FREE EXHAUST MOD – Derestrict & Unlock Free Power Scooter Exhaust. (FASTER SCOOTER – EPISODE 6)

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These exhausts are getting harder and harder to find since they have been discontinued. There’s still some new ones left all the way over in Italy so get yours while you can – Affiliate Link:


The 2005 Piaggio Typhoon equipped with the 49cc Hi-Per 2 Engine is now completely unrestricted and performs significantly better than stock for nearly no money. In the previous episodes I demonstrated that the scooter can perform much better with the brass restrictor removed from the Dellorto 17.5 PHVA Carburetor, contrary to rumors suggesting the brass restrictor contributes to better performance. Now, with the bike completely tuned, we are ready to move on to the next step: Installing the LEO VINCE ZX-R Exhaust. This exhaust is now a bit more difficult to get because it has been discontinued and replaced with the lower model LEO VINCE TT. However, before we proceed with the install, most European aftermarket exhausts for scooters come equipped with government regulated restrictors welded in place. What’s the point of getting an aftermarket pipe only to restrict it’s performance? This video will show you how to unlock extra/hidden power from your aftermarket scooter exhaust by removing the restrictor.

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Other bikes that shares the same platform/engine includes Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, Peugot, Gilera, TPH, Typhoon, LT50, LX50, ET50, Scarabeo, Stalker, Zip, Fly, etc.


Simier says:

Same guy with Peugeot Ludix 2004, air cooled. So the scooter has leo Vince exhaust( it was on when I bought it) and I don’t know if it has the restrictor or no. Today I tried removing it, but can’t unscrew the screws that are holding the exhaust, only the ones near the engine. I tried doing it with a electrical tool aswell – nothing. *UPDATE* just unscrewed it and it seems that the restrictor is removed, can see where it was welded before.

Joey G says:

Good video by the way

945 B230FK says:


first time fingering a girl.

Jose Martinez says:

i like your exhaust heather lmao

hvb budha says:

i want it (restrictor) xD

Joey G says:

What did u do with stock exhaust need an upgrade for my old crappy moped. Would I like to sell?

Nino Echavez says:

Hi man. Do you experience slow take off with the 70cc exhaust setup? Just feels weird that my scooter takes off slow on this set up with up gear kit etc

Shane Byrne says:

don’t forget to clean out all the filings in side pipe before you fit the exhaust or they will enter the barrel and damage the piston and barrel

Shaun Petersen says:

Will this method be the same for a 150cc scooter as well?

MikeyNZ says:

nice i have to see if mine has this sort of thing 🙂

Stephen Hill says:

Could you let me know where to order this exhaust? I have a 2005 Yamaha BWS and my muffler just blew so I figured I should upgrade. Thx for any help you can offer.

scorpionbradford says:

do I have to upgrade my exhaust for more accel or could I just destrict my stock exhaust ?

Frank says:

i want it

Mr Fishermen says:

Is there a restriction on stock bws exhaust?

MrCobra says:

Yasuni is the way go man. You def should visit holland once man. When you are 16 here you can get a licensen for 50cc mopeds. (Car license at 18) all the youth here tunes them and stunt with it. Especially with the piaggio scooters and the yamaha Aerox.

xM3nY says:

Italian Technology 🙂

mike hunt says:

would my scooter run ok if I took it to a shop and had a straight pipe put on

Cringe Master says:

Is the same thing in a 4 stroke gy6?

KAZHI x SKUM says:

i have rid alot of tuned 2stroke mopeds with diffrent tuning exhaust and i will say hands down this is the best exhaust for 2stroke mopeds…. its good for topspeed and acceleration and if your tuning your moped for stunting this is perfect exhaust. it will wheelie without any problems…. you can power wheelie up to like 30-40 “kmh” take my word for this, this exhaust is super good 🙂

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