Caloocan – Motorcycle shopping in the Philippines

We went to a place in the Philippines full of motorcycle shops and accessory shops machine shops etc. everything you can think of for motorcycles and scooters. the area is a bit dodgy and a lot of people were worried but things went well with no problems. I didn’t get to see everything I wanted but we did see a few of the Chinese knockoffs we were looking for.


Romeo Cunanan says:

Caloocan is not that scary , u just have to be very careful in everything like any place in the world

BtsKpopFan says:

Haha haha that’s very freaken high.

trumpicus maximus says:

what are these people talking about, i was there, and i live in malolos. attitude and personality makes a big difference, and dress SIMPLE, no watches or jewelry

Fortnite Mania says:

price PLS.??????

bacorable says:

6:58 enjoy these faggot fake ass characters you dumb bitch

Dellyforever Raglem says:

Hello New Subscriber here. Great blog. We love you Philippines Bloggers. watching from Thailand right now.

Mr-FFF-55 says:

That place was indeed notorious during the 80’s to 90’s. It was called Calokohan Cty.

Rob Davis says:

I’ve got one o& the black and orange Z1000 you showed great bike but I didn’t see my other bike ZZR 1400

Tralala Trolling says:

Joseph you really look like Larry of Jenny on 90day Fiance hehe just saying hehe

tim kahn says:

the girl looks like the best ride

Charles Angelo Villanueva says:

Im a big fan of your videos.. keep uploading more.. thanks..

Earvin Dimaun says:

Reviewed this video of yours. Haha. I’ve seen the motorstar sport bike earlier here in my province and omg it looks so dope in person. Damn. Hahaha.

Black Lanner says:

It’s difficult to find custom parts for a cbr250r here in the states. Looks easy over there.

Eric Capisano says:

NEVER buy a chinese bike unless u got a death wish.

Premixed Baton8 says:

Ay his in philipines me a filipino

Dorothy Gail Santos says:

R u using hero6 in that blog?

Ghoulish says:

Its pronounce calaocan not calauucan

Philo in the Philippines says:

You are cracking me up dude, I get my wife’s ass on cam whenever possible mainly because it’s a work of art and I think everyone should see it lol…that 10th Ave looks awesome and I need to get down there and spend the day it looks like a lot of fun and I could easily see myself dropping 30k in a day there for custom parts for my Raider. I live in North Caloocan and it’s way more sketchy than 10th Ave but overall nothing too much to worry about, like anywhere else if you are looking for trouble it will find you. I just don’t know about those Chinese made bikes I would worry about them breaking down and not being reliable, kinda like a Harley in the US.

Rodel Pinlac says:

if you want a small motorcycle with goodlooking try the suzuki raider 150(carb type) or honda rs 150fi their price is aroun 2000 dollars.

vic says:

Do you go on-line and check crime figures when you travel in the States ?

Boom Bero says:

you cant pronounce

Jowel Ancheta says:

Be careful while you are in caloocan

Moghty Boar says:

10th ave ?

PEK16 says:

Are you able to take a bike from usa to the phillipines??

Nanez ferrer says:

TOndo,manila is really a dangerous place lololol

jazz whigs says:

“Shit….. dammit, stepped on gum!” Careful bro that is Manila’s notorious booby trap aside from dog poop lol

Chuii Kuys says:

Hi Sir Joseph …. You have some extra Mountain Bike … My dream to be a Cyclist like my friends but the problem I cant afford mountain bike 🙁 Please give some MTB…. My Dream …… Thanks Joseph… God Bless You

John Abster Carillo says:

Have you bought a new motorcycle yet? May i suggest the new cfmoto 400nk. You may want to look into it..

Jonathan Goins says:

Wtf.. Its not dangerous there.. I am a white guy and I went there on my fireblade…

Martin D says:

Taxi 1 was a package deal if i have eyes to see.

Jeffbasarte Manzano says:

hi jinky

Juvy Dizon says:

You suck

Mikrobyo says:

Dude i gotta say, and i hope you wont get offended, but Jinky has some awesome booty, u one lucky boy.

Ninja Pervert says:

that cafe racer is dope

Kim Tuazon says:

omg, i wouldnt even dare to go to that place, and im a filipino. hahaha

manuel tsai says:

yes d Xciting 250cc is a scooter by Kymco Taiwan is already 8 yo top speed used to b 125 kph but after i changed 3 of d 6 ball bearings to up half a gram heavier its running running at a 132 kph top speed not bad considering a net weight of 185 kgs u should try a scooter once in a while no aching hands, if it rains ur back is dry n clean n also ur pants too

JP_ Gaming27ツ says:


Juan De la Cruz says:

They are full of it. Caloocan is safe and specially tondo. Lol

Dav R says:

10th Avenue – Grew up there, lived there, went to school (up to high school) there, never got mugged. I would still probably feel more at home there than in any other place in Metro Manila if I come back. 🙂

Nepsitercoverland says:

dito nga sa Japan ang gaganda ng train station, pwedi mag video. tong sa MRT bawal? ano ba tinatago nila?

richard gregorio says:

Mr. Joseph sir, Welcome to Motorcycle capital of the Philippines ( Caloocan City)

Eric Jan Ramirez says:

I like z1000 I will buy soon

John Paul De Leon says:

Hey bro!. Living in ph is cheap or not?

Arjhan Luaña says:

I hope you finaly found your bike

Pinoy Daddy says:

Caloocan is not bad after all,, it all depends on the person if he is a trouble maker, then that is a different story.

By the way, I made a video presentation regarding 2018Ninja400,, here is the link



Joseph - My Life In Metro Manila says:

No disrespect to anyone in that area, Just repeating the things I was told. I have been there a couple times with no issue’s. Everyone I talked to was very friendly and I never felt I was in any danger. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Relyn Segura says:

motor cross

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