50cc gas scooter review

Video i made with a basic review of a Chinese made 50cc gas scooter. Here i discuss features, top speed, mpg, and other cool features of this low cost, fuel efficient, and very fun machine. I own this video and all rights to it.


Chris Valentin says:

Hello question thinking about buying one, before you sold it did it give you any problems, example the starter?

Rob Baez says:

To register the scooter, is that a one time fee or is it like insurance where you have to keep paying? And how much did it cost to register?

Emily Beene says:

What website or dealership did you get it from?

Chris Garcia says:

50cc is legal here for mopeds is this street legal? if so what are the main requirements

Mike SJ says:

I’ve heard a lot of bad remarks about this scooter. Don’t get me wrong it looks okay and the speed is great, but not worth the repairs in the long run. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Deborah Williams says:

I just got a Roketa and I can see where the gas tank is, but when I turn the key nothing pops up. Is there a special feature to opening it?

Rain Lai says:

can it handle a 280lbs guy

stilltlrforlife says:

Brad Penn racing oil. awesome stuff

Robert Reaves says:

I hate chinese scooters mine is honda 3,000 dollars my other one costed 945 dollars

Norman Chan says:

i want one what the price?do need a lisence ?

1985cjjeeper says:

I have one of these, it doesn’t have the stickers on it but its exactly the same thing. I jetted the carb and put a different filter on it, plus I drilled out the end of the muffler and put a homemade catch can on the PCV system. It’s really hilly around here, lol. The difference is quite noticeable that you can maintain more speed on flatish ground. Mine’s got about 3500 miles (kilometers?) on it now. A word of warning. On mine the screws that hold the float bowl on the carb were ground smooth so it was a pain getting them out the first time. The carb is really cheap online though, like $30 total. In fact, all the parts are dirt cheap, the whole motor and drive train is just over $500. Oh yeah, go get an NGK spark plug for it, they can match it up for you. The factory plug sucks, as do the plug tools. Don’t try to do it in the parking lot of a Car Quest like i did, lol.

J Martin says:

CONSIDER quality Motorcycle  oil such as Royal Purple Max-Cycle or AMSoil for motorcycles.  I prefer MAX-CYCLE by ROYAL PURPLE.  

Danny Yarbrough says:

He should of pointed out that you have to change the new Spark plug in gas lines and Vacuum lines Cuz they were most likely give out on there within the first 25 miles. I need to adjust the overhead cam every 800 miles or so.

Michael Smith says:


Carlos Hernandez says:

Future champion??… I thought you already the champ, Chris? :). Nice ride man.

Alex - says:

This is beautiful. I think ill get one when im older. Thanks for you time.

Christopher Sumpter says:

Nice Scooter, I own a Piaggio BV Tourer 250cc

BBBYpsi says:

50 mph for this 50cc scooter is bs. Might do 35 he said 45 with the variance difference on scooters it was probably 37 mph.

Peeinyourbutt Allday says:

its good to ride when you have a dui and no license

Zack Turner says:

do the front lights only turn on when the engine is running?

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