This seems to be the cheapest price I can find for 19×15.5mm Roller weights for the HiPer 2 Engine:
Affiliate Link:×15-5-for-APRILIA-DERBI-GILERA-PIAGGIO-5g-TW-%2F262695494093%3Fhash%3Ditem3d29df21cd%3Ag%3AspAAAOSwmLlX6~Rq%26vxp%3Dmtr

This is the best price I can find for the Variator tool: Affiliate link:


Thank you for the huge jump in subscriptions! I certainly don’t know everything about scooters so please share your knowledge with me but I will try my best to document my modifications so you can do the same to your bike.

With all the engine modifications complete and put behind us, I am excited to begin transmission tuning. The factory transmission is designed for the perfect balance between fuel consumption, engine longevity, and performance. For my application, however, what I need it maximum performance at the sacrifice of more fuel – (It’s a 50cc bike and fuel consumption is frankly the least of my concern!) So with that said, most manufacturer install stock roller weights that are far too heavy. It turns out Piaggio uses 6.5g stock roller weights in this 2005 Piaggio Typhoon. Leo Vince supplies 5.8g weights so might as well give it a try before I purchase even lighter roller weights! Piaggio report this engine makes peak horsepower at 9500RPM. With that said however, Leo Vince never really supplied any information at which optimal RPM this expansion chamber exhaust pipe is designed for. However, it’s elongated shape and reviews on the internet tends to suggest this pipe is made for the higher 9000+RPM. This video will show you how to install the Leo Vince 5.8G roller weights into the transmission. Hope you enjoy!

Think of engines as an air pump. The more air you can get into the combustion chamber, the more power there is available – with the proper fuel mixture. Our previous modifications showed you how to allow the engine to suck in more air per stroke while the expansion chamber in the exhaust works to keep that air fuel mixture inside the chamber from escaping. Obviously, this power will come at the sacrifice of more noise, poorer fuel mileage, and more engine wear. Therefore always modify your motorcycle at your own discretion based on your own needs. Check out my other videos in the meantime to make your 50cc scooter much more useful and fun to ride in the city!

Hope you find this video helpful and please like & subscribe for further scooter tuning videos!

If you want your bike to bury the speedo needle like ours did in Episode 1, subscribe and stay tuned for future episodes. We will show you how to destrict the bike from factory, install the Leo Vince ZXR exhaust, open up the intake, and modify the transmission. Come along with us as we transform this little 50cc scooter from a slow and boring bike to a fast and peppy machine that will do circles around traffic!

Other bikes that shares the same platform/engine includes Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, Peugot, Gilera, TPH, Typhoon, LT50, LX50, ET50, Scarabeo, Stalker, Zip, Fly, etc.

Song: RetroVision – Heroes [NCS Release]


angel luis says:

great advice keep up the good work

A li says:

when you put lighter roller what is the effect with that system making more rmp the engine ?

Richard McCracken says:

It’s not a transmission case it’s a (cvt belt cover) it holds the variator and clutch and belt the transmission is located right on the other side of the cvt belt cover

k-zan Harry says:

good vid

Kraig Bailey says:

Where did you find that two part white variator cover?

briggaskin says:

The guy is showing you the results he is getting on his own scooter…if you are getting mad because you don’t agree with his tuning then ignore it. Why the squabbling? If you know better then make your own you tube vids. Think about it….you are raging over a strangers tuning method? Why do you care? If you know better then your scooter will be faster. Interesting videos no matter what

Jessa Phillips says:

roller weights are like the flywheel in a car’s transmission… lighter will increase acceleration on flat ground but your uphill acceleration might suffer.

Acika Sanec says:

can u tell me the diameter of the pulleys of the variator and clutch belt pulleys ? Thank you

just Icy says:

I took out 3 roller weights and my bike started doing mad wheelies

leohobb leohobb says:

ligther rollers are not0 to more speed on the bike.more rpm on the engine before the teori on cvt and see the tork vs hpcurve for your engine and you see that for max axelration you want it to take off where the engine have most tork or little between max tork and max hp.but doing it with the weigth of the rollers does that you dont get the full gear ratio of the tranmision caused by limited range of rpm from where it starts to move the wheel(where the cluch engage) to the redline rpm for the engine.

