How to change your oil on a Chinese Moped

Me showing you how to change the oil on the Renegade 50 2012 model scooter.


Fook Utube says:

Hi, after draining the oil ,do i use the same oil that i put in my tank or is it engine oil

AlexH42 says:

what’s better getting a used Yamaha zuma or a brand new Tao Tao I want to get my first moped but I’m tight on cash is there other Chinese scooter beside Tao Tao I’m looking to spend between 200-600

Mannetje 64 says:

Do not place the parts on the ground.because there is a chance that sand comes in your engine.

Ryan Davis says:

Lol…. Quart *

elbato10 says:

thanks for the vid, good info

Will Cox says:

how is his miss-spelling of quart (he spells it court) not the top comment?

daand12 says:

That’s KM and not Miles.

Mike Klegin says:

Check with your local laws, most autoshops worth there salt will accept your used motor oil. I would never recommend disposing of used motor oil in the regular garbage as this is a environmental hazard.

Dakota Ogden says:

Make SURE to use 3/4’s of a “court” lolol.
Its spelled “quart”

Nathan8441 says:

Thank you for making this- seriously.

Michael White says:

thanks for the video.I just changed my oil for the first time. it went well thanks to this video. Thanks again.

Michael K Goode says:

Thanks for your help, you Rock!!!!!

Zachary says:

What kind of oil for 2014 taotao.  I have 10W-30 would this work the manual says 15w-40

Ryan Milbeck says:

Sorry everyone for going AWOL for so long, I will be back soon enough with way better quality, and I will also be releasing computer repair videos!

Samuel Krofa Darko says:

Nice pieces

Jacques dieu says:

houla pas doué le mécano lol 

Waverly Alston says:

Thanks this vid was very helpful.

Randy Watson says:

same on the amount needed for a 250cc Znen?

Kaiesis says:

Isn’t that the filter bolt. The drain bolt is different.

chiheb houmani says:

hi i have a 50cc Chinese scooter can i change the engien to 125cc one and from where i buy it

Djinforetr says:


qixman55 says:

can i put 10-40 w metric motorcycle oil in my scooter will it hurt it??

jesus jones says:

lexmoto venom 125cc, is the oil filter in the same place? with the nut?

klutchtls says:

f*ck your parents driveway, park it on top of a flattened out cardboard box.

lluvily193 says:

Hey my friend can u do the tutorial for change the gear oil please

Alton Darden says:

Do you turn clockwise or counter clockwise to loosen?.

Stoneforth says:

There are two drain bolts for this engine. It’s best to open the one on the other side afterwards located at the very bottom of the engine near the variator/crank pulley

Even after rocking the scoot back and forth you will still find half a cup of old oil if you opened the engine

Barb Inthreeonesix says:

Though I appreciate your Video, I did not see how the parts came out of the Oil plug so when you said just line them up perfectly and it will fit right in…. What all came out and how do they go back in? Filter in Spring? Spring then filter? And does the filter get replaced or how does it get clean?

Ryan Davis says:

And most 138 qmb engines actually take 750ml…1 court…. Or.. quart 😉 is 949 ml…. I suggest royal purple full synthetic 5w-30…but I have 110cc (50mm piston) big bore… Good video though I seem a bit late…. Last comment was 2 years ago.. Well cheers

stilltlrforlife says:

I bet most everyone misses the 1st step. Take it for a ride first, let the engine and oil warm up before draining!!!

Student2912 says:

Thanks for this video! It taught me a thing or two.

fwaaw1 says:

What is a court? =fl oz/ mls/ cl/ l?????

Gorima Huli says:

thanks for the video, it really helped a lot =) +like +sub

Ron Sorgent says:

Good Tut Ryan Thanks, I just got a YY59QT-6 moped couple days ago…

David Collins says:

Ryan, Nice vid. I have changed my own oil and it was indeed easy. My scooter is a SYM PCH 50. Use it all the time. Love my scoot. Thank you.

subzero72 says:

that helps it shoud be the same on my angel 50

trevor snider says:

That’s not miles that’s kilometers right?

Rusty Spires says:


Scott Dee says:

if Springs and filters are falling out your not draining in right place. if you lose that bb your going to ruin your engine. oil plug is on the other side

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