How to Unrestrict a Modern 50cc Motorcycle Electronically (CDI)

GoPro Video of this bike unrestricted:
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In this video, I show you how to derestrict a modern 50cc moped. This method applies to many modern scooters and bikes. In this demo, I am unrestricting a 2 stroke, 50cc Pulse Ghost. On other bikes, this may be a pink wire.

Note: I am not responsible for you or your property. If you make modifications to your bike/ moped, make sure that you do it safely, responsibly and legally!

Also, if you are wondering why this video looks cropped, don’t worry, when you view in 720p, it isn’t upscaling or anything! I had this video on youtube before but I have made a few tweaks to it and reuploaded it.


Michael Langley says:

why are mopeds restricted in the first place? have companies got to do it by law? no limit on bigger bikes.

electricps3 says:

the music…….

Matthew Russell says:

How can I do this on my Keeway Fact Evo 50 moped?

Paul Harper says:

thumb down, the damn “music”

Hamada Arab says:

Does this work on Yamaha Jog R ?

woolwich charlton skaters leggsta88 says:

Lol easy get a real bike

bob smiths says:

No the speedometer is driven by a cable connected to front wheel. Old school manual power baaaaby

chilly chad says:

such bullshit! this douchbag doesnt know what hes talking about at all.

JN Photography says:

It’s a completely stock scooter. The only changes are that I have unrestricted it and that I have stuck a couple of random stickers on it.

Chey Thompson says:

Ikr would like to actually hear the video?

Ed Speanburgh says:

Here is why i gave a thumbs down, You didnt explain why that wire its the one to disconnect. not all gy6’s have the same wiring harness. besides the fact its much easier to just get the racing cdi for 6 bucks. than to be unplugging wires. unrestricting has some drawbacks as well, eg. going downhill and over reving can cause your bike to dump your piston.

dready2007 says:

its a 50! grow some hair on ur balls n get a real bike, i use stronger motors to cut my lawn, like the cdi will make a difference

Thomfury AT says:

looking good

Ken Moore says:

Did I go Deaf??

Future Troglodyte says:

all you bro’s are making ignorant and uneducated assumptions about what processes are involved when de-restricting a scooter/moped. you can not de-restricted a scooter/moped simply by “disconnecting a wire” 😛 there is  a bit more to it than that. there are more than a few underlying components that “restrict” your scooter from factory. one being roller weights for the variated bikes, an other being washers in the flywheel, others are things such as the intake, exhaust, carburetor, gearing, clutch, and CDI/points ignition system limitations….this is just SOME of the potential “issues” and this is the case with every different bike you get, there is no ONE way to “de-restricted” a bike lol. Get educated, do some reading… a LOT of reading, and then ACTUALLY take the time to learn the mechanics involved with small 2-stroke/4-stroke engines, THEN and only then can you REALLY de-restricted a scooter/moped 😉

InSuffusion says:

Does this work with a lexmoto scout 49?

billal x says:

whats the background music?

BladeMaster7022 says:

Could no even tell the differance

Ivan says:

I cannot hear nothing??
And which function have this cable???????????????????

red headed stepchild says:

Without any readings from the tech support group , I will not be rigging
up a turbo-charger on my bike any time soon.
Don’t take a chance and risk a blown converter.

f preston says:

So what’s going to happen when the bare male connector you unplugged bounces around and touches the battery post?

JN Photography says:

DC? Sorry, I do not know what that is. But you need the battery start and run the engine.

Fabio Piomboni says:

Can you write any info of your silencer?

Huwsky Siberiano says:

Stop suffering, buy WS175… You welcome 😀

james jackson says:

um! there is more to it then just unplugging one dang wire. you have to do something with the distributer as well

Dave Hendershot says:

mine will do 50 easy downhills probably 60 or better speed meter goes around past 50 to zero

JN Photography says:

I reuploaded this from my old channel and I had to crop the old channel name off. This cut off some of the subtitles. Weirdly, when I was making this, I made some of the titles higher up though.

Lucas Codorniu says:

there a lot of restrictions on a moped not just the CDI, i got the same bike that you got on the vid and it did improve the top speed however there a few things, like the washer in the variator and something in the exhaust  AND MORE, but remember that des-restricting your bike = shorting it’s life

ride safe

Gill Man says:

On typical 50cc mopeds there is a governor(electronic).When you run a scooter with it disconnected the bike runs faster but way too hot.It is almost 100 percent you will either burn up your rings or piston maybe even worse.My suggestion is to buy an after market kit,they will beef you up to 70 – 100 cc.Most reputable kits come with a different exhaust pipe and a new jet for your carb along with a larger piston and head.It was some years ago I purchased one for around 300 dollars.My Eton had 27,000 miles on it when it was stolen (hope it broke down after theft)

ImThatMetalHead Knauss says:

and mine is a 50cc no modifications at all and it does 40-43 on flat ground.

Steven Hornberger says:

if u have a dc u can run without a battery

stoney mango says:


JN Photography says:

Seeing as though most people thumbs down the video as there is no sound, I use youtube’ audio swap feature. Enjoy the copyright free electro-junk guys…

nasu says:

the song gave me terminal cancer…

JN Photography says:

I answered you on the other video 🙂

Mr. Sucka4r33 says:

What kind of muffler is that , I ‘d like one for my 150cc

Dean Kew says:

I couldn’t concentrate on anything because of the Shitty annoying bloody music . Switched it off. I was hoping these vids could of had some explanation with informed Coventry. Unlucky hope you do one next time 🙁

Dillon Pomeroy says:

Where is the governor located on a qingi rs450 street

Adam Cross says:

music makes me feel sick

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