Jetson Bike Video Review – Scooter Style Electric Bike With 500 Watt Motor The Jetson Bike has pedals but only one speed and is ultimately best suited to electric drive. It comes stock with a Lithium battery that’s removable for convenient charging and will propel you at 20mph up to 40 miles per charge! The 500 watt direct drive motor is quiet but strong and built right into the alloy rear wheel which is sturdy and won’t go out of true. It’s a nice looking bike with optional “boot” for storing stuff and the lights, turn signals and horn offer safety and utility when riding in crowded environments.


lpwis says:

Is $1800 or under $2000 a good price ???? For a toy, or just for fun maybe…(?) but Craigslist has a lot of automobile for “under $2000”. The benefits of a car far out weigh the fuel cost…imho

Akamai Z-900 says:

Very nice! Bikes like this one are eventually going to out-do the combustion engine. Give it about 10,15 to 20 years maximum. Even though I’m a huge fan of the combustion engine, this is a cheaper, cleaner, more efficient way of travel. But I’m not too keen in the speed, but still a great bike though!

Adamo Castello says:

I’m so stoked to get mine! Vehicles freak me out. I can’t even wrap my mind around actually driving a car, but this…this I’m sure I’d be ok with. If I’m going uphill, I’m assuming it wouldn’t really keep up with traffic, so you would just keep to the far right of the road? It doesn’t seem too bulky for that.

F2 Mercy says:

why do everyone doign reviews say you dont need a license? lol i have already looked this up and it depends on your state.. my state you need to have a license to ride this on the street which sucks because its hard for me to get one

Mohammed Ullah says:

Can you get the battery out from your bike and show us how the battery looks in another video. And can you also tell us where we can buy the battery for this bike and is that right when you use the bike is a normal bike with the pedal it charges the battery I heard from this guy so I just wanted to make sure it does charge when you pedal

kaijokela says:

It’s funny how chinese managed to disguise an electric scooter as bicycle by just adding pedals! I suspect that motor is capable to 3000 watts, but they installed a 500 watt controller to make it more legal (this can be swapped easily 😉

The problem of this lazy-ass scooter is that you cannot pedal it!
IMHO they could have made a real rideable bicyle with same riding comfort, but as most electric bikes are made in China for millionss of chinese people, our wishes are not listened.

RonPaulgirls says:


gii SB says:

Not sure bout the price but its a cool concept…a real merge of the scooter and pedals. Key to not paying BS regulatory fees and “permits”. I wish i could import these to mexico, do you know the manufacturer? Or any sales rep? I have a cool store down here they could sell like hot buns. Let me know, thanx.

TheAmazingGurpo says:

Can you drive this in the rain? 

Sneak says:

How do you secure this bike?  Does it lock up?  At 125lbs pounds it’s probably too heavy to carry up and down the stairs every day.

Daniel F says:

Hi! I was wondering if you could ride these on the streets in califorina.

Matthew Sherman says:

sweet bike review bro, love this new model, turn signals, lights, dual shocks, they are moving forward!  thank god!

PlatinumRow says:

Awesome ! how quick does a normal 50cc scooter go ? It almost about the same speed or quicker ?

C Gall says:

can it go up hills well?

SuperPapadzul says:

The problems with riding a vehicle like this are: if you ride it on a sidewalk you have to pedal (no motor alone), can’t put it on a city bus rack (too heavy), can’t ride it in the park without getting hassled (looks too much like a gas scooter).  It would be nice and safer if the speed was around 28-30 mph.  It’s a shame ’cause they look like a nice and comfortable ride.

Archie Roxas says:

is there a way to recharge the bike by pedaling

moain the great says:

It’s made for kids that’s why you can’t pedal

MrNick00713 says:

Is this considered an e bike ny state law and how visible are the turn signals on this thing.

Hubie Thompson says:

My bike died after 10 months and so far no help from Jetson  (Sept-Jan)
I would not ever buy one again or suggest some one get one online

Denon FR says:

Wish I had this bike 🙁

Russell Lapiad says:

Where do you go to get it serviced or repaired for the bike?

MrGintama96 says:

Does it really weigh more 100 pounds? In Texas electric bikes over 100 pounds need license.

supplanter law says:

I just Ordered one of these for easy commuting and am really hoping maintenance and reliability do not become a problem.

lakecrab says:

For $2000.00 a person can buy a good used Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, or Kawasaki motorcycle that can be used in virtually all traffic conditions (rider safety course highly recommended even for electrics).

Kezra says:

Thanks so much for this review! Shame it’s not more functional as a pedal bike along with having the scooter features. That’s why I was looking at this model (and the Canadian “iGo E-City”) over other scooter-style e-bikes. I’m also considering the GIO Italia (comes with some other nice features like a built-in anti-theft alarm), but that looks like even more of a nightmare to actually pedal. I don’t suppose you have plans to review any other scooterish e-bikes?

Derskorpion85 says:

in michigan, would it be ok to ride on sidewalks?, I hate to ride along the shoulder cause many people don’t yield

DaProblematic21 says:

I just bought this same bike and I charge the battery completely when I try starting the bike it turns on for 2 seconds then shuts down
What could be the problem am very disappointed didn’t even get to enjoy this ??? Any help ??

Ivan Zhong says:

Can you wheelie it

Nate Zei says:

I did fix battery for this Jetson bike for a customer , in one hour
La ebike harbor city ca

Adam fouad says:

Lol he lives in my neighborhood

Alchemist says:

Can i buy this in London?

C Gall says:

can it go up hills well?

MrJoeMontano says:

Do you need a license to drive this in california?

Kelsey Stone says:

I want to get one of these bikes, but do I need a license to use it? Also, do you drive it on the road or sidewalk? And I have a bike trail around my town, would it be able to go on that? 

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