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Welcome back to another episode and thank you for all the subscriptions. Please don’t take these episodes as a how-to on making your bike go faster. They are not. Everyone has different needs and criteria on what they want out of their bikes. For me, I ride this bike primarily to work in stop & go traffic and in mostly ideal condition without rain, dust or snow. These videos serve as a documentary on how my 50cc Piaggio Typhoon 2-stroke scooter nearly doubled it’s acceleration and increased top speed from 30mph to ~60mph with just a few simple mods – most of them are free and only requires your time and knowledge.

With the Leo Vince 5.7g roller weights installed, let’s go for a test ride. A word of caution, however, is that the brand new roller weights will take some time and miles to break-in properly before optimal performance is achieved. We’ll do a first impression regardless, and and see if it improves or weakens the bikes performance. Aiming for Piaggio’s suggested maximum horsepower output of 9500RPM, we still have room to push the engine to work harder giving us more acceleration and top speed. Currently with the stock weights, the CVT tranmission operates at around 8300RPM after improvements made to the engine output. The lighter weights supplied by Leo Vince should help us move the engine to the RPM for which the two-stroke exhaust was designed for and also the peak HP for this specific engine. Never would I expect this bike running on 10 inch stubby tires to achieve nearly 60mph in close-to-stock form.

In this video, I also demonstrate that the rule you always read from scooter tuners regarding “lighter weight=acceleration, heavier weight=top speed” is far from the truth. While it indeed holds validity to some extent, this video shows you how going down to a lighter weight and in this case the more optimal roller weight setup for this engine, this environment, and this scenario will yield BOTH improved acceleration AND top speed. The common misconception that selection of rollers weights for one or the other is not entirely true.

Most manufacturer install stock roller weights that are far too heavy to optimize fuel economy and engine longevity with performance.. It turns out Piaggio uses 6.5g stock roller weights in this 2005 Piaggio Typhoon. Leo Vince supplies 5.8g weights so might as well give it a try before I purchase even lighter roller weights! Piaggio report this engine makes peak horsepower at 9500RPM. With that said however, Leo Vince never really supplied any information at which optimal RPM this expansion chamber exhaust pipe is designed for.

Hope you find this video helpful and please like & subscribe for further scooter tuning videos!

If you want your bike to bury the speedo needle like ours did in Episode 1, subscribe and stay tuned for future episodes. We will show you how we derestrict the bike from factory, install the Leo Vince ZXR exhaust, open up the intake, and modify the transmission. Come along with us as we transform this little 50cc scooter from a slow and boring bike to a fast and peppy machine that will do circles around traffic!

Other bikes that shares the same platform/engine includes Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, Peugot, Gilera, TPH, Typhoon, LT50, LX50, ET50, Scarabeo, Stalker, Zip, Fly, etc.



can you sent me a list on my email

speedyme200 says:

ohh u will enjoy a 70cc.. i setup a mid-race 70cc w/about $1k in parts.. im running a stage6 sport pro 70cc with the yasuni c16 pipe along with a polini up gear kit and a few other mods on my PGO scoot. 72mph gps top speed so far.

Wrecked By says:

Could you post a setup?

roythearcher says:

A word of friendly advice, if I may,
Get yourself some gloves! preferably leather and not some lightweight fashion thing either.
If you come off, at any speed, the first thing you do is put out your hands to save yourself and they wont last long at all without any protection. They may make your hands hot in warm weather but it’s a small price to pay to protect the one thing that has enabled the human race to achieve so much. (that and a larger brain capacity which most states have already covered with compulsory legislation!)
Do yourself a favour, get some gloves!

Zart says:

What speedometer do you use?

Acika Sanec says:

congratulations, nice helpfull fideos and hints, u made a beast !

Graham Winchester says:

I can get 65MPH out of my Typhoon.
Metrakit variator,
Malossi cast iron 70cc bore kit,
Up-rated drive belt,
Medium clutch springs,
19mm carb black edition,
running 98 jet for open filter and to suit bore kit,
Racing reed block, among other things.

John Lydem says:

is that a 2 stroke?