Xinix Xagnix says:

LIGHTER ROLLER WEIGHTS = MORE takeoff….But all must in line..

Robert says:

Faster better speed in stop and go traffic, But you lose your top end speed, I thought I would test this video and found this out.. I live in the country and I might have to stop ever 6 – 10 miles. With heavy rollers I can get up to 48 mph, Which is nice, with 7g rollers I max out at 26 mph, That speed loss is very weird.. Very quicker if I get bellow the handle bars.. With the lighter rollers I’m perfect for stop and go traffic, parking lots, stop signs etc etc.. You should base what I said on what you should need :). Plus off of FIFTYmil’s post. Also I’m now using the DLH variator pack. Pst do you have a video on how to replace the little springs on the clutch?

Alex Patterson says:

I have a piaggio zip 2013 and its fully de restricted and has a yasuni z pipe, i have upjetted the carb and put in lighter rollers however it struggles to pick up speed off start and The power band doesnt really start until about 10mph then it is quick and it will top out at about 55 mph. What do you think could be causing this problem?


It depends on the set up of the scooter. If you are in stock mode you will lose high end speed and increase take of. You have to get a mid range to get take of and high speed at the same time mixing heavy and light weights in variator example: 1 heavy roller: 1 light roller and so on and trie diferent grams… been ther donne that! PIAGGIO NRG 1995.

deomark tayco says:

i ha a 125cc scooter.. is it ok to put 8gram straight flyball?


Is my belt on scooter bad or good .. 49cc video on my channel !

Justin Galligan says:

less acceleration more speed

leohobb leohobb says:

tork and hp is not the same as you probably know.if not you should wach what is tork.and what is horse power.on youtube is couple of god videos about that.have a god one

Wilco Muurling says:

to be honest, i tried screwing around with tighter clutch springs, but that only works if you have a bigger engine. lets say you have a 70cc muonted then you might want a tighter clutch, but the simple 50cc engine doesnt need to be tighter, the normal springs work great, even with a finetuned engine like yours.

George meza says:

why is my wheel stuck? it starts and runs but when it stops my wheel is hard to sping.

leohobb leohobb says:

cvt take to much power from the engine to.learn how to use a manual and you have no problem with 100kmt on a 50cc

leohobb leohobb says:

i like to wach engine and mecanics and elektro type videos.if i see a claim that i know is not rigth i coment it.and before i do i i fackt verifie so much i can.he almost phonetic writting here.

ExtremeJonneVidz says:

What are those springs? Link maybe?

John Divine says:

liela delima arrest

leohobb leohobb says:

and this claim on the ligther roller weigths=more speed is not a clean cut claim.on a restricted skooter it may.spesisaly if you take away the ring between the 2 pulley halfs in front/variator)to restrict them they use this ring or hevyer change the rooler weitghs to get a slower skooter.eksos restrickion intake restick all of these the engine was not made for orgianly.but then you have to say the claim is for that type of skooters.they are not made restricted.maybe on some models they only sell in contries where you need restriction.not models they are selling all over the world i suspeckt:

leohobb leohobb says:

and you are confirming what i said.the 2-3 cluch springs are for adjusting engage rpm of the clutch.and as you know they make sets with color code and different tension strength for the same model.some models have adjustment as you also probebly know.why? do they not matter at all?god luck with that.he he .cant help you with your sences.have fun

pukinator1 says:

I totally disagree with the video title. Buy a set of 10gr rollers and try them. Next you take all the rollers and drive without them. You will notice with no rollers there is no variation, so no top speed. 10gr rollers is way too early variation which translates to poor accelaration. Altough i agree with you on the “peppines” and responsiveness of the scooter, in no way making the rollers lighter increases your top speed.

