Roy Nelson says:

brother demon I’m digging this video man gotta find the next part of it

ctzduce2k says:

dont bother commenting go to hell lmao best line love your videos they have helped me so so so much in understanding everything wish you were my teacher in school bc i can understand 95% of what you say but when it comes to numbers and math not so well bc never was good with that subject lol

Michael Forrest says:

For all the technical info on boost bottles please go to http://www.dragonfly75.com/motorbike/YEIS.html

DIOSpeedDemon says:

Glad to have helped. Part of my charm is being able to make the video in one take, no script and whatever comes to mind at the time. I have to explain my story and at the same time, SHOW my story as I am talking. I seem to have a gift for it. I sure do enjoy making my little videos, thanks again, RICK

Imports and Atvs says:

“I know everything about this”
“It has the b above, y i don’t know…” wait wtf?????????

John Smith says:

Man, I love the setup.

aim diayes says:

Well i have an 80cc polini enduro bike and i have a polini boost bottle, so the volume of this boost bottle isn’t made to be compatible with all 80cc mopeds? After all, to install it i have to make a hole in the hose under the carb? and what to do with the Y hose cames with the pack?

ziggydangerakazman says:

would’nt a good set of carbon reeds stop the loss in the cycle?? take a look at the science 😉

miles8775 says:


Edward Storlien says:

I have a Malossi MHR Replica 80cc with Malossi Carbon Reeds. Should I get a boost bottle, or doesn’t it matter since I have som good quality reeds?

matthew6969ify says:

Do you need to press a button or something in order for the boost bottle to activate

shauny17091987 says:

did anyone else see the ant walk on the boost bottle ??

aim diayes says:

Does the boost bottle fits on 50cc enduro mopeds? Why i search in google to find informations about and i see only talking about scoots, i thought that this item was specialy for dirtbikes. (my beta rr is 80cc polini with carb polini del’orto 21mm if it helps for your advice)

stmafilms33 says:

Lol “don’t bother commenting, ya can go to hell”

Charlie T says:

Would I have to re-adjust the carb after installing boost bottle?



Cris Racing and Gaming says:

Just got one Malossi MACSI and i felt it, got more torque and powa’ midrange. 🙂

DIOSpeedDemon says:

THe boost bottle MUST be higher than the CYLINDER and not exceed the cylinder volume, when putting the bottle bottle thru its paces

skojo3e says:

Having good quality reeds helps prevent any “back flow” into the carb. Screwing around with filling up boost bottles with water and paying to have them filled is not worth the hassle. If anything, get some NOX or even pure O2 to increase power. Until I see some real diagnostic testing I’m going to have to claim BS!!!

chrilla1980 says:

They are up to 90cc and he has a 125 now so won´t go bud

george bandilla says:

Thanks for your input. It really help me a lot

paulmwebb1 says:

The boost bootle have to be higher then the intake and the noosle on the bootle to point down and now loops on the tube if not the bootle or the tube will be filled with fuel after a while. did it make sense?

DIOSpeedDemon says:

The boost bottles first came out in like 1981 in a dirt bike magazine explaining how to take a small can, rubber hose and make the bottle for your 125 race bike. THEN I believe the Yamaha blue bikes? came out with a molded bottle under the gas tank. the volume of the bottle and hose is very important to the size of mortor it is used on.

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