How to Derestrict Direct Bikes Sprots 50cc

Manual how to restrict and derestrict scooter
After derestrict more then 80 km/h!!


204 Imports says:

Mine goes over 65km/h stock. I’m going to do a exhaust, k&n style intake, and a jet to match. 2 stroke. Oiling system didn’t work right so I just disconnected the oil pump and pre mix

DJShwabo says:

i own Keeway F-act 50 cc
can someone tell me how i can get more power and top speed
top speed for now is 60kmh i want at least 80kmh?
help pls

The shoot stuff channel 656 says:

mine doesn’t have a pink wire plz help

hello there says:

Information not clear, got dick stuck in carborator

Mario Pawlo says:

Dzięki za pomoc ja pochodzę z Liverpool także trochę nie po drodze, kabelek biały trzeba odłączyć ?

BenM1307 says:

I have a stock peugeot kisbee 50 rs that I’m pretty sure is restricted and goes 30 mph flat. I can feel the power is cut at that speed so that it doesn’t go any faster. will this method work with my stock cdi and allow the bike to do what the engine is capable of rather than being restricted to 30mph? I was looking into getting a new cdi as that is what most videos did on YouTube, but if this doesn’t work, will I still be able to ride the bike with the cable back in? basically I’m asking will this method de restrict any bike? thanks

wolfiethebumpireslyr says:

Will this work on a taotao 50?

Harry Milliron says:

Dumb video, cant see anything, poor quality.

andy grimm says:

I don’t have a pink wire. I have a red with white stripe, red with black stripe, green, black with white stripe and black with grey stripe. Help!

Charlie Jones says:

How can I tell if it’s worked with out flooring it and is this legal

Heartfelt The Past says:

what song is this

jaakaappi perse says:

thanks my scooter goes 72uphill and downhill 35

Watch Only says:

how to derestrict a Peugeot jetforce 50cc tsdi

YUNG DXN says:

an old vid ik…. but could this be on a Yamaha areox rossi 2010

regina kupsiene says:

if i disconnect pink one i cant start scooter, what problem?

WelshPitBiker says:

Thanks mate worked a charm yoused to go around 30 mph it reaches 47-50 know but bluddy heck down hill is another bluddy thing i have no glue haha

Young r says:

those this work with cpi aragon 2006

TEAMCRAZYpro says:

You have to have pink gloves too to find this pink wire!!!

Lewis Jones says:

so all you have to do is cut the purple and white wire?

Elliott Parsell says:

That part doesn’t pull out very easily if I pull it and it snaps what happens?

Craig Corley says:

shit video

Paulo Vieira says:

Does it works in a Sym fiddle 2? I love my scooter but it’s restricted to 45 but you easily feel that the engine can give a 15 or 20 extra. Some tips!?!?

djafar mobin says:

does it work on a tomos and what is the name of the music?

tevin harris says:

would this work on my Chinese 2016 dixie scooter? 50cc

hi makelsle says:

also if i go to mot it again can i put the wire back

tel1 swaine says:

I owned a new Direct Bikes 125cc Scooter. Please take my advice!!.Throw it in the Bin.

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