How to simplify vacuum hoses on a scooter

This video will show you which vacuum hoses you actually NEED on your GY6 scooter and how to hook them up. This information applies to most 50, 125, 150 and 250 cc scooters.


Eric Astorga says:

So I did all this… scooter bogs out before it starts moving…

Also where is the egr valve???
I have same looking scooter

Thomas Flynn says:

what did you do with the 2 stock vacuum lines into stock air cleaner?

Ron King says:

So you just removed your fuel pump and it’s now just gravity feed?

Eric Carroll says:

If I do a video will you look at it and help me I’m a you tuber

Julie Crispin says:

Hi Paul…you seem to understand these scooters.  I was wondering if you could give us some advice.  I have a peace sport 50cc that isn’t getting gas right now.  It started out with different issues and we are troubleshooting and replacing parts, and now the gas isn’t moving.  We have replaced the carburetor, fuel lines, fuel filter, cleaned air filter, changed oil, changed gear oil, replaced cdi, and we bought a replacement fuel valve switch, but the nut was put on upside-down to what we need and the threads don’t match up.  The threads we need to hook up to the gas tank is on the opposite side and they flared that so the nut won’t come off.  What we have noticed is there is no gas moving from the gas tank to the fuel filter. (that’s why we ordered the fuel valve switch thinking it wasn’t working right)  I’m wondering if it’s a vacuum problem?  Can you give us any advice or suggestions?

Eric Carroll says:

Wean I gave it gas it die on me cold it be the fuel pump

john johnson says:

Anyone know what size the hose coming from the manifold is?

ZEUS 406 says:

what about the fuel pump or the petcock?

tommy korakis says:

Hi Paul: My 150cc MC-75 scooter exhaust pipe crack. I am having extreme difficulties find an exhaust pipe to match the original. The original exhaust pipe has an inch nibble pipe that attaches to an valve. Cannot find one!!! Any recommendations or modifications other than a original pipe.

David Burns says:

I have one line I can not seem to find where it goes. It comes off the plastic box right under my fuel filter area. I have picture attached. It must go somewhere because the other end has a clamp on it.

Aaron Whitlock says:

hi I have a problem with my 125 scooter I don’t know where to put the top hose from the egr valve cover where does it go some say the airbox but there’s already 1 hose connected and another clear tube with a plug on end can you help

Brian Boyd says:

Great video but I have a 50cc VIP PEACE SPORTS and when I kick start it, it starts right up but then cuts off afterwards any advice to get it back working?

beyeriii says:

Hi Paul,  this video and your carburetor tuning videos are excellent.  I have tried very hard to find a PCV valve as shown in this video,  I even looked at the E-Ton Sport 50 parts list, e.g.  Please tell us the Sport 50 part number, or where to buy one.  Thanks

Mike Barnard says:

I can’t get my carb to stay idle. I bought a new cardurator and something. I removed all emissions and something! It seems if I had bad gas it wouldn’t run at all, or start and die. Do you have any other idea’s?

dreamingwolfsocom says:

I’m supposed to see what the fuck your talking about??
Points camera in one direction. WOW he most be talking about the light you can see through the motor.
OH WAIT,,,, thats the floor. DUHHHHH.

Eric Carroll says:

Now it not runing

liza 2111 says:

HELLO Paul, can you make your own air foam filter if yes could you make a know how video

unstrung13 says:

“install the bolt from the back side to block the EGR passage” ?

firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!! this is -the only- definitive video on the internet that outlines how to simplify all those crappy unneeded vac lines!

question: when you said you installed a bolt to block the egr passage, what size bolt did you use? how did you install it? could you please be more specific? i have found an EGR block plate i can order, but i would rather just block it myself than order an extra part.

thank you so much!!! also, what happens if we do not block that port?

Max love says:

thank you for the quick video
is have a hose I would like to plug in your lady’s anol

Jovone Wofford says:

Do you have a link or blueprint of how the fuel line goes on? Also is the scooter in the video a 50 or 49cc?

jason crigger says:

super gay

Kachi's Kid says:

Paul, I think you helped me out with a small problem I’m having. I transferred to a UNI air filter from an under the seat filter on my Tao Tao Lancer 150. The old filter had an extra line coming from the plastic ext. hose that connected the air filter and the carb. I removed that line and put a cap on it and that was a ” no no” it started leaking a little gas on my CVT cover. I now see that it must be run back into the UNI filter, is this correct? Currently it runs from my engine head to a “T” connector and all the we way back to the end of my CVT cover. I vented the line today and can actually see the vapors, which I assume should be going back into my UNI. No wonder I had big problems with cold starts, been using a lot of starter fluid.

epicup loader says:

Hi Paul hope you don’t mind me messaging you but I have a 125cc pulse lightspeed 2 scooter and I’m having a problem with no fule getting to the carb, unlike in this vid where you only have 1 pipe coming from the bottom of your tank there are 2 coming from my tank, the top one gos into the t shape where it his down into the intake and across the top of the carb. the other fule pipe from the tank on the bottom gos into the bottom of the carb which I’m sure you said in your vid was the main petrol line ? if you can give me abit of advice I’d be so greatful as unless I pure petrol into the carb it will not start. many thanks

Abdul Ben says:

Carburateur nettoyages scouter
Réglage @

Riley s says:

I just got a 2008 sl50qt-7 is there any way to delete or find a diagram of how the fuel and vacuum lines goes to the charcoal canister

Tobin goodwin says:

How did you connect hose from the crankcase to the air filted

Milnica.X SA says:

кек зачем фнс?

Delaware Teacher says:

Great video, I appreciate your help. I had some success, but my scooter runs only 10 MPH. I think mine looks slightly different.

Julian Wasserzug says:

Did you have to add the fuel inlet valve to the carburetor?


HELP!!!! PLEASE!!! I just bought a scooter.. 2007 VENTO TRITON..I replaced battery.. it’s cranking but it won’t start.. I seen a hose sticking straight down by the kick start… it only leaks gas when I kick start it but no leak when I try to start it with the start button. I looked under the scooter and I a evap canister.. does that hose go to the evap canister?? if so which tube does it connect to? one is bigger than the other.. or does the hose even go to that canister?? idk please help

Julian Wasserzug says:

Great video! So you removed the fuel petcock? Does this cause any flooding while the scooter is off?

Eric Carroll says:

should the vaccum hose leak gas when i remove it? i believe my hoses are clogged it’s been sitting for about 2 months without start now I am having trouble getting it started or when i do get it started it wont accelerate. do you think it’s cloggeed

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