My chinese scooter wont idle or start Check the fuel petcock

If your scooter wont idle or start check your fuel petcock. This is one major problem if yours is bad. You can get clear hose and llok for moisture. Its much better then sucking on the hose and getting a mouth full of gas. We stock all of these parts on our web site. Especially for the Chinese scooters.


Benjamin Filbert says:

It didn’t flood out. I saw the shadows. You killed the engine yourself.

That being said, thanks for the info.

Tim I says:

I have an Eton beamer I’m not getting gas to my fuel lines new lines have been put on,carb cleaned, gas tank cleaned, I got something electric attached to my gas tank could that be the problem with not getting gas to my gas line’s please help

Sir Lord Percy Trollington The Third says:

got a bit awkward at the end there…

RoMayDrako says:

Thats the exact noise my bike is making before it dies and my mechanic can’t figure it out. 0_o Welp I was refered to another motor bike mechanic by an old scooter driver lets see if he’ll take suggestions on what might be wrong.

Matari 7 says:

Where’s the fuel filter? Is it before or after the fuel valve? I don’t see it

علوم وأسرار says: ضمان سنة كاملة مجاني للسكوتر بتاعك عند اعجابك بصفحتنا فقط
يوجد بيع شراء استبدال قسط الاسكوتر .. يوجد تعليم للفتايات وللشباب … جميع قطع الغيار … 01111197082 محمد

Travis Engen says:

can I just bypass this metal thing?

andrew waters says:

the answer is simple really stay away from chinese shit and but a honda 🙂

Roy M Cooper III says:

To fix this you’ll need to replace the fuel petcock valve.

Brian Sands says:

can anyone tell me if fuel should run out of the fuel tank if the fuel lines are unhooked

c fedyszyn says:

I’m sorry, but you don’t explain the problem clearly?  Is the petcock faulty?  Is it staying open all the time?  Will you replace the petcock and the vacuum line?   Please practice ahead of time what you are trying to tell the viewer.  Be clear.

Keith Mass says:

Got the cut out problem on my 3 year old Lexmoto Tornado 125. Buying a fuel petcock from Hong kong…. only way to pay reasonable price. Only few quid including postage compared to a crazy 23 quid I seen who Lexmoto refer me to lol! Weird how it decided to do this after a short journey into the city got recovery covered by insurance is a money saver! Motorcycle will start after standing for an hour or so but cut out even with a long rev.

Isaac says:

He gave it alittle throttle and it died out

popeye strong says:

help remove the petcock and conect a hose straight from gas tank to carb and the scooter start right way but if i stop giving gas it dies

Hugh Khundt says:

Just fucking stupid. Not one good answer to any question here. What a waste.

Thomas Bury says:

I have a T50 Chinese scooter. I did a test and has spark. Took out the spark plug. looked black. scooter won’t start. any ideas? previous owner put new carberator. Help!!!

林紹宏 says:


Josue Colom says:

OK my scooter won’t start the starter turns on but won’t crank the motor wat can be the problem

Mark Lumba says:

My 150cc not wanting to stay runing very long more then 3 mints any ida I how do I check if it geting gass

Kyng Thug says:

how do I fix it

andrew waters says:

bu y a honda will last u a lifetime 😉

2707danny says:

can I by pass my fuel regulator on my 2009 wildfire 150cc and just cap of the vacuum lines.

Kelz Brown says:

This guy added 2 cycle to his oil on his 150cc moped and then I drained like 4 times and replaced the carburetor spark plug and cdi box and still rides like shyt .can someone tell me why or what’s next to do .I feel like it’s time for a motor but hey idk

Andre Babin says:

So how do you fix it? My scooter does this

Daniel Dewis says:

If its mechanical it can be fixed with a hammer trust Jeremy Clarkson lol

Tami's Nomadic RV Life says:

Please help me understand why the first start on my taotao 50cc has to be a kick start? she starts every time after the kick start with key, this has only been happening during the colder months here in Vegas

Mikey Smither says:

do you know were to order parts for Sundiro 125 cc fl- Phoenix 1999

Brenters buggy'z any colour you like says:

After buying a new vario and cdi i can only hope that when i open the side of my scoot tomorrow that the boss ring on my 125cc wont have a shoulder on it!!

2000jago says:

I play with my pet cock every day.

gonjastar says:

what should I do if the scooter I just bught was modified to where the auto petcock was replaced by manual one. I’m wondering what I do with the vaccum hoses and the inlets. Thanks for your time, and the videos are very useful.

Tom Gallier says:

Heyyyyyyyyy lol make a video where them hoses run. Start and end please…ty!!!!!!!

Prank Nation says:

Hey guys I have a problem with my 150cc moped. It wont start but it has spark and a put a new battery in it. It rained so could that be the problem? I already drained the gas out so what do I do next?

rex salyers says:

getting gas coming onto my airbox and my float is not stuck

Alfred Cane says:

you are shit

Angry angel says:

hi.My problem is the fuel back in vacuum line Causing the engine to stop So is the problem in vacuum pump

Msflamingo2008 says:

My Icebear 49cc is sputtering, & while sitting idle I have to give her gas so she wont die, & she doesnt want to start. Is THIS the problem with my scooter? Please help! Just got her back from the Shop. She’s STILL DOING THE SAME THING?!
Shop said, “We had it 3 days. Everything was wet cuz you drove it in the rain. It’s fine now.” (I got STUCK in the rain!) Anyway, just picked her up 2day…. she’s doing the SAME THING STILL! PLEASE, HELP ME. THX! X♡

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