No-start, Lean condition: 50cc Scooter -Part 1

To celebrate the end of this non-winter, here is a fun diagnosis on a screamin’ 2-wheel machine.

Even on something as simple as this 50cc 2-stroke scooter, there are still many variables that make the diagnosis fun and educational.

No fancy scopes in this video…just some good old fashioned seat-of-the pants troubleshooting 🙂



Macke Rajdern says:

suck in the vacum pipe
i had that problem and after that it started 🙂

Gary Johnson says:

should it smoke? you don’t mix gas and oil in that do you?

Screamin Demon says:

Okay Ivan confession time. How tempted where you to go for a spin and pop a wheelie? I willl have to have a look for these next time I am at the Chev dealer…lol I find that really odd that the fella got this scooter there, I know dealers take some weird trades but this would take the cake if that was the case. Maybe it was their lot vehicle.

joe alaimo says:

hi my name is joe , i have a taotao 50 cc ,i had problem it want started , i replace the carb it started but it wasn’t working good tryed to adjust the mixter scruze i have it all way in and s and still no good it shots off , im cheking the plug and is black ,so im assumming is to rich ,should i replace the pilot jet with a smaller one or somithing else .thanks in advance


*Hygroscopic Ethanol-laden low octane gasoline is not in the Owners’ Manual*

DIOSpeedDemon says:

YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT, SON. No Disrespect…. If you can get that crap carb to idle and keep an idle for more than a day, my hat is off to you. I have worked on these barely designed scooters and have no time for them., Check out my channel with 35,000,000 Million views. I know of what I speak. All the Chinese Chicken Wiring diagrams are not going to solve a poorly, over designed carb, that is total crap on its good day. That is why the guy left the thing in a ditch at the chevy dealer. Good luck to you sir, and no DisRespect. RH DIOSPEEDDEMON

Gary Johnson says:

can you take it out of gear while its running?

Kevin Stearns says:

dirty carb lean give it more fuel. what was it?

joeblackakareaper says:

Those jets in those little carbs plug up like clock work especially with corn fuel . Replace the jets and if the owner is going to let it sit get real gas for it and throw in some Techron . TheReaper!

Victor Lopez says:

sir im from the Philippines and i just want you to know thjt your vidz are of great help, just fixed mine thank you very much God bless

Gary Johnson says:

question: how did he get it to you?

Michael Phillips says:

Excellent trouble shooting 101 when you have no info to work with.

Pappa G says:

no air filter ?

djclown7pb says:

Will it not start if my battery is dead?

Denny Eazenko says:

thes is yamaha zuma or bws

Sirtokesalot47 says:

its not supposed to click the solenoid on the carb. its supposed to move in slowly when power is applied. the auto choke is choking the carb when the engine has been off for a while and slowly un chokes after its been started.


im so happy i just got a 150cc scooter for trade for a walmart pellet gun and $75

djclown7pb says:

My does the same thing yours is doing and my battery is dead from messing with it …. I wish I had someone to come fix mine

Gabe Ayres says:

It’s not a traditional solenoid though, it has a wax and an element in it and the wax is heated up when given current causing the hole to be blocked.

John McKamy says:

I would say 90% of all small engine problems are caused from dirty old gas issues .

jesse g. says:

after attaching new carb. 50cc still won’t start. fuel does get to the carb. and there is spark. but yet nothing. when I poor had directly into the intake it does start.
any thoughts?

RareDiamond Ching says:

Haha Ivan, you can add Golden Bee Ltd. scooter to your resume 🙂

Scott Puopolo says:

Check for plugged carb vent line, common hideout for bug nests. Venting issue.

dave draycott says:

put the choke solenoid on the bench on white paper mark a line at the end of the needle. connect 12v to it the needle should move either in or out if not it is shot.

Dick Fageroni says:

the electric starter has a lockout. try pulling the brake levers and press the starter button simultaneously. also, the scooter has to be on the main stand. edit: oh, you found out 😀

also, that choke is not a solenoid … it’s some weird mechanism, I don’t know. but I believe it draws too little current for your amp clamp to notice. it definitely won’t click. the way to test these is to take them out and connect them to a 12v battery. over a period of several minutes, the plunger will slowly move outwards.

check out 90GTVert here on youtube, he has a lot of info on scooters.

wathanak peth says:

what you do? my scooter start but don’t want to stay on what should I check on first?

thedreadedgman says:

i have a slightly different varient of that scooter, 2007 model – 2 stroke – you have to hold the brake lever while pressing the starter button… also I let mine sit for a long time (6 months ish) and it was pretty hard to start even with electric starter – had to use some spray in the intake to get it running, but after tweaking the idle screw a bit and running it every day for a couple days it starts first pop

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