How to change your Scooter Gear Oil

This is a walk-through of how to change the Gear Oil on pretty much any 50cc Chinese scooter. This particular one is a TaoTao ATM50 gas street legal scooter.



Thank you

kidjoe22 says:

Appreciate ya!

Mary Hart says:

Thanks. Clear info. I’m troubleshooting a bike and can’t figure out WTF is wrong with it. I guess I’ll try this too.

Tami's Nomadic RV Life says:

hello, what weight of oil do i use for gear oil? is it 90/80? i have a 2015 taotao 50cc.. thank you

Bone Her says:

So what type of oil does a tao tao scooter take? And also what is the name of that gear oil?

robert henderson says:

remember to make sure you are able to loosen the fill hole before draining the fluid. unless you don’t care

Sidg2 says:

Hi. I have few questions. I have buy a new TVS Jupiter BS4 gearless scooter and have runned 650 Kms.

Q1. Which transmission/gear oil brand with specification should I used for my TVS Jupiter?

Q2. Is it safe to use TVS Jupiter’s engine oil into Transmission as a Transmission/Gear oil ?
Both TVS Jupiter Manual and service centre guys recommended to use only the TVS TRU4 Premium Semi-Synthetic engine oil (SAE-10W30 API-SL, JASO-MA2) into the transmission as a gear oil.

But according to outside mechanic and also online forums it is recommended to use SAE-90 Gear oil for Transmission of gearless scooters. What should I do?

Q3. I feel some metal friction sound coming from gears of rear tyres at speed of 40 to 60kmph mostly with pillion or sometimes without pillion. Jupiter run 650 kms and also 1st service is done few days ago. They used the engine oil into the transmission as a gear oil. They said that this problem will gone after 5000kms. But I don’t think so.
Why I got this problem and what is the solution?

iRepGuam says:

Damn… My scooter shop charging me $20 every 1k miles.

Jānis Amoliņš says:

thanks! great video! 
and have a nice day! 🙂

Louis Childs says:

i like saving money doing it myself.. Thanks

izzy ravenlock says:

will car gear oil work? if so whats the weight? i have a gallon of severegear by amsoil idk if i can use it cause idk the weight of the oil

mohamed hifni says:

Great work. Thanks

filmom Henosey says:

how often do I have to change engine oil ?

808ROTY09 says:

take it, shove it in the hole, and push!

Robert Huffman says:


Dack Janiels says:

does it have to be scooter oil or r does the only thing that matters is the weight of the oil?


straight to the point and easy to follow. Thanks for the video. Jam on.

kaskins117 says:

hey great vid man keep it up proud of you. this helped me alot appreciate the time to show us noobs what to do lol

ferkemall says:

Or if you want the gearbox to last for 50 years just buy 1 ltr of EP80 gear oil and pour half a can of STP oil additive into the EP80 mix it measure out what you need pour into a container and and sell it to somebody else !

filmom Henosey says:


Brandon Priddy says:

Engine oil and gear oil?

nomolos4011 says:

I have a 50 cc piece sport scooter,does this apply to it?,where do i get this gear oil shown?,

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