Oh sir, You have a death wish. :c

Uhm… Made a vow to NEVER ride with him again. Ever. If anything ever happens to him, god bless. – Not really a vlog, wasnt intending on uploading anything just couldnt resist. It was the most distressing thing I’ve had to put up with so far In over 2 years riding haha 🙂


esmi000 says:

I cant stand the dumb fuck chavs on peds !!

Kriscaines Fitness says:

We always have, that one friend, who ride dangerously!

H j Peters says:

Look at it this way, if he carries on he’ll be out of the gene pool.

wink1980 says:

a lot of mopeds don’t have expansion chambers that’s why there all slow

SuperMotoGuy99 says:

Is that a pulse adrenaline or a sinnis apache?

silverballer1911................................................................ says:

skeleton cock on a moped

Jack Wass says:


si matley says:

fuckin hell mate, that’s dangerous… i couldn’t go that far like that. 

Big says:

Worst video for personal safety tracksuit and trainers not in right lane for a turn not much awareness off surroundings no wonder kids get shit aimed at them

davin oldrey says:

Mate you are probably a sensible rider but he’s just a knob, stupid little chav. He was looking around more than forward, and he’s the sort of prison who gives young riders like us a bad name

Poppy Asha says:

That guys scooter is annoying and has no different noises or gears lol

Alan Tomkinson says:

you should have “scooter div” permanently tattooed on his forehead

SuperMotoGuy99 says:

Only just noticed that you were near hanley. I thought the place look familiar as i live near the potteries. 

Beth Kerr says:

i would have stayed well back too… by that i mean back in my house lol


This is the Reason why people hate small engined bikes and mopeds

Lifeintheslowlane says:

OMG scooter lads not even get gear to protect himself incase you made a mistake and came off, scooter lads not even indicating either

Aaron Verrells says:

what bike has the guy got in front of you. 3.27

Daniel Gallagher says:

This is stoke on trent. Thought I recognised the place

Jenson says:

You got a jsm 50cc nice man, I got the exact same bike but the gear box on mine is knackerd. When I’m shifting from gear 3 to 4 it lockes up and goes into neutral, does the same happen to your bike?

jack Manning says:

where abouts do you live? it looks recognisable

richard mcilroy says:


Philip Kerwood says:

he is a fucking nut job!! because of stupid idiots like him our insurance prices go up!!! and decent bickers get a bad name!

Hawksquawks says:

text book idiot.

MotoMatt says:

I don’t usually dislike videos, but this need a dislike! None of them have any protection on and are riding like utter idiots! People like these deserve the crash and die

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