Jinlun JL50QT-5 Inexpensive Chinese Scooter 0-16 MPH Ride and Review

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The Jinlun JL50QT-5 is a Chinese made 50cc Scooter that you can purchase online for just over $600.00 USD. It is substantially cheaper than most Japanese and Italian made Scooter t in the United States. In this very first ever TFLcar Scooter review we put the Jinlun JL50QT-5 to the test to see what you get for only $600.00 USD and of course we find out just how fast the Jinlun JL50QT-5 will go from 0-16 MPH.


billy lynes says:

iv just brought one for £75 and ill get it a lot faster then 30 down hill! my old SYM jet 50 did 55mph down hill

Bryson Sidebottom says:

If you buy a new CDI, take off the variator washer, and pull out the throttle limiter you could do around 45-50 mph. These are meant to be limited, as I’m sure you know, for those that don’t yet have a license to drive.

stefanofranco says:

I’ve visited Marco Island, FL and know that scooters are as common there as palm trees. What you SHOULD do is toughen up your white scooter helmet with some red flame decals, skull/crossbones or a semi-nude lady/cartoon (a la WW II Spitfires). Mash-Up suggestion: your Chinese scooter vs. a Trabant, Vega, Pinto, Yugo or a Fiero. I bet the Fiero catches fire before your scooter does. Looking forward to your Infiniti ragtop review!!

rg0r says:

Didnt know you were a fellow biker 😉 I love cars and bikes too… but cant compare the two. Great show… do more bike / scooter reviews !

Starfre77-Explores-Vlogs says:

SYM jet is better

Lorne Andsavior says:

captain spak

Jie Jin says:

I am Chinese, to be honest, I never heard this motorcycle brand, there are some decent motorcycle brand

ruudselhorst says:

@2424goldie ,Not true you tot 25cc land 50cc scooters from many brands.

The Fast Lane Car says:

I’m on vacation.

BdVole says:

we want more of these.. love it

Jaime Lemus says:

Why don’t you try the honda elite 110 cc??? it’s a great scooter, I own a honda dio 110 in Mexico and I love it

Gregory Perkins says:

Ya a bad adventure

Raymond Paul says:

I just got one of these recently and had problems with frequent shut downs when I brake. Glad to know they come with gremlins, it’s transitional from scooter to bobber!

ted101975 says:

They are called liquorcycles in SC can’t get a DUI driving one of these

cgrscott says:

A fun and honest review. Thanks!

Tom Cryer says:

How about a road test of an electric bike. There are a couple of companies in Boulder…

DancinRandy54 says:

Roman, why were u on marco island? I absolutely LOVE marco island i just came back from the marriott! its my favorite place!!! 🙂

SodaWolf1 says:

Do you live in Florida, and is that IPL G yours?

Starfre77-Explores-Vlogs says:

i mean 2 stroke honda action engine….

D. Tran says:

i am amazed that this costs less than my mountain bike.

Starfre77-Explores-Vlogs says:

you don´t have the honda motor 2t

GrandeMage says:

Rofl. Reminds me of when I had my Yamaha BWS scooter as a teenager. It was so cheap to buy, insure, and fuel lasted so long for so little in that 50cc 2 stroke motor. Definitely sounded better and from the looks of it road better too. But I’m a big guy too so I never did get 65-70km/h rating, more like 55-60. I do actually miss it sometimes, as goofy as that sounds, but it was time to get a bigger bike that could do highway speeds lol

Dest Droid says:

Makes me glad my gf went with a used met 2, which has only needed a tire.

Starfre77-Explores-Vlogs says:

My SYM Jet Euro X 05 model 50 cc 2 stroke engine are 3 times quicker on the strip and it has a top speed is 45 mph.lol

NavyKings2007 says:

Looking forward to ya’lls review of the IPL, as I’m generally a fan of Infiniti products, but what bugs me about the IPL is that it’s basically a rather expensive(and mostly still the same as a 2009) G37 with a stiffer suspension and a modest 20HP boost. An M35H actually has a lower starting price, and for the money is the one I’d take, as both should be quick, but neither is going to win stoplight races against M3’s/Vette’s/V-8 Camaros and Mustangs.

jhighl1 says:

Hi i have a jl50qt-4 and have lost the owners manual would you happen to know whaere i might be able to find one??

2424Goldie says:

2600Hertz every 50cc scooter is a two stroke to have a better performance out of 50cc, that is not alot!

nathan adlen says:

No. no. no… I only ride things that have over 150ccs.

Gregory Perkins says:

Piaggio Bv 350 baby

Starfre77-Explores-Vlogs says:

i get my SYM to max at 34 mph

2600hertz says:

I highly recommend buying a 50’s Harley Topper scooter – u can pull up to any biker bar, look like a geek and not get beat up.

2600hertz says:

One more question and suggestion: Is that snarling, tire-burning 3.7 HP powered by a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine? Sounds like a 4 stroker…I’d think it would be quicker and lighter with a 2-stroke?

Also, have you thought about inserting two antenna’s on the helmet to make it look…better? You know, like, “Tune in Tokyo, Hello?” Or something.

Carson Maillet says:

How did you get the scooter there?

robert crosier says:

I love his comments

1guyin10 says:

Sounds like the AMF Sportster I had. It is hard to look cool pushing anything, even if it is a Harley. All was not lost though, the Sportster was all chromed out and some fool paid me way too much money for it. I turned around and paid cash for a GS850 and all was well with the world again. Wish I still had that thing (the GS).

Tim Finn says:

I too owned a Chinese scooter, and it sucked. It was a brand new Vento Phantom 150 that had more problems in 5K miles than any other motorcycle I’ve ever owned. I remember you saying that you ride bicycles too, why not try an E-Bike. I ride one to work every day, and I’ve found it to be fun, economical, and most importantly PROBLEM FREE!!!

rg0r says:

Now now… I ride a cbr600rr, streetfighter 848, and a aprilia sr50r which is a crazy little scooter… and i have to disagree with your comment. My scooter is the most fun thing Ive ever had. Wait till you try one 😉 Although Ill agree with you… E-bikes are a different story.

MOPARrNOCAR7997 says:

Does Nathan fit?

Jack Johnson says:

hey pal i work on chinese bikes for track and shows if you want i can send you some free advice and poss some free preformance parts as im having a clear out let me no

nathan adlen says:

That’s quite simple. It’s because: your cerebellum told your fingers to move, and your cerebrum translated images in front of you, you clicked on the photo of the scooter, the server brought up the video and “WAMMO” you watched the video.

KPaccountt says:

Could this be the only Jinlun in America ? LOL

DancinRandy54 says:

have a good time!!! marco is great!

Recardo M says:

Why did I watched this -_-

disnailandd says:

Thats cool!

Astrolop says:

Chinese products suck!

ebbieCars says:

what is the website you got it from?

anthony dyson says:

You know nothing about Chinese scooters, I bet you could not boil a hotdog if the water volunteered heat. You know nothing about oil or sparkplugs which you have to change first. This was a pure smear effort.

KPaccountt says:

Now here’s something unique 🙂 Keep up the good work !

Idontwanna mamemotherfuckers says:

Funny!!! But girls look cute on those.

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