Crash BMW Scooter C650GT on Tuna Road Malibu

Crash Bmw Scooter C 650 GT on Tuna (brakes issue)


Forza300Man says:

Guess he learned this is not a sport bike and you can’t drive it like one. They are awesome for what they do, but as an experienced scooter driver I’ll be the first to admit they don’t corner well at high speeds. I didn’t expect him to go down where he did as it wasn’t much of a bend, but looks like he hit some loose gravel or sand so it could have happened to any bike.

icdattoney says:

That was pretty amazing! Felt like I was right there with you guys. Looks like that scooter is no punk. Thanks for the ride!

roxthefury1 says:

Con uno scooter non si può pensare di fare Valentino Rossi, né di stare dietro nei tornanti ad altre moto.

HTK Tech says:

Hi, I have a C 650 GT and would love if you could give more details on what cause you to crash? Thanks!

BB hevajra says:

Money money

Daedalx Al-Maurikanos says:

there was so many turn I thought he was gonna die on.

jojizzle78 says:

Don’t feel bad.. I crashed my 2014 BMW 650gt the same way in the mountains of Lompoc California .. That dam scoot was so much fun..I put 22,000miles on it.. The new has traction control..I still have my fat pig Honda Goldwing f6b tho

damian2001111111 says:

slow down mate.

mycerebralcortex says:

3:15 and go from there

Ufonut says:

how did that happened?. gravel?


that scooter looks like a lot of fun

Roik Hockenberger says:

Man, for that kind of twisties sport riding, get yourself on a motorcycle. The scooter is nice, but not really suited to being thrown around like that.

t3chfr3ak says:

Are you a mute? or you just not saying shit cause you don’t want insurance to find out you were driving stupid.

Julian Black says:

Least you are OK, good for you. My thoughts are you are mostly a motorcycle rider, and a good one! For a maxi scooter the turn looked taken too fast and became too wide and the bike hit some rubble. Scooters are so heavy and have that low weight, when hitting even the slightest bit of loose sand on a lean they slip out from under you, no braking can help, it’s like brakes don’t even exist. A motorcycle will just kick right back up. Guess that why there are no Dirt Scooters 🙂 .I’ve seen it too many times on LA scooter rallies. Rare to see a well used maxi scooter without some road rash.

gratsigratsi says:

On a loaner, what a beast! LOL

slimdudeDJC says:

More of ‘slide’ than a “crash.” But good that he wasn’t even hurt.

Giuseppe Arena says:

come si fa a guidare uno scooter con quelle curve.

Johnny Nightrider says:

That was some great riding on the BMW scooter.You we’re outriding the sportbikes.You just pushed it too hard and it’s a scooter.Is it a loaner while your motorcycle is in the shop or is it a friend’s where you will have to fix it?Those scooters are ten thousand dollars plus.Hopefully you can make it nice before you return it.I know one thing if I ever buy a 10 thousand dollar plus BMW scooter.Not to loan it to anyone because the temptation of riding it too fast is there!!!!

MTB says:

LoL. Why slow down, and release the clutch?!
Зачем тормозить, и отпускать сцепление?!

MotoExtremeTV says:

Beautiful roads

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