMW C600 Sport vs. Honda NC700X vs. Kawasaki Versys | On Two Wheels

BMW’s new C600 Sport super scoot takes on Honda’s half-and-half NC700X and Kawasaki’s always-impressive Versys on this episode of On Two Wheels. Is there any way a scooter can be as good as a motorcycle? Ari says no, Zack says yes, and Editor In Chief Marc Cook tags along to make sure they don’t kill each other.


Herower says:

I really enjoyed this video!!
Do more like this please

illetrikflowz says:

what a fun video!

Tushar Jamwal says:

Scooters are very good! They don’t have fixed gears by the way, they have CVT’s but I think 10000 $ is too much to pay

Goru Minosyan says:

City bike shootout in the canyons? Is this a fucking joke?
Taking a scooter to the canyons and complaining that it is not as good as a motorcycle? Is this a fucking joke?

Danny Obando says:

Clearly these guys didn’t if it’s on two wheels, it’s a motorcycle.

A Mature Rider says:

What does riding through canyon roads have to do with the city?

Western Pacific says:

For god sake, get rid of the little lady boy…

rugby says:

only a faggot would ride a BMW scooter

CageFreeEric says:

6:18 “hello frie…ooh” lmao

kyle stewart says:

City bike shootout in the canyons? I dont think you did Honda or BMW any justice here. pretty sure those bikes where designed for commuting in the city. lots of traffic, redlights, and carrying cargo.

ballersac32 says:

perfect video! I ride that route to work on my 200cc scooter! Vista del Mar… and I’ve been wanting maybe a ncx700 or versys…..also the Vulcan s, but that isn’t in the video.

NeFtY says:

Why no piaggio mp3?

Braadkuiken says:

but why is the nc not a proper motorcycle? because of the DCT? you can get it without that y’know

Matteo Bassini says:

In my country, these are called “hardcore tourers” (just to give you an idea, the CBR300 is considered a sport tourer), but in the USA, they’re CITY BIKES! lmao

ray b says:

It’s a Kymco!

atom09 says:


Zraupp10 says:

all 3 need to ride all 4 bikes,
thats how its done !
they think their Opinions are FACT just like a lot of people,

Paul Callaway says:

‘I’m convinced you guys are both insane’ said the white guy with dreads, lol.

Ninad Ganore says:

Nc was the best of both worlds, btw all they dod here was talk about the bmw.

Twowheeler 1 says:

I guess they forgot you can through bags on just about any bike.

Pasole Soup says:

What mountain did they go to

SunzOffski says:

And the 690 duke wins!

WanderAbroad says:

Because every motorcycle riders pivotal question is… “can it carry pizza”? The only proper question to follow that reasoning is.. “does it come in pink”?

Sidney Hemphill says:

Americans don’t like to admit it but scooters make more sense than motorcycles in the cities. Shifting in heavy traffic sucks. Plus these new Maxi Scooters can easily do highway speeds.

cn 250 says:

the 2017 nc750x is much better than your 2013 model.

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