50cc 49cc Scooter Performance Clutch and Variator install variator roller weights


Rolling Wrench in Denver Colorado will show you how to install and upgrade your clutch and variator to gain performance on your performance scooter. You can purchase these products at www.rollingwrenchdenver.com. Thses scooter performance parts are a must with a 70cc big bore kit for ultimate speed and performance.

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Aaron Acworth says:

great help , thanks alot mate 🙂 !

Speedy G4Y says:

will this fit on any GY6 engine/CVT I have a 2008 tank urban classic, it has the 139QMB engine, but there is a TK in front of the stamp, not sure if that matters or not but i would like to start getting a little more accelleration and speed out of it like ASAP

alan dawson says:

love the video keep it up

BlueWindTv says:

intresting. i think my moped might need this boost

Tom Stoddard says:

please tell me where to get that cooling fan this is a 50cc right? Been looking for a none nylon one for ever

Rolling Wrench ATV Scooter & Motorcycle Repair says:

Just be careful of the spring compression

ffnlzqf says:

Rock City

ffnlzqf says:

I have a Tao Tao 50 it has two shocks in the back.I have experienced A high schilling noise from my scooter .What is that.I also was coming home awhile ago and my scooter would start to slow down and I would wait and go along with it and even stop.Then I would give it a chance and start going again and it would go and then start loosening power again and I would have to start.I would love some great advise from you my friend

micpea43 says:

I have a 50cc chinese moped that want go when im on it with alittle push it trys to go but sputters and just barley goes i just cleaned the carb an blowed out the back clutch but still ????? Also when i was adjusting the idle an my arm touched the frame i felt sum shock runnig thru my fingers ???? Any Idea ?????

Rolling Wrench ATV Scooter & Motorcycle Repair says:


Clifton Davis says:

i just got my scooter out the shop the carb was loose on the inside . but now my drive belt stopped working. it wont turn the wheel no more. when i try to accelerate it just makes a squelling nois and doesnt turn the back wheel my belts not broke. its old though. is it the belt or the things that spin the belt?

bob smiths says:

how do i get my stock clutch hub off? do i need an impact wrench? i tried with a standard wrench and a hammer for a redneck impact but that just doesnt cut it.

I ran my taotao 50cc out of gear oil and the rear wheel seized up. what all gears inside the gear oil housing do i need to replaced?

manfred tinei says:

your a god

Tommy Blackman says:

When doing these upgrades do you have to do anything else to the engine or carb or anything.

Steven Rossman says:

How much performance do you get out of this upgrade? and how much did it cost?

Rob Bain says:

so if i wanted to improve the take off of my scooter what spring should i get ???

ItsDevlcon says:

Is this the same with all scooter types? What is the overall performance increase? And what site would you recommend for ordering these parts?

T. Watson says:

Have you ever come across a variator that does not engage all of the way? I have a hard black line (Made up of belt material) about 1/4 of an inch in from the outer edge.  I haven’t worked on a variator before but this line makes me thing that the belt isn’t making it all the way out to the edge of the variator plate.  Any recommendations?

Brian J Scott says:

is it easy to get the old spring out, and the new spring in? anything i should be on the look out for?

Tim Jarred says:

Thank you that helped me out a lot

james mortensen says:

would you mind making a video of how you change the clutch spring please 🙂

ArmaDex says:

Nice vid. Question, u say that you installed the new (white) spring for extra performance, but what does it do apart from increasing the force needed for the belt to move lower onto the clutch side. Are you allong with this spring also installing a big bore kit?

bellevernon15012 says:

where can I buy some new pads, springs ect for my 1984 honda spree? I cant find them even on e bay. the clutch needs a makeover

Desmond Emberheart says:

Any guide on what size weights or springs we should be looking for? Im running an older 50cc taotao with a gy6 motor in it. I’m trying to get up steeper hills.

Malcolm Ahart says:

nice thx

Bennie Major says:

Thanks this helps me a lot

ffnlzqf says:

my question is my back wheel on my tao tao 50cc is making a clacking noise when I first start to ride it .It does stop after a block or 2 the back wheel seems to lock up when I have not rode it for a couple of hours.I am not sure if it is a clutch or my brakes

Ryan says:

If anyone can help me i have gy6 50 I installed a stage 2 performance clutch and now i can only go 18-20 mph at 7500 rpms. What type of varaitor weights do i need in order to be able to do 35+ again. I need help asap its my daily. Thank you

Xperiense says:

What is the easiest way to get my Kimco agility 50cc to go little faster (60 kmh)?

MrJasonace99 says:

Describe the performance gain you can gain. Trying to get a feel for what to expect. Ty nice video. Id like to see the special tool and it used. Ty

MR. Willie J. Smith Jr. says:

Hello Rolling Wrench, I just replaced my battery adjusted the valves and gas lines and air intake valves scooters runs but I am now hearing a ping in my clutch. What could be causing that or should I just get a new clutch? I’m on a fixed income and money is tight so Any ideas? Please help I am MREVERYTHING727

gerryzpage says:

Hey wanted to know what kind of rollers you where using?

dolly hedrick says:

I have a vip future champion scooter , I changed the clutch in it and now it vibrate and starts out like its already engaged very slow to pick up spee, but is ok when it runs at higher rpm what is the problem?

Whole Puncher says:

so i have 7gram variator weights in my 72cc scooter what kind of springs should i have in my clutch? im so confused on what to do? please help me ill give you a like. 🙂

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