CPI SM 250cc review – first ride & crash – GoPro night test – Taipei YangMingShan mountain

First ride with the CPI SM 250cc. I decided to test it going from Taipei to JinShan (and a bit further) crossing yangmingshan mountain, in north Taiwan.

The bike looks better than what it actually is. I was aware of this, so I can not complain. However, it is a heap of junk… yet fun. PLEASE READ BELOW…

* enough power for ridding in the mountain
* good visibility (in both ways: you’ll be seen, and you’ll see others)
* cheap
* fair wheel axis distance make it a nice touring
* it leans no bad
* very long travel fork: that’s cool, I never had something like this and I love it

* brakes are crap. Front brake is pure shit, it just doesn’t brake. Seriously, my gf’s scooter brakes a way better. I got outside the road because the front brake didn’t do its job so the extra brake power on the back tyre block it and I slide.
* front suspension is shit: it wobbles a fucking lot and that’s scary if you’re taking a curve at let’s say 70 km/h +
* this bike is too high for people like me (I’m 1,74 m). However, this is not much of a problem
* the muffler is so noisy you ears will bleed. The pipe also makes some sort of whining weird sound. It seems to be normal, though

* people who like supermotos but are on a budget
* people who are too tall for enjoying cafe racers
* people who like to do A BIT of off road
* jerks who need to ride bigger than normal things but can’t afford something real
* assholes who like to show off plastic
* nice people like me
* people who like plastic and orange color fairings


pordiosero80 says:

Yeah, the thing is that I’m using the waterproof case, which isolates much better than the other one, but… I can’t record any sound, which is a pitty. Do you also own a SM? take care dude, that thing can kill you! 😀

PS: I´m trying to reply Taipei Moto, but youtube says that “I’m not allowed to comment on this post”. Google has totally screwed up the comments system.

Blade Runner 350 says:

Hola! again Amigo!. Guess who has picked up a very cheap low miles SX!. https://www.facebook.com/cpisxsmownersclub/?ref=bookmarks

I know you are long past the CPI, but thought i would say hello and hope all is well.

Ho mer says:

wow man this is a long video 🙂

Ho mer says:

r u still in taiwan, i found ur video bc i was thinking to get this bike, but after riding it and seeing a honda cb400 i decided to go with the more power of the cb400 cc insted of 250cc, what city do u live in taiwan me i am in kaohsiung now

pordiosero80 says:

I live in New Taipei city. If you have the money go for the cb400, BUT it seems that there are very different models.. and some of them might be a dog. However, that dog would be still more of a motorbike than the CPI 😀

TaibeiMoto。台北摩多 says:

GoPro looks great at night! Also minimum wind noise. My Sony Action Cam got tons of wind noises, tried mic wind filter, failed. I am still working on it.

Kris Kamil Jacewicz says:

I am just thinking about getting this bike. Can I connect with you to ask some questions before I spend 125k NT?

pordiosero80 says:

Sure it is! I just wanted to show how it rides… and I was lucky enough to have a small situation and got it for youtube 😀

Will Hsu says:

Dude! like your point of view on this bike! Thinking about getting 1 for  A BIT of off road or maybe because I am a nice people like you! lol How’s the bike doing so far? I’ve tried a bit of off road on my street bike(about 200kg weight) and i can tell you it’s very uncomfortable!!!

Blade Runner 350 says:

Hi there, really sorry about the crash 🙁 Great video. Sorry to ask, but can you suggest a place in Taipei etc that sells spare parts for the SM250. Am in the UK, and they are none existent. Many Thanks.

Blade Runner 350 says:

Yeah, sucks i bet!. least the bike took it ok though, and you :). Mainly looking for service parts. Oil filter, chain and sprockets etc. Absolutely nothing in the UK. Do you think they would ship to the UK?. Thanks again mate. 🙂

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