Free way to derestrict a CPI SM50

Unscrew with Alan key simple job and pull it out should take no more than 5minutes


James Townsend says:

more than likely, i would get a tecnigas enox like mine, it fits perfectly if done correctly

dominik mcleod says:

will this actually make the bike any faster? im going to buy the performance exhaust eventually, just need to save up a little.

Stampar Andrei says:

How fast is a cpi 50 sm , mine goes like 60 km/h top speed is that slow or thats how fast they can go, thank you!!

Jonas Hovden says:

how Attached you the tecnigas enox ? Drilled you some holes in the frame? or what did you do? could you take some Pictures thats showing how its attaced to the frame?

Erik Ylänkö says:

How much faster does your bike go after doing this?

Jonas Hovden says:

do you think this will fit?

Turbokit R Cross Mejorada you will it on Google just copy it

James Townsend says:

Adrenaline Pedstop , look under cpi >sx/sm> performance exhuast

simple fitting goes through the left hand side and brackets onto the side

Callum Jones says:

Hey mate quick question about your enox.
When u fitted it did u have to change the jets

James Townsend says:

Yeah I will be making a ride around video soon 🙂

Jonas Hovden says:

do you think that the yasuni cross will fit to the cpi sm 50?

Callum Jones says:

ok thanks mate just that i was looking at it but wasnt shore if it fitted because they all say differant things. cheeers

Skillboost says:

what exhoust u have on in video ?

Gavin Mather says:

I have removed the restriction pipe from the exhaust and up jetted the carb to 80. Bike is not running right through midrange now, spluttering about. Any ideas how to adjust the carb?

Ben Mason says:

Where did you get the exhaust from?

Barni says:

Hello! How much will it be faster and noisier? Anybody try this?

David Adnum Zumba says:


Gavin Mather says:

I have messed about with the two screws on the carb air and fuel mixes cant get them back to standard now. Can you tell me what yours are set at please, ie How many turns on each from snug or fully tightened position?

gear-rider101 says:

I done it on the sx it make a big difference the bike goes faster and clams hill at 40 mph but eats fuel and is more likely to brake down

James Townsend says:

remove the airbox restrictor pipe , its a small rubber tube next to the carb follow the rubber back towards the airbox and its next to it

James Townsend says:

I upgraded my carb jet to a #90 also remove the little pipe to the airbox under the seat, this restricts airflow and it will sound and run really dodgey.

James Townsend says:

most likely, but it isn’t well known in my opinion it looks awful on a supermoto, the tecnigas on the other hand has been made for the bike and fits the frame

Jordan says:

What’s the original jet size that was in the bike? (CPI SM 50)

77 says:

does this work with the CPI beeline aswel?

Joshua Allen says:

can u make like a review of the bike, or a vid riding it or somthing.

Joshua Allen says:

would u recommended getting this bike over a derbi

James Townsend says:

the stock carb is from all the way in 1 and half turns

James Townsend says:

also you should of upjetted to 90 really

Callum Jones says:

hi mate how do you find the tecni gas exhaust?
also how does it fit because it goes down the middle this time not out the side

James Townsend says:

yes it will. . . if not then make sure you buy a size 90 jet for your carb and remove the little ‘L’ shaped pipe from the airbox this gives more airflow

just a reminder de restricting the bike with the tecnigas and 90 jets guzzles your fuel, you only get about 130 miles to tank

James Townsend says:

I’ve had no problems with this bike at all, I would definitely recommend this bike… as with all bikes too much de-restriction is bad for the bike. If done correctly within moderation it’s perfectly fine:)

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