Chinese Scooter Review. Should you buy one?

I bought a Chinese “sport” scooter about a month ago and I decided to make a vid telling you if these cheap bikes are a good deal or not. I go through the good and bad and give my final thoughts on these very controversial scooters.


Cory Palmerini says:

you.dont want the rear brake locking up it’s designed.that way

Cruising the Waterways says:

skip on wheels,

Mistery Smithers says:

You should NEVER buy chinese shit, period.
Pay more, get better.

Maurice Tamata says:


caduceus33 says:

Hey jtech87, what exactly went wrong in the 1st couple of months that you had to repair?

Cory Palmerini says:

Good lookin bike.

Mo 2k says:

Anyone here ever sew those keeways? They look a bit better than the run of Mill Chinese scooters and have good reviews

Wijbe Frieswijk says:

hoe hard rijd hijde 125 cc die van mij komt op 80km uit kan ik hem ook opvoeren im cdi of hoe

Pablo Garcia says:

I just bought a bike like yours. What is the phone icon in the kilometers account? How is it used?

JuliaSugarbaker says:

Thanks for the review. I appreciate your time to make these vids, Sir. Your review inspired me to buy one myself which has saved me money on insurance and fuel cost. And your other paint video gave me the confidence to repaint and do a few custom mods myself. Im sad that you dont make vids anymore because I really enjoy your channel.

Mark Foreman says:

what dose everyone think about a roketa scooter mc-13-150

BlaserAndDesert says:

I have a similar model with another name. What is this model called? I do not find spare parts for mine, but may be available for your model.

Yacahuma X says:

these things are more expensive now, same junk

JUSTO 7OH4 says:

Chineseeeeee Scootahhhh

Tim Platson says:

Perhaps you could get someone with some basic technical mechanical knowledge for your future videos. You know less than nothing and that is blindingly obvious listening to your video. You focus on all the wrong things, rendering this video totally useless.

To the public: don’t listen to anything this dummy said, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Bishop Big Country says:

im a broke redneak who can not afford a car


What size battery

harvey Last says:

Get a. Vstrom 1000

Robert Messner says:

this thing is giving me nothing but problems I had to have the lights worked on several times by the dealer and I also did it just to save money and it is so difficult to line everything back up when putting it back together was able to barely do it and then within a few days to think of vibrated so much that the lights popped back out again these things are so cheaply made it’s unbelievable to me the guy that is doing this presentation is probably selling them I can almost guarantee it now if I were somebody I would save the extra money and get a name brand scooter it’s so much wiser to put your money into something that has a much better track record good luck to whoever buys one of these things I’ve had nothing but problems and I’m kicking myself


Nice bike

Ezequiel Candelaria says:

God bless you

JULES Blakemore says:

You have the website where I can purchase one from please?

Jonnel Palao says:

How much the insurance cost and registration?


Sorry to say, the quality of these scooters is inferior 2 the big name motorcycle companies. Very very difficult to find replacement parts other than spark plugs and batteries

Jose W says:

What’s the brand name?

Deidra Yost says:

I’m looking to buy one in Dallas.. Where did you buy this?

The Unmonetized Channel says:

I have a TaoTao 50cc. If you have no knowledge of how it works and regular maintenance AND THE WILL TO DO THE MAINTENANCE REGULARLY I would NOT recommend you buying a Chinese scooter. The more you use it the more problems it will give you. it is cheap but replacing things like a headlamp cover can cost $40 and up. My back rim is bent and a replacement is $70

reality bites says:


Noel Satterley says:

Looks a very nice bike.

VRantix says:

Is it belt driven?

max rider says:

Hard to find parts for any Chinese scooter

Ali Mahmoudi says:

Guys let me make you very clear, I live in china Beijing, and I bought this bike for 2880 RMB Which Means 417 Dollars, in Taobao Most famous online shopping market in china, at the first day when it came scooter won’t get started, I took it to a shop and changed sth there, please keep in mind that was first day, after riding few days the battery start to die, I have changed one and then after running 1500 Miles On a sunny day in highway the belt in the engine teared off and I changed the back components and change a new belt good to go for 100 KM more, again after few days belt teared up found a car put it in there and changed the from components and back again, then I have sold the bike, It called R9 in china it’s the worse bike ever in the planet, shittiest bike have ever made by a small companies in china, if u ask any biker or anyone who sell bike they will not suggest u to buy it ,because they don’t wanna u to go to them everyday and fix it, absolute piece of rubbish, I suggest any bike but not R9, Btw dude you have been cheated few hundred box from that company, Don’t ever compare this with Yamaha, R9 is madness you don’t talk to madness just burn it set ur mind free

Davis Griffin says:

what did you fix?

Jacrispy Snail says:

Where can I get one like this for cheap like u?…

james batkin says:

Does anyone know where to buy replacement headlight unit for this bike

Washington Outdoor Channel says:

same scooter as my tao tao

blade man says:

wait til he has it awhile,I bought mine new from China,it’s junk,I have to carry tools,parts always coming lose

Scott Shingleton says:

Those Chinese scooters do hold up pretty well, the only drawback is the original parts such as the belt, tires, and light bulbs are low quality and have to be replaced with aftermarket parts almost immediately but once that’s done then everything’s fine. I’m very happy with mine so far. I bought it brand new last summer and have 5k miles on it as of now. Another good thing about them is that most if not all of those scooters share the same engine and other mechanical parts.

Mo 2k says:

8 inch dick. Is it worth it

busybody1 says:

i grew up with japanese engines, i swear by them instead of swearing at them

Jason Roberts says:

Can you explain what the initial fixes were?

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