How to derestrict a 50cc scooter easy

Easiest way to derestrict your 50cc scooter so it goes faster that 30mph


Carlos Barroso says:

thanks for the video,can you help me with my piaggio fly 50? only have 4 wires and the other goes directly to the spark,how can i desrestrict? thanks

Bb bbb123 says:

What wire is it grown etc ????

Toe ofawesome says:

my cdi has no wire going to that hole… theres nothing to unplug what do i do???

Da'Seanti Hill says:

I pulled the cable out & now it’s not starting

Mark Wood says:

how hard do you have pull for the cable to come out?

red headed stepchild says:

How fast is it , now ?

red headed stepchild says:

How fast is it , now ??

LexChenzy says:

Doesnt it damage your engine since its such a new scooter? Im getting a brand new scooter tomorrow, and I wanna derestrict it, but I thought it would damage the engine?

Giorgos Power says:

Does it work on a chinese scooter called Haojin? (50cc)

Ali Castro says:

how fast is the difference ?

Dustin Loves Games says:

What’s the whistle noise when ever it’s going ever since I done this to my moped it has a whistle noise

jon steinar says:


MoustachePlayz says:

How do you derestrict an Aprilia RS 50

SatoruNakata says:

jesus christ you’re obnoxious

Dale Cottrell says:

more bullshit try it dont work

Erin White says:

Hey mine don’t have one I have a 2016 jazzie moped and it don’t have one

SugarShampoo says:

How do you derestrict a chinese one?

Sanja Farkas says:

aprillia sp 50 ??

danny sears says:

can u show us hoe to get to it


so how fast do your scooter go now

Bro Kert says:

Tried it on a 2016 genuine scooter, unplugged the wire and scooter wouldn’t start, plugged back in no issues, guess I’m stuck with restricted

LeGamer says:

does it also work on my 50cc 4 stroke street legal dirtbike ?

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