Chocolate Mandingo says:

Where can I buy that cvt cover?

Max Exelby says:

hey there, your videos are really useful! I have a kymco agility city 50cc moped and it is slow at accelerating from stationary. however after some time it reaches a decent top speed of nrly 40mph. It has not been modified at all. I’m looking for my moped to be quicker at accelerating and more responsive, what would you recommend doing? I don’t mind sacrificing top speed. thanks for your help or anyone elses!

Phazar says:

Would it break the bike if you put lighter rollers in a standard variator?

Giorgi Bogveradze says:

I have honda crea scoopy (same as honda metropolitan, just manufactured for Japan region) it is still running on stock variator and hits 57km/h
I don’t care about racing and super response. All i need is just a little better torque on low speed and better top end speed. maybe 65km/h or so would be perfectly fine
any recommendations?

leohobb leohobb says:

you do not have a skooter with max horsepower at 7000rpm?if so the engine is restricted or tuned/made to make max hp at low rpm wich 7000 is for a engine would typical have hp at higher rpm than a street engine.

Sean Cook says:

I don’t think lighter is better
when you cannot get past 45mph with lighter weights on a 125cc scooter

Fabio R V says:

You could ask me a question for kindness!
I bought these 1K clutch springs. I have a PCX 150 cc and would like to install on it! In your opinion, what do you think can improve or change, when I install these springs?
Or can you steer me on other springs?

Thanks for listening!

Calty720 says:

Hi, I bought a 2007 Gilera 50 SP yesterday, you look loke an experienced guy, could you give me some tips on how to make it faster? I prefer methods that doesn’t cost much

Flats the Flounder says:

this is basic knowledge in germany

minor0confusion says:

my god this si so backwards, when will the myth end?!?!?!? roller weights directly adverse engine rpm with gearing increase, the CORRECT weight rollers will keep your engine at the CORRECT rpm (where it makes power) its not an “acceleration vs top speed” thing, its a “you ether loose top speed or acceleration from the wrong roller weights” thing.

ZEN Motion says:

mine is using sliding rollers from dr.pulley, weight is 12g with a 1000rpm clutch spring from ktc. went over 110kph (limiter) stock cdi, btw shes honda vision or nsc110

Popskull Dur dur says:

Can I get a setting for my roller weights so it cud go faster up hill

Alex Patterson says:

I have a piaggio zip 2013 and its fully de restricted and has a yasuni z pipe, i have upjetted the carb and put in lighter rollers however it struggles to pick up speed off start and The power band doesnt really start until about 10mph then it is quick and it will top out at about 55 mph. What do you think could be causing this problem?

deomark tayco says:

one thing buddy.. whats better (3x11g 3x8g + 800rpm contra spring +1500 clutch spring) or OR (3x11g 3x10g + 1500contra spring +1500 clutch spring).. a 125cc 4stroke scooter
.. thanks in advance for reply

peter parker says:

Is it okay to put 8g rollers to my 115cc engine?

MrGreenelight says:

roller weights have nothing to do with speed. It only is a variable in comparison to the established clutch spring tension as to when and how the centrifugal clutch engages.

leohobb leohobb says:

if you changing to lighter rollers weigths without doing nothing else the engine/skooter will just have higer rpm before it moves.hevyer rollers are are moving the skooter with lower rpm.a restricted have somtimes ligth rollers so you have to drive with 7 to 9000rpm 50kmt.some have a ring so you dont get the hevyest “gear”with to ligth roller you will not get the hevyest gear and some do restrict them that way.the cluch is in the back.if adjustment can be made to the springs in the cluch then it is not i bad idea to use it

Vega-Expert says:

lighter rollers =less speed,you lose topspeed because inertia loss,you gain on take off,was doing this in 95,i had the full kit of weight from top performance,tuned with all of them,the lighter ones would lose a ton of speed but quick take off,heavier ones lose takr off but gained alot of speed…i got my stock 49cc to go 100+kmh was the big deal back in school,faster then some 70cc if they had stock clutch

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