2015 Yamaha Smax Update First Service and 2,000 Mile Review

My 2,000 Mile Update on my Smax.


houndking says:

Stalling issue may be fuel pump issue, as with 2009 Zuma 125. They recalled & replaced.

Anas Muzamil says:

Do you still have this scooter? How many miles on it now?

David Oros says:

mmmhhh….having it stall on you is very weird. Other than that this scooter sounds freakin good man

David Oros says:

nice video. I’m planning on buying another scoot. Had a Zuma125 14 model. My local dealership has a Vino OTD 2200, Zuma125 for like 3000 OTD and the SMAX for about 3800 OTD

FURDOG1961 says:

FinancialRider, Would $3,900 out the door be a good price for this scooter.Thanx

Mayan Axelrod says:

I had the seat upgraded and redesigned. It is so much better for my size. I am 6’1 and when I first rode the bike, my knees were too close to the handlebars. My riding position is perfect now.

Anton Iliev says:

Great video. Do you know if there is any difference between the 2015 and 2017 model? In appearance, they look the same. I bought 2015 yesterday from my local dealer on 149 miles for $2500 out the door. It is true I saved some cash, but was wondering if the newer 2017 model offers anything more. The PCX has been the same for the last 2-3 years. All Honda does is changing the colors and putting a new year.

LarryRickenbacker says:

I’ve owned two scooters: A 125cc Daelim and a Honda Sh150i. Both were rock-solid reliable and only sipped fuel, but scooters in general seem more maintenance-intensive than my Honda Shadow Sabre 1100. While one certainly saves at the pump with scooters, my shaft-driven cruiser doesn’t even require valve adjustments. Still, scooters can’t be beat for short grocery/take-out Chinese jaunts and they’re SO easy to park and maneuver around congested parking lots. On balance, I miss having a 125/150cc scooter.

Javier Armendáriz says:

please, how to change light on this model ?

James S. says:

How well does this scooter do climbing steep hills? I live in a very hilly area and I weigh 250 lbs.

SupaDave H says:

where did you get your third party maintenance from? I am L.A. local.

Jason Liu says:

Just wondering how you break in the scooter. I bought it recently. Reading the owners manual, it suggested that for the first 1000km, do not go over 4800rpm. How is that possible? if you keep it that low, it would be impossible to keep up with traffic. I’ve been riding it with slow acceleration and easy throttle up to 7000rmp. Is that an issue? what do you think? Thanks

Luke Kwan says:

how you ever tried to see what gps verified top speed is on this scooter? i want one but i can’t find the answer to my question..

do you take it on the freeway much? how is the acceleration?

ZnenTitan says:

Kenda tires?

MrSweeper says:

Have you looked into shaving the signal lights and integrating into the housing like the non USA versions

Al Gesbrek says:

stall ….maybe crapy fuel

Pnasty180 says:

Awesome Review Thank You Kindly for helping me decide which scooter to Buy

joice magallanes says:

I want one of this, I have I 150cc China shit and brakes all the time I hate it, I need a Yamaha

Hie Do says:

Hello, you Mention scooter or motor bike in USA not last 10,000 miles? or so ? what’s wrong ? or what happen ? is it people sell them, or the bike engine and other parts fall a part ? I plan to buy one but don’t know anything about scooter, and would like it to last longgg time 100,000 miles like car. Any one welcome answer and give me tips please. , Piaggio, yamaha or which last me long time but strong. I have Honda Odyssey minivan. Don’t like honda, Yamaha Smax made in Taiwan ? any made in Japan ?, Thanks a lot guys

Gary Stoughton says:

What is your inseam measurement FinancialRider? I’m 5’10” but have a 33″ inseam.

Przemek Sledziewski says:

Hey man how tall did you say you were? I was planning on buying an smax myself until I actually sat on it at the dealership. My knees were very high up and much too close to the handle bars. I’m only a hair under 6ft. I wish the seat didn’t have that step up, it’d be better if it was all the same height. Anyways it looks like you don’t have a problem with the handlebars almost touching your knees.

MrCaptainCrazy says:

Very nice bike.

Mayan Axelrod says:

Hey FinancialRider. Just started riding my SMAX the past few days. Its is cold here but I dress warmly and go. I definitely love the bike. Much more power than my 2014 zuma 125. The new custom seat I had made is amazing. It allows better seating position. I have been on the freeway and all other roads. It is a truly great machine. You talked about new tires. I also bought Michelin Power Pure SC and will put them on at my 600 mile service. 120/70 13 for the front and 130/70 13 for the back. It should make the bike grip the road even better.

Joy Villar says:

I just did my Smax first tune up at Yamaha service center, it cost me $195.00. Too much!

dilly_dally95 says:

I’ve had my 2016 smax for 1k miles n I have no issues so far with anything. I do push the shit out of it constantly, but hasn’t failed me once. Tires are cool n very agile n quick off the line. Acceleration isn’t hot at higher revs/speeds. Very good first bike/scooter for those that have never even touched a bike

skaybaltimore says:

I guess everybody’s different but from the reviews I’ve read Shinko tires get the worst possible reviews and Kenda tires, which are OEM on the Smax, get very good reviews. Some of the highest rated tires are from Pirelli (Diablo), Michelin (City Grip), and Metzeler (Feel Free). Here’s a link if you’re interested to Amazon’s Michelin City Grip 130/70-13 rear tire (I can’t find a front City Grip in 120/70-13):


And here’s a link for front/rear Michelin Power Pure SC (the set is just a little over $100):


There’s also the option for Avon Tire Strike f/r for just about $100/set at Amazon:


Brandon Garrido says:

If you had to change that exhaust ? Wich one would you choose ? .. I can’t find anything

Nash says:

Hey man,
Where did you do upgradeof your seat?

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