How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster

How to derestrict a scooter / moped


Tboneangus says:

The rev limiter is in the CDI box there are unlimited rev cdi boxes for these gy6 motors they are blue aluminum with fins and an led showing spark, wont make much difference unless you install the bigbore kit with it then you need to re jet your carb. The carbs from china are capped over the fuel / air mixture screw you can drill two small holes side by side and use a small flat head driver and easily twist the little brass cap off. the normal setting is 1 1/2 turns out from all the way in, if you find you need to turn the screw in further then you need a smaller pilot jet and vise versa. You are adjusting the main jet with the needle mainly used to get rid of flat spots in the acceleration both of these adjustments will be different for every one depending on altitude, temp, exhaust size and intake flow, and carb venturi size. Those CV carbs that come stock are crap though with little to no tuning. you can drill out all the screws that are capped off to prevent you from getting in it or just buy the upgraded “so called” high performance carb.

CrazyBass02 says:

Instructions unclear got dick stuck inside cylinder

Tommy Nikon says:

Fuck- how does this remotely qualify as a video; it’s a disaster. It’s digital in need of a Ritalin hit. Hint: Get a fucking tripod,harness, and a clue.

waynusp1664 says:

how to make a moped go fast step 1. find a really high cliff………

John Verno says:

Forgot the spring !

Ramius Rosin says:

If you want real results just buy an aftermarket CDI with an advanced ignition timing. Everything else is nigger rigged bullshit that can damage the engine.

Makina 2014 says:

Nice video and really helpful thanks for the advice

KN says:

can you do it if you are 16. legal

Ministeri 99 says:

is this really works??

andy the biker says:

i fix these things for a living and ffs dont follow this video !!!!

Saad Chiguer says:

you want more speed, get a real bike.
you can get and old 500cc Yamaha or a Honda for $350, restore it and ride the shit out of it.

SuperPocketmonkey says:

Nice wood screw on the positive battery terminal.

thomas grokenberger says:

Moving the needle adjustment in that direction will make less gas come out of the jet resulting in lower speeds.the needle needed to be adjusted to come out further.

can i get 100 subs with no videos?? says:

is it illegal to derestrict a 50cc scooter for a 16 year old in the uk??

wayne murphy says:

you Muppet

uri braun says:

moving the needle actually makes it leaner(less fuel) and only affects mid throttle
removing the rev limiter without supporting mods is pointless
lenning the fuel will make sound a bit different but might burn the valves
please read up on engine tuning tuning befur haking you scoter

beach side says:

Im feeling ill from the camera being focused soo close and shakey. Back the focus aa lil and wait for someone to help you hold the cam.

Kacper slezak says:

– just put some flame stickers on it

Works every Time

Adam Downie says:

That’s less fuel

Travis Trapp says:

I did something wrong??? I got my dick stuck in carberator too!!!!!

Jose Alfaro says:

so do we listen to this guy to make our scooter faster?? or he’s a dumbass that can’t tell the difference between an elbow and an obow? -,-/

Rose White says:

sounds like a typical British ficko wot grewed up wiv nuffing but Eastenders for inspirashun?

dinlo biscuit says:


Simon's Channel says:

why not just remove the pink wire from the plug?

Johnson Robins says:

damn I thought I was the only one

Brighton Sky Scanner says:

are u based in brighton ? Can i come and get you to do my vespa et2 50cc ? I’ll pay you a tenner ? Cheers

chriss4365 says:

if you want to do it right get a unrestricted cdi box and install gauges with a tach. the cdi limits rpm to 6k so you can’t go faster than 35. change it with regular one and you can go at least 45 on a 50cc without going over 8k rpm limit.

Jonathan Vogel says:

revs are controlled by the CVT clutch spring and rollers, cutting that wire just removes the speed sensor from the loop. You also need to pop out the restriction plate where the rollers are , doing that lets the scoot do about 38 mph on the flat . Dont lean off the mixture like has been done here , engine death 🙂

Thrills2010 says:

Sweet! Thanks BillysUK for the U/L for all of us NON-Mechanical People, lol

db2loud says:

is it just me or anybody else notice he didn’t put the spring back in

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