How to start a scooter without keys

I lost the keys to my 2014 Tao Tao Thunder 50cc .This was a way to get home but you will not have LIGHTS OR BLINKERS.Leave yourself enough wire to reconnect them if you find your keys like I did.Like and subscribe for more scooter videos big bore kits,how to’s DIY’s, scooter races and more.
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izzy ravenlock says:

nice to know but can you battery jump it via the starter?

Ian Duijsens says:

and the electric start doesnt work ?

Leandsho and Annie are moving to Japan says:

good idea thanks

MrFluffy says:

Haha lovely bro theres a racer down the road

Entra Graphics™ says:

Ur idle is far too high

B00tyWarior says:

i just stole a scooter thanks

Adil Khan says:

Witch wires do u cut?

Officer gizmo says:

If you don’t have a kill switch just hood you’re feed on the exaust and it will staal

Turbo Gaming says:

i love u now im gunna rob a ped now fam

Kyle Packard says:

You just messed up your ignition switch, it plugs in like 3-4 inches down

kkillme53times says:

take front plastic off on the bottom of the key thing is a black peice held by two skrews take it off and use a flat head to turn it

Do It Best TV says:

Just cut the black with white wire the engine will starts. No need to cut all the wires

Primoz Culk says:

Suzuki dr 650 elk vzig klucavnica vezava nimam iskre druga dela vse

trell859 says:

Aye man

The Gibbs Guy says:

Typing this on my new bik- I MEAN phone.

Cory Alexander says:

Don’t have to cut wires just unplugged the connection

Soccer & Boxing says:

Can I use this I lost my keys for ever after I turn it off can I turn it on again

Teresa Gouveia says:

Like if u live in london and ur watching becouse u THINK u will get a bike

Sonwabo Simayi says:

Hey man thanks i likes this

Max Larsson says:

Supercrunch audio

ignace says:

does this work on anny scooter

Charlie Rudden says:

Thanks imma go steal a ped now

JaeS1973 says:

all ya had to do was disconnect…not cut the wires. But hey, when you order a new ignition assembly just disconnect the old wires you cut and plug in the new ignition

DownWith187 ™ says:

how to turn it off again

Devrim Ekici says:

Does it work for electric start

Johnthan White says:

Do you cut all the wires and could you push start it in like first gear some one please tell me thanks

Dennis says:

if u dont have killswitch and u want to shut it down just get something to close the exhaust end

Charlie Brooker says:

Sounds like you have a rod knocking

paujai24 says:

got myself a new scooter thinks

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