IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The new BMW C 650 Sport and the new BMW C 650 GT

We are proud to introduce the model update for the two scooter models that will be hitting the market at the end of the year. Get a first look at the brand new design, pioneering security and comfort features presented by vehicle designer Sebastian Wilm and Peter Maier of the Product Management.

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bryan hurd says:

BMW used to make really solid bikes,I have an R100 S , phenomenal bike now? there have lost their way,tooo many models and look like the oppositions bikes.

AB Pranks says:

i think this scooter is not avaible in my country …(india) sorry for my bad english

Juan Carlos Huertas Donato says:

Vielen Dank, 2 Motorräder sind schön. Ich habe wollen!

Jurandir&Lya says:

Quando virá para o Brasil? Qual é o valor?

Geddy Pinker says:

Great scooters!!!!

MFizzle777 says:

Please can you give more detailed info about the C650 Sport as there is not enough video content in English. Thanks

Hokkaido Wolf says:

I don’t really care for BMW, but this scooter is fucking badass. lol

José Luiz Rodrigues Bedim says:

Parabéns, maravilhosas…

John Falkenstine says:

What? the very nice motorcycle blue is gone and now all we have is this tacky copper color. All we need now is polyester trousers and gold necklaces. Big Boner on this color and the handlebar cover is very silly.

RC says:

BMW C 650 Sport $10,490 list

Svetlana Gamburg says:

I have 2013 model. Most comfy scooter
Heated grips and seat
Automatic windshield…
Hope stowage compartment and other plastic quality improved and no mirrors vibration.

Leonard Khoo says:

im thinking of getting the c650sport in Valencia orange once it releases here in my country, but is there anyone who owns the existing matte blue who can give me some feedback? I am concerned with the matte paintwork, especially the white/silver near tthe feet area. does it get chipped/scratched up after a couple of years? does the matte paint still hold up well in general (colour doesn’t fade/change) over a few years?

F. A. N 21 says:

looks like Yamaha nmax

Greydi Arturo Rivera Bido says:

una moto de agua con ruedas, quien le dijo a los diseñadores que esa monstruosidad tan grande es lo que quiere el cliente?

Joaquim P says:

User of a C600 sport 2014 , disappointed to see the Cosmic Blue-metallic matte is no more available !
I think it’s a mistake.Cosmic blue matt + silver would have been wonderful.

Simon Moore says:

wife would have this in a heartbeat. I don’t mind scooter maxis but the ctx is as far as I will go

Elmar Merz says:

Solange in den Scootern kein echter BMW – Motor drin ist , sind das für mich keine BMW’s. Für diese Preise sollte man einen echten BMW – Motor erwarten können. Zuviel elektronischer Schnick -Schnack kann einen auch abhalten sowas zu kaufen. Bei den zwei Scootern ist es wie bei den Frauen – Schönheit ist nicht alles !

SunzOffski says:

Nice but £10000 for a scooter, very exclusive in that respect.

I’d just buy the NC750 DCT for £6000.

Yonathan Zarkovian says:

That is the best looking scooter I’ve ever seen.

Maria Hellmer says:

super cool

Joakim Joakim says:

how much € ?

Zac Golus says:

Want one! The GT thanks looks more comfy 🙂

Fred Fadungy says:

$10400 Bullshit, it isnt worth it Waht a RIPP

christian vigna says:

Hi Joerg,

Yes indeed yesterday by reading again you I saw that I had made a mistake, afflicted I was too fast yesterday morning, in any event I will remove my messages not to pollute your activity, it is French a Franco subject/, it is not necessary to annoy you on your webpage, ok I will return as you indicate it yesterday to me, you reassure a telephone APPOINTMENT was taken for Monday morning by Motorrad France, thank you still for your assistance.
I inform you Monday of the telephone result, by a simple message.
Best Rgds, C.VIGNA.

Mihai Viju says:

Is there a increase in power?

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