Top 10 Maxi Scooters with Motorbike Power and Comfort (Buying Guide for 2019)

Though the reputation of scooters is often devalued by the motorcycle riders who deem them as supposedly not sexy enough, these vehicles remain among the bestselling urban commuters in the world.

In order to boost their standings even higher, we would like to review the most powerful breed of these two-wheelers called maxi scooters. They offer unmatched cargo capacity, powerful engines comparable to fully pledged motorbikes and sporty styling.

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BMW C 400 X and GT:

BMW entered the middleweight class of scooters very recently. The all-new C 400 X hit dealerships in 2018 and the upcoming GT model will sit alongside after the next year’s release.

BMW C Evolution:

The statement by BMW that C Evolution is the urban commuting of tomorrow is supported by the fact that it is the only electric maxi scooter offering on today’s market.

Piaggio MP3:

After the discontinuation of X10 the mantle of the flagship model from Piaggio was passed on to the next in line powerful three-wheel machine MP3.

Piaggio Vespa GTS:

Though Vespa GTS is rather underpowered and lacks extra storage space, we still felt compelled to feature the world’s most renowned scooter brand. GTS stands for Granturismo Sport and gets equipped with the most powerful Vespa engine.


If you are used to the definition of a scooter as a two-wheel vehicle and were confused with the introduction of three-wheel models, you shall be even more baffled by the arrival of the world’s first production 4-wheel model from the Switzerland based Quadro Vehicles.

Kawasaki J300:

Kawasaki J300 is an ultimate urban solution that combines comfort, practicality and sportiness. Equipped with 299cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, it also features dual petal brakes with ABS, anti-theft ignition switch, and multi-functional LCD screen.

Suzuki Burgman 400/650/650 Executive:

Suzuki Burgman 400 is a premium maxi scooter that offers a good mix of comfort, practicality, and power. It is equipped with a 399cc 4-stroke single cylinder and has great fuel efficiency standing around 54 MPG combined.
Honda Forza 300:

Honda Forza 300 has been thoroughly reworked for the 2018 model year, featuring a fully revised chassis, a shorter wheelbase, and a sportier look.

Yamaha X-Max Iron Max:

Yamaha X-Max Iron Max is a new range-topping scooter from the brand that is available in two displacement options, 300 and 400cc, and is based on the company’s iconic T-Max scooter.

Yamaha TMax DX:

Yamaha TMax is the brand’s best-selling scooter model that has been on the market since 2000. The vehicle is sold in three variations, base, SX, and DX, powered by a high output 530 cc twin-cylinder 4 stroke engine that delivers 45 horses and 39 lb-ft of torque.

Kymco AK550:

Kymco AK550 is the brand’s most recent addition to its scooter family that has been in the works since 2013. The model combines touring capabilities with sporty performance and riding practicality.


1silvervespa says:

Hate these annoying voices .
F u c k i n g a n n o y i n g !

Alexey Kulikov says:

Am i the only one annoyed by the accent? It’s Engine, not Angine, Urban not Yurban etc…

Alexei Menglet says:

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Robotic voice. bye.

Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews says:

Scooters belong to a type of compact means of transportation and are rarely associated with power and performance. But there is one separate niche of scooters, maxi scooters that provide a level of power and comfort comparable to a motorcycle. Would you ever consider getting one of such rides for yourself?

Bill Haley Rock says:

Der BMW ist einfach nur häßlich.Der sieht ja echt zum kotzen aus,

johnlee072092 says:

Honda invented the maxiscooter

GEREEF says:

All of them are realy beauties bit i prefere the AK550 by far from the othes and i wiil explain why. My personal point of view is that Kymco is the best value for money In the first place i was a bit suspisious about their price in all models SYM and KYMCO (Comparing always with the relevant cc of YAMAHA ,HONDA or SUZUKI.BMW in tge other hand she is a beauty as well I t’s a German made scoooter But ….i don’t know they look a kind of conservative. I am not try to be agresive with other fellow scooter riders and this experess my opinion

CoforSol says:

Still F*ING GAY!

Cleate Rose says:

I’m an avid motorcyclist, but for stop and go traffic and delivery, the scooter is so much better.

Rasmus Lindholm says:

Why is Honda NC750D Integra, or Aprilia SRV 850 not included?

Love kills says:

only t-max

blakutnuj says:

Wow, I thought Harley Davidson Motorcycles were expensive, check out these scooters, lol.

TRKWP says:

I’m not sure the Tmax gets cruise control in the US.

Freddie Riboni says:

They just look long. Hard to explain the vespa 300 just looks better. Wish Vespa.made a 350. At least ..

Peter Cameron says:

Get rid of the terrible sounding presenter

Mark Baum says:

Free maxi pads with any purchase
All too much cash…..too much weight…..all new poo

LoveMakaveli1 says:

Where is Gilera GP? its a 900 CC.

seacare amara says:

i love automatic scooters. had more than 10 of them. piaggio x9 500, 200cc, burgman 400 and 650, yamaha majesty 250, piaggio x8 400, piaggio superhexagon 180cc, honda silverwing 400cc. and now am thinking of the honda silverwing 600. while would really like to have the BMW, gilera, or Tmax, I feel they are way too expensive because basically they will surely get devalued in time.

Janvher Cruz says:

You forgot the honda x adv its 750 cc scooter

Martinoss Lp says:

Great video what bike you would chose?

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