My scooter has no spark how to fix. gy6 chinese scooter 139qmb qmb139 50cc 150cc

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Weston Garwood says:

I have a 2014 rough house scooter an I have replaced the cdi box  an the stator an the restifire   an I still have no spark   its a 2 stork  moter   an it has a new spark plug  any ideas ?

Arthur Bradley says:


MichalPlays says:

Hi, is there any possible way to run a scooter engine without any electronics like cdi box or battery? Simply raw engine with connected fuel and with start it manually. I got a old scooter engine without electronics but the engine self was running before we build it out.

Martin Rez says:

hi there just wondering if any one can help i have lexmoto valencia 50cc and the horn does not work and cannot find the fuse please help

brett little says:

I need help iv changed my ignition coil my plug my battery CDI all new hoses

Nicholas Anderegg says:

Let’s change the engine next, Tard.

The Word Made Simple says:

My scooter was working find the other day, and all of a sudden its dead. It has no power. No electrical power. Brake lights wont come on, horn wont work, when i put the key in no lights come on at all. Its dead. Do you or anyone know what might have caused this?

Zoey Palacio says:

is there a new link this one isnt working

Brian Reynolds says:

my pick up coin is arking but i tried to replace my Magneto but i keep on getting ones one ebay that break and crumble to pieces. do you know where i can buy a good one from? i put the old Magneto back on and it keeps on making a zapping sound.

robert anderson says:

I have a 2002 ET4 Vespa 150  and a WEAK spark at plug wire.  Very Weak spark  Can you help?? only has 670 miles  like new scooter.

Guy J Mitchell says:

PROBLEM: I NEED HELP PLEASE….I have a Kinroad 125cc T-8 Chinese Scooter with a GY6 Motor. I recently removed the Air Filter box for cleaning. When re-assembling the box back to the scooter I noticed a Black Rubber Tube attached to the very Front of the Engine Casing. I think its the Valves Cover. The opposite end of the Tube was not connected to anything.  I can not remember if I removed this Tube when I removed the Filter Box. So now I am not sure where the other end of this tubing should connect to. Does it connect to the underside of the Air Filter Box somewhere or is it just left to hang down wards? At the unconnected end of the Tube, there is a Tube Clip, which makes me think it should or pushed on to something somewhere… but I am not sure.  Please Help Someone…..  Thanks Folks.  Guy J. (Spain).

Snitchy1989 says:

my sister has exactly the same bike as that.. She had a bad wiring loom on it. so i bought a second hand one and fitted it.. all wires and connectors going to the correct ones.. even held the old loom beside it to check. but now it has no spark..
Ive tested another coil, spark plug, its recently had a brand new stator anyway, so cant be that.. 
But did find that the Reg/Rec was knackered..(had a cracked hole in the rear of the casing).. so got another on order..
Please help.. im getting frustrated with it… if it helps, i replaced the loom because smoke came out from the front.. and the reg/rec actually smells like the smell that the burning smoke gave off..
But surely a knackered reg/rec cant cause lack of spark?? cheers

Road Fun says:

Provably cdi problems…. buy a new or do like me and in 5 minuts its running for free 😉

Jaycee Santos Cordova says:

fucking chinese scooter. I might as well just buy a new scooter if all I be doing is to change every single got damn part from my scooter.

Anthony Myers says:

how do you clean a cooperator

Arthur Bradley says:


CJ Andrews says:

I have an 06 TNG dr150 that I’m working on for a friend and yesterday I had spark but today I have no spark any ideas

thersten says:

Changing every part of the ignition system is a stupid way of trying to fix it. And you didn’t even mention the spark plug, I guess you can’t make money off that.

Johnnie Ramo says:

hey my scooter has not start, I try to start it but it will not start I try to kick start it but it will not start as well ,, what can I do to fix my scooter please ? the brand is Hyosung

Ron Purcell says:

I have a SUNL SL 150cc scooter that will not start. I found under the seat a black plastic container about the size of a small shaving cream can that has 3 black hoses on the top from the fuel tank and one the bottom is two connectors with no hoses…I can not find the other two hoses anywhere around the engine? What is that container…and would anyone know about the other two hoses and where they would possibly connect to?

Frank Lucero says:

I’m fixing a tank, which has been sitting. Turn the key and nothing, kick start is messed up, but it did start after several attempts. and was at full throttle. Ran out of gas and that was it. Put gas in it tried it again nothing. I put in a new cdi box and nothing. I ran a hotwire from the battery to starter and it turns and turns, checked the plug but there was no spark. Any ideas?

Rich White says:

I purchased a new cdi,coil and stator and installed them myself,i am getting fuel but it will not start.all it is doing is cranking over,any idea what it could be

Michael Lovett says:

2nd video I have seen of yours, really helpful!

Jay Brown says:

my scooter runs but it should. but it shuts off

Luis Agosto says:

i got a RR 250 ZRX, Race scooter 250 cc RR I scooter. its not holding the charge im tired of buying batteries and chargin it… how can I fix this? what could be the problem?

Optimus Prime says:

Hey Matt, I had my scooter working the other day and then the next day it stopped working? I replaced the spark plug and charged the battery to 75%. Do I have to charge the batter to 100%? I used the multimeter and it is showing 12.9volts. I thought the scooter only needs 12v to begin with. I am charging it again and hopefully to get it 100%.

I’ve had the scooter for over 8yrs and haven’t changed the battery since. But it is reading 12.9volts? Possibly something is else that has caused it to stop working.

Danny Yarbrough says:

Don’t forget to change the spatkplug it can be shot as well. Especially the Chinese plugs that came with scooter.

Sam Notarpippo says:

done all that replaced all with new. even took out kill switch wire from.cdi still no spark starten to piss me off haha

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