Caddox says:

mine original runs 85

jarwin garimbao says:

my scooter 49cc yamaha jog1, exhaust ported, before can reach up to 75kph all stock, but now i changed the gear onto 14/34,, and lightened roller weight 6x5g, top speed right now 110kph, only the roller, center spring 1500 rpm, gear,port are upgraded,,,,,and the rest are all stock,

Enigmatic Nine says:

Hey Nice video. But i have a question. If lighter weights did the trick then why weren’t they used by the company itself? There must be a tradeoff. If it is fuel efficiency can you tell how much more fuel is it consuming? And also do you expect to face reliability issues because it might be stressing the engine….

Sbravarage says:

If you mounted the rollers a little more light and I mounted the little more harsh clutch springs may be up to 95km/h 😀 in Italy you have done it is called the soft processing 😉


Is it 12mm carburateur or 17.5mm

Calty720 says:

I’ve just bought a 2007 Gilera 50SP
I did 63 kmh downhill, but at a straight line it goes 45-50kmh
Can you give me tips on how I improve straight line top speed to 55kmh? I dont want to over tweak it, I just want it to go 55kmh

Stonza Photography says:

Looks like clutch is slipping alot?

Mohamed Ali Cherkawi says:

Hey Man i have a scooter Benelli 49x and he don’t havve mush sprint just 63km/h plz if i change the variator will be faster ? ad thank you cause i like your jobs

Tony Abrego says:

Congrats on the hard work payed off!

Wilco Muurling says:

oh and one other thing, i liked this series, it was easy to follow and a good setup. but as a warning, you still have an air cooled cylinder.. they can handle alot, but you have upgraded your engine to the max, and i hope you have a temperature gauge (or atleast a temp warning light) on the dash because stopping and going for traffic lights is an AC engine killer. as long as you go 90km/h you get enough air flow, and with the high RPM, but when you stop and go in slow traffic the engine will heat up significantly.

Wilco Muurling says:

did you feel the torque? the roller weight go into the powerband of the exhaust. if i where you i’d get slightly lighter rollers, acceleration with 3/4 throttle and then for max speed you have that little bt extra left to get a higher top speed

JoeKickass324 says:

Airbox, Jet, variator weights, and a exhaust. = 93km/hr NICE, imagine you had a 70cc kit, clutch springs, and bigger carb holy you’d be hitting 120s Scary! My zuma hitting 70km/hr max, and since watching your videos I bought jets, rollers, and planning the airbox. If I hit 82 km/hr ill be happy. Your really helping alot of people thanks

KAZHI x SKUM says:

this is fast and runs so clean

Royal eilte says:

Speedo is off

Michael Medley says:

people think they can run these motors wide open all the time you’re going to shorten the life of the motor with the low gram rollers. when it reaches the top speed it’s going to get the motor at its red line fast because of the rpm change with low gram rollers. it is not good for your motor to run that fast for long periods of time. I run 8 gram rollers I get good take off and top speed. it actually picks up speed going up hill i run the after market air filter. high performance cam. stock coil. a racing CDI a 1500 rpm high performance clutch. a #90 main jet. adjust your valves regularly and if you know how to adjust your rich or lean air fuel mixture settings you can get it to run a decent top speed with out having to max you’re throttle out..it has twelve inch tires that helps a lot. make Shure you change your fluids regularly. like it recommends in the manual.. and change your transmission gear oil I’ve seen guys not check there gear oil and run them dry and bust all of the gears in the transmission now they don’t have a ride and when you take it to the shop to have it fixed they charge eighty dollars an hour not including parts. then your scooter is sitting months and racking up storage fees because they have a lot of broke down scooters they have to fix in front of your scooter. these gy6 qmb139 motors are common. they are easy to build you can order parts from eBay and save a hassle. if you service it like the manual says to you will get more out of your scooter. I fix my own scooter and save a lot of money… hope this might help someone that needs there ride fixed…or just want to see how much performance you can get..

vassilij zietseff says:

i did 5.0 gram and no exhaust tune yet. but an unrestricted cdi and racing malosi racing variator
with triple iridium tip spark plug and lead + coil with carb needle down 1 groove to richen up mixture + 2000 main and 3 smaller springs in clutch, a centre variator washer throw away, and Kevlar belt, all this on a gy6 qmb 139 49 cc pulse scout49 model
and final tune, this went from UK restricted 28 to 31 mph to 46 mph, i now have ready to fit a 50 to 72cc monster block and
piston kit which will take it to the max for engine, at 65 to 70 mph,
great video and i will be checking my exhaust to try this mod,